Let’s Welcome A Striking 2015

Yearend always comes with invitations for parties and events and usually student community gets more excited about the event. For me it had been and still is a time to evaluate and see how I did during last one year and what I will be doing in coming days. Mostly events like New Year, Ramadan, and Dil Hajj (festivals) are good reminders for us to evaluate and elevate ourselves.

When I look back it’s was a really a roller coaster year. Whatever we consider right from politics to business, Space to missing planes, and the thrill of Middle East democracy to wars. And to end with horrible incident of Peshawar and now Air Asia crash. There have been endless events that kept me surprising and teaching new lessons.

Personally I did couple of experiments like taking a ride of Stock Market, Starting a new PhD blog (could not contribute much), and at the end working on a cool product back home (may be starting a company soon ^^). All gave a huge learning into life and confidence to move ahead with force.

What I noticed is this year I spent too much time on thinking about my future and planning for it. I started doing a project back back home that turned on few of my friends and eventually we teamed up to give it a shape of complete product. I lost into it and forgot that year end makes some sense for me. Many friends sent invitation but I got to excuse them all (not something I would love to go) and also not looking for events to change something in life. I feel people empty in their lives need events like New Year and other to feel happy.  You don’t need to agree here and also don’t jump into conclusion that I don’t have life lol. I had many event where either accomplished something or gain some remarkable benefit that I shared and enjoyed with the people I love. For me lately everything looks not worth, which not associated with any accomplishment or reminder. I feel that I did not do anything to move the clock to take me to next year, it just happen even if we don’t do anything then what is there to celebrate? I want to keep things real instead of just running with the peers.

I made a video at the beginning of 2014 I believe I said what all I have to say about these events. I am sharing it again as a reminder : )

To me 2015 is a striking year. I have been making a financial and technical base for a project that looks to take shape in early 2015. I am looking forward to enter into it with all force, passion and a great hope. I feel that this year I am going to change lot of things in my personal life, right from my career to place I live. I am constantly looking forward for a higher contribution to InI too, focusing on Research and PhD. I Pray Allah SWT to give me strength and make things easy.

With GATE 2015 round the corner. I recommend you to be focused and spend more time on GATE preparation. I also pray that you get a chance to live for your dreams. I wish could time to make a video to convey my good wishes for your GATE preparation and future.

Wish you all a great new year ahead. I believe you all will strike in it.


  1. Nayanika

    Wish you a great year ahead too. I had the same feelings about celebrating a new year last night. Anyway I will give gate this year but I am really preparing for next year. Everything and everyone pushed me towards just getting in this year, but not me. Though steadfast at my decision, would like to know your opinion.

  2. Ankur

    Happy new year.

  3. Abdul Bsit


    great inspiration for the celebration of new year -2015

    pls make video for Phd also

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