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How to Calculate GATE Score?

In 2010 official GATE pages have this information but in 2011 I could not find it on any of the official paper. I just extracted this information to understand the GATE score calculation and its impact on M.Tech admissions.

What I conclude from the formula is that itโ€™s highly impossible to calculate or estimate GATE score before the actual results come out. Because there are many prameters those could not be guessed before and after the results are announced.

The GATE score is calculated using the following formula:

GATE SCORE = 10[ag + sg {(m – a)/s}]

m = marks obtained by the candidate.

a = average of marks of all candidates who appeared in the paper mentioned on this scorecard in GATE 2010, with all marks less than zero, converted to zero.

s = standard deviation of marks of all candidates who appeared in the paper mentioned on this scorecard in GATE 2010, with all marks less than zero, converted to zero.

ag = average (global) of marks of all candidates who appeared across all papers and years 2007-2010, with all marks less than zero, converted to zero.

sg = standard deviation (global) of marks of all candidates who appeared across all papers and years 2007-2010, with all marks less than zero, converted to zero.

The GATE score is set to zero if the value calculated by the above formula is less than zero and the GATE score is set to 1000 if the value calculated by the above formula is more than 1000.

GATE Qualifying Score
The Qualifying Score is the minimum mark that needs to be secured to become eligible for availing assistantships provided by MHRD, GOI. The qualifying score for general category in each paper is (a + s) or 25, whichever is higher, where a and s are the average and standard deviation of marks of all candidates in a particular paper, with all marks less than zero, converted to zero. The qualifying scores for SC/ST/PD/OBC categories would be 2/3, 2/3, 2/3 and 9/10, respectively, of the general category qualifying score.

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  1. syed abbas

    gate exam is for only 100 marks but in all the cutoffs the gate score is for 1000 why?

  2. Ram Ji Gupta

    Can any one tell me the total no of students appeared in GATE Life science 2014

  3. donesh

    my gate 2013 marks is 10 in cse sir how can i now my score
    plz rep sir ..

  4. Priyanka

    My gate 2013 mark is 8.67 and rank is 114372 in CS. What will be the gate score? Plz help me to calculate the score. Don’t have the values of all the parameters of the formula given in the website. Plz help me out.

  5. andy

    my gate score is 500 in mech. Discpline. In which nit i wl get admission for design . Pls suggest..

  6. Neha J

    Hello Sir, I am unable to calculate my Gate score out of 1000. can u Pls help?
    My Score out of 100 is 41.33 my AIR is 623 and my score for gate by old formula is 366 and by new fromula is 503.. Please help asap. Thanku

    1. Akhi

      Hello Sir, my marks out of 100 is 26.67 in GATE 2013. GATE scores mentioned in that score card are as follows
      GATE score is 283(valid from 15 March 2013 to 14 March 2014)
      GATE score is 360(valid from 15 March 2014 to 14 March 2015).
      Iam unable to calculate my Gate Score out of 1000. Please help me out.

      Thank You

  7. himanshu

    sir i have 13.33 marks in gate 2013 and iam sc so there is any chance to get addmission in any government colloge sir plz mail the answer

  8. Dinesh

    Hi my gate mark is 21.33 and rank is 3947..any possibility for getting into PSU

  9. prabir parida

    i want take m.taech dmission in nits… how much mark to required to me… i am mech. stu. belongs to GENERAL…

  10. ros

    hello sir, i got 25 marks in gate .i am in a GENERAL category.and my stream is computer science.Can i include in rank list??

  11. AARTHI

    Hi sir,I dont hve an clear idea regarding the preparation of gate..and pls tell me whether it is good to prefer the coaching classes or self learning is gud…if so then how could i do a self learning…


    what is the meaning of gate score 1000 ?

  13. reniya

    i want more idea to prepare Gate exam?

  14. subhash

    total appeared 110125 in eee and my rank is 14803 and score is 305 , marks is 23.33.can u pls calculate and tell me the percentile.

    i am unable to understand the above procedure

  15. subhash

    total appeared 110125 in eee an y my rank is 14803 and score is 305 , marks is 23.33.can u pls calculate and tell me the percentile.

    i am unable to understand the above procedure

  16. darshan

    gate score can be same for two candidate cozzzz range of gate score is 0 to 1000 non frictional number but students appearing up to 1 lac.. how????/ it is true ?// how every candidate is different

  17. rahul

    sir i gave gate 2012
    my marks obtained is 5.6 out of 100 and gate score is 56 is it valid or not

  18. Manimaran

    I.m scoring 22 out of 100 in gate 2012 but eligible score is 24.if there is any possible way to get seat in reputed college?

  19. sneha

    can anybody tell if something wrong wid the gate result then what we can do for rechecking

  20. sit

    hello sir… my gate score is 250.. will i get anything..? ๐Ÿ™ :'(

  21. nikita magoo

    i have scored 38.33 marks and 402 gate score.. what does it mean?
    please reply as soon as possible

  22. ayush

    my expected marks in gate 2012 is 26.1 marks.I am a civil engineering student.general category.will i get some college

  23. Raman

    Guys Whats the Minimum GPA required for appearing in GATE on a 10 point scale??

  24. shatakshi tripathi

    i checked and found that i am scoring 46/100 in mechanical engineering GATE-2012.. id be really thankful if you would please tell me how to calculate the gate score you are talking about..the results are still not out and i want to just have an estimate about me having any chances to get an IIT.

  25. pj

    sir,my assuming marks are 34.33 in gate 2012….so i want know what is my gate score aalnd percentile will be… please
    can u help me on this…….

  26. Janni

    This is injustice with OBC students of qualifying marks

  27. IG SIR(Gorakhpur Zone)

    Plz improve ur english first,then talk about this GATE ,specially for a.jegatheesan(BANAR)!!

    1. Ramesh

      You cannot insult people like this. What If you don’t know English when you’re in a foreign country and you just want the way to your home. Will you talk or mock yourself? Better Behave Yourself Alright?

  28. sharath

    i had taken gate2011 i got 1.33 out of 100 and my gate score is 27 so am getting confusion that, this is valid or not,is thr any possibalities to take addmission to vtu 2011 me/mtech course

    1. raviteja

      no..its not valid..even VTU does not consider it..

  29. a.jegatheesan

    my life science gate score is 010 its eligible or not? i confuse

  30. shweta

    My gate score is 25.but my marks are 7.i really didnt knw what does this mean

  31. rupal

    hi zahid,
    i have a doubt regarding the 2010 score.
    at what basis they will be considerung 2010 score?
    any averaging or deductions wiil b there?
    wat if two person having same rank or same score in two different yaers apply in the same college?

  32. Ravi bisht

    Hello Sir,
    I am very much thankful to you as you provide such useful information. but sir, I am still searching a good college for myself. Sir, I scored 23 marks in Gate and my gate rank is 302.
    So please suggest me that whether i should get any good college on the basis of this score. please reply me soon sir as u know all admission deadlines are going to be closed.
    waiting for your reply on mail…………………..

  33. rehana

    my marks are 12.33 in gate 2011 in cs can i get admission in in suitable college in delhi
    plz reply i hv asked u ques ealier also but i hv not get any replied fnr u yet
    plz reply soon

  34. shashank prabhakar

    Hello Sir,
    I am an engg. student doing Btech from electronics and communication engg.
    My gate score is 359 and secured 29.67 marks in gate 2011 and I belong to SC category.
    Plz suggest me the colleges which I can get on the performance given above.
    Plz sir suggest me as soon as possible….
    Thanking you…

  35. sivaprasad

    I forgot to tell you.. A very heart-full thanks for giving us right information.. I’m also grateful for all those who help Zahid for making this forum a great success.

  36. sivaprasad

    Can you plz post an article giving no of seats available and par score needed to get into various NITs .. Also Is there any possibility that the 10 New NIT that you mentioned i your earlier posts, to take admissions to M.Tech this Year .(Mechanical Stream)..

    Plz do reply..

  37. Sreejith P

    This equation is well given behind Score Card for GATE 2011 and GATE 2010 itself but I don’t understand what is the point in stating this equation, all parameters in the equation (except our marks of course) is unknown to us. Then is there any point in this

    1. Zahid

      Sreejith: We are actually working a criterion to considered for M.Tech admissions in the post What Matters Most in M.Tech Admissions, Rank, Score, Marks or Percentile?. Please go through the comments in that post. GATE score calculation presented here to as a pre-post to my next coming post related to M.Tech admissions.
      This will also help the next year students who neither have a GATE score card nor an official source of information ๐Ÿ™‚

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