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GATE Score Calculator Based on GATE 2014

We at InI always looking forward to make ones preparation more directed with the help of data we can get from official resources. We made first calculator based on GATE 2013 stats when the GATE score calculating formula was changed and the score was issued based on two formulas separately.

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In previous year GATE formula had two or more unknown variables making it difficult to make an online calculator. But finally in 2013 we could make a GATE score calculator. The most accurate and authentic based on official GATE statistics.

Please follow the link to check your GATE score for a given marks.

GATE Score Calculator

The resulting GATE score is followed by GATE score cutoff tool that will help you find where you can get admission based on your scores. GATE cutoffs for IITs is on the way and will be updated in few days. We are also looking for GATE score calculator for the year 2016 based on GATE 2015 stats. Stay tuned and stay connected for more updates on this.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.

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