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Top Engineering Colleges In Kerala For 2015 Based On KEAM Cutoffs

Ranking engineering colleges is a very difficult task and most of the ranking surveys and other methods usually confuse students with some relative metrics of comparing colleges. We have been looking for an absolute measure on which we can compare colleges and there is very small or no margin of argument left.

One of such metric is KEAM cutoff or closing ranks of each college. To avoid errors we considered closing ranks in four departments, that include Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical departments. This gives overall standard of the college. To our observation first fifteen colleges are extremely good and can compete for national top colleges.

You can use KEAM cutoffs and college predictor for closing ranks in different colleges in Kerala.

KEAM Cutoffs And College Predictor

Top Engineering Colleges in Kerala

1College of EngineeringThiruvananthapuramGovt
2T.K.M. College of EngineeringKollamAided
3Govt. Engineering CollegeThrissurGovt
4College of EngineeringErnakulamGovt. Self Financing (IHRD)
5Mar Athanasius College of EngineeringErnakulamAided
6Rajiv Gandhi Institute of TechnologyKottayamGovt
7N.S.S. College of EngineeringPalakkadAided
8Govt. Engineering CollegeWayanadGovt
9Govt. Engineering CollegeIdukkiGovt
10Govt. Engineering CollegeKannurGovt
11Govt. Engineering CollegePalakkadGovt
12Sree ChitraThirunal College of EngineeringThiruvananthapuramSelf Financing (KSRTC)
13Rajagiri School of Engineering and TechnologyKochiPrivate
14College of EngineeringAlappuzhaGovt. Self Financing (IHRD)
15Federal Institute of Science & TechnologyErnakulamPrivate
16LBS Institute of Technology for WomenThiruvananthapuramSelf Financing (LBS)
17College of EngineeringPathanamthittaGovt. Self Financing (IHRD)
18University College of EngineeringThiruvananthapuramSelf Financing (Kerala Univ)
19College of EngineeringKottayamSelf Financing (CAOPE)
20College of EngineeringThiruvananthapuramGovt. Self Financing (IHRD)
21LBS College of EngineeringKasaragodSelf Financing (LBS)
22SCMS School of Engineering & TechnologyErnakulamPrivate
23College of EngineeringKannurSelf Financing (CAOPE)
24College of EngineeringKollamSelf Financing (CAOPE)
25Vidya Academy of Science & TechnologyThrissurPrivate
26Calicut University Institute of EngineeringMalappuramSelf Financing (Calicat Univ)
27College of EngineeringKozhikodeSelf Financing (CAOPE)
28Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering & TechnologyErnakulamPrivate
29College of EngineeringAlappuzhaGovt. Self Financing (IHRD)
30College of EngineeringKasaragodSelf Financing (CAOPE)
31College of EngineeringKollamGovt. Self Financing (IHRD)
32College of EngineeringKottayamGovt. Self Financing (IHRD)
33College of EngineeringPathanamthittaGovt. Self Financing (IHRD)
34University College of EngineeringIdukkiSelf Financing (MG)
35College of EngineeringKollamGovt. Self Financing (IHRD)
36MES College of EngineeringMalappuramPrivate
37College of EngineeringAlappuzhaSelf Financing (CAOPE)
38College of EngineeringIdukkiSelf Financing (CCE)
39Govt. Engineering CollegeKozhikodeGovt
40Toc H Institute of Science & TechnologyErnakulamPrivate
41Saintgits College of EngineeringKottayamPrivate
42Viswajyothi College of Engineering & TechnologyErnakulamPrivate
43College of EngineeringKollamSelf Financing (CAOPE)
44Sahrdaya College of Engineering & TechnologyThrissurPrivate
45Mar Baselious College of Engineering & TechnologyThiruvananthapuramPrivate
46Amal Jyothi College of EngineeringKottayamPrivate
47Jyothi Engineering CollegeThrissurPrivate
48Nehru College of Engineering & Research centerThrissurPrivate
49Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of EngineeringErnakulamPrivate
50Mohandas College of Engineering & TechnologyThiruvananthapuramPrivate

We will be updating more information on top colleges based on departments and disciplines in Kerala and other states. This list also give the list of top engineering colleges in Kerala for M.Tech in different disciplines.

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Wish you all excellent luck ahead.


  1. Anirudh S Nair

    Please check the KTU website. Muthoot Institute of technology and science is on top 3 for the last 4 years in kerala. The list that you have provided here is total bullshit.

  2. Rojo

    Can you put up a source of this information? I cannot find Govt. Model Engineering College which is one of the best in Kerala.

    The college I’m taking about is in Ernakulam, with the best placements in the state; which rival NIT-C.

    Note: Glad that you are keeping up this website. It’s highly inspirational to research enthusiasts.


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