We Need The Desire To Correct And To Move Forward

I was searching my mail for some information and stumbled upon an old email. It was kind of a friend introducing to a new friend, who was living in same place as I do. It was really good to read it in a time line and see how life moved in three years and where we are now.

Meeting people and events is not just a coincident or an accident. I truly believe that it have a strong reason behind it and we must learn out something from a person and an event we come across. Every person we meet and events happen in our lives have a definite effect on our personality. But if keep hanging to people and events then you will just screw your own life and struck there.

When I was younger, I met a lot of people, travel all across India (almost all INDIA), moved across different countries (not to name because I don’t consider it as an achievement : ) ) lived and stayed with different people, but whenever I felt there is a problem I looked towards solving it. And trust me everything can be solved no matter how difficult that looked. And it opened a new way forward.

Most of the time when we have a wrong person screwing our life or an event knocking us down we either try to defeat it or accept our defeat and give up. Most of us have this situations around us. Like you have a friend you always have a disagreement with or you are constantly failing to compete with rest of the class in studies. Sometimes you are not able to beat your own distraction. Sometimes its huge negativity from the society and cultural issues.

Whenever I had a situation that troubling me from inside, I approached it directly to root cause of the problem without being polite or taking circles around. Whenever I took the step forward and tried to solve it directly, it looked hard and arrogant and egoistic. But, most of the time it worked and later I found my best friends among people I once fought hard and great strength from events that nailed me down once. People cannot understand you will leave you, people understand you will know what is important for you. In either case you have best solution.

When an event is screwing you, talk to someone who already have experience. Recently a friend approached me with a difficult situation. He was talking to someone for marriage and now she is coming from another country. It’s a difficult situation for me, so I called a friend who married to someone from other nation he joined and worked smoothly on it. I dont know if they will marry or not, I felt happy that I delegated it to right person and he handled it with maturity.

The point is, whatever situation you are in, whatever bad people you are surrounded with, keep your ultimate goals a priority. Do have a desire to correct all situation and leave people making it hard for you to realize your dream by speaking to them. Solve issues as soon as you can and clear them off. If you did a mistake, admit it, be humble, correct it and move ahead this will make you fully relaxed and focus on what you really want to do. Always keep the doors of improving and correcting ourselves open. Keep your mind free from all distraction, negativity and strive to reach to your goals.

Hope this will helped you a bit in your situation. Will be writing few more posts in coming days. To get more updates do subscribe.


  1. JataShankar Pratap Singh

    I am very much impressed by you. Please keep writing. I have become regular reader of your website. I am feeling a positive change in my life and change in thinking after reading your website. Thanks a lot ! God bless you


    thank u sir..this post was really helpful to me.

  3. anil chintala

    thank you sir..really it’s great job. you gave solutions many of my problems..who read this post definitely they get benefit like me..keep posting..thanks a lot.

  4. Shalu Singh

    Hello zahid sir, your this post is very inspiring to all those, who consistently working towards their goals.

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