Steve Jobs At Stanford Lead Me Where I Am Now

You must have seen my yesterdays post about Steve’s demise. I just want to write about him in coming days and reflect the profound impact he have on me and others. You all must know that his demise have made all record in internet history, with 1000 tweets per second and thousands of articles every single hour. I saw videos, presentation and animations coming in apart from tweets, facebook shares, and article both on main stream media and blogosphere.

In 2005, I first encountered Steve’s commencement talk. It was shared by an M.Tech student and very close friend, Gowtham Atluri, now PhD student at UMN. I loved it soo much that I searched for a text version of it took printout and clipped in front of my study table at my hostel room. Later became part of my personal website, both on free server ( IITR didn’t gave pages for students that time), and ISI Kolkata website when I joined as Assistant Professor there want to see, how was my old HOME. I kept a link there inspire & ignite. That link finally became a full blog after I joined Samsung Electronics in Korea. I will also tell about how inspire n ignite took birth and how evolved sometimes later : )

Jobs talk inspired me a lot and kept me burning to do best. What I learned from that speech was to be excellent, the best and live like a legend. Here I want to share my stand as a student when I heard Steve Jobs again and again during that time. I hope that will make understand his idea and make it work best for you.

To get the idea what I am talking here, first you need to know what Steve Jobs said so profound at Stanford University. Please follow his speech in text on old website, Steve Jobs at Stanford or just follow the below 15 minutes video.

I will explain what and how this speech matters to an average student in the below posts. I will take parts from his speech and life. I will complete a small series on him during next few days. Hope that will motivate you and me for our next decisions and target in life.

Steve, Stanford and Connecting Dots
Steve On Love, Loss And Confidence
Death Is Very Likely The Single Best Invention Of Life
What All We Have In Common and Uncommon With Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs CV
A Day In Life: Steve Jobs
Jobs, Tech Industry And India
Unusual Things About Steve Jobs
What Is For Me In Steve Jobs

I may add few more titles and also make an ebook, if time permits. I will give my best to justify the topics I selected for next few days. I hope you all will love reading it and don’t worry it will not harm your studies and GATE preparation. Instead it will help you to be more focused and gear up for future.


  1. Mithun H


  2. Prashant

    From last year I’ve been following this site. Honestly, I finally decided to take a call on my future and work harder after reading various articles on this site. True to its name, this site has been inspiring and above all igniting dreams…

    Waiting for this series..

  3. Jitendra

    Hello sir,
    Since last year i am regular reader of your articles.. Although i have got admission through GATE 2011.. But whenever i see your e-mail in my inbox ..i can’t stop myself to open it..
    really your post are motivating and intresting..

    thnks a lot

  4. siva kumar

    Waiting for the next most inspire post…

  5. rahul

    waiting anxiously…

  6. Ritu Srivastava

    Just can not wait for your coming posts…… more than sure that those will help me for getting more focussed….

  7. ravi

    waiting for it!

  8. syed aamiruddin

    yeah true inspiration is steve jobs , actually never saw this speech of his before the day of his death . But i must confess after viewin this i continously posted abt him for a hr or so . that affect this speech gave on . really this is by far the most inpsirin speech ever i hv seen on net .

  9. Chetankumar

    You may surprise that I didn’t know much about Steve Jobs few days before his unfortunate death but now I realize that what a great personality he was !!!
    When he retired from Apple CEO in 2011, I read about him in newspaper and impressed completely.
    But unfortunately for me and us he is not with us today 🙁
    I would definitely want to read your further posts about Steve……..
    Just waiting for it.. .. .. .. . . . .

  10. deepshikha

    Steve was no doubt an extraordinary person…but the thing that touched me most was his ordinary attitiude towards death..

  11. Kapil

    Eagerly waiting for the posts!
    For me, Steve was ignition and You and I n I are inspiration.

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