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Materials and Metallurgical Engineering: Prospects, Future and Institutes in India

In this course of engineering students will learn about the physical and chemical properties of different metal, their mixtures and applications. Students will learn about preparing metal that satisfy industry demands, like aircraft, high temperature ovens, ..etc.

During the first year of study, students learn the basic engineering methods thought mathematics, physics and chemistry. Later in second year till final year of study student will learn about he principles of metal extraction and refining, materials characterization, structure- property relationship, and processing of metals and other materials.

There are lots of companies in India doing metallurgy business for example all steal companies offer jobs Material science and Metallurgical Engineering students. There are plenty of higher studies opportunities both in home and abroad.

Core Companies offering jobs: Steel Authority of India Limited, Tata Steel, Jindal Steel & Power Limited, Ispat Industries Ltd, John Deere, Pune, Reliance Industries Ltd. Government organization include ISRO, DRDO, and Railway.

Average salary offered: 7 ~ 9 lakhs per annum

Institutes offering Metallurgical Engineering: As labs are expensive most of the private engineering colleges in India don’t offer this course.
All IITs offer Engineering courses in Metallurgical Engineering
Almost all NITs have Metallurgical Engineering
All state government universities offer this course

Refer to Engineering Courses: Future, Prospects, Institutes and Studies in India to know more about other engineering courses and their trends in the market.

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  1. R .K.KARAN

    I am M.sc Chemistry doing M.tech in Nanotechnology from Central University and got offer to join PhD in Material science and engineering from IITGN want to know after my PhD from IITGN may I get lecturership in a engineering institute.

  2. Tanmaya Parhi

    Sir I am going to study metallurgical and materials engineering in my state odisha.Is it a very good branch and have a great and good future. Is the branch having more demand loke mining engineering.

  3. layeequr Rahman khan

    Why so less payment. Just RS. 3L PER ANNUM

    1. admin

      That to if you get a job πŸ™‚

  4. Rajesh Deshmukh

    i have 3 year experence in automobile & heat treatment company as a metallurgiest.
    but no vaccancy in metallurgy companys.

  5. indrajeet kumar

    sir,now m persuing btech in metallurgical and material engg. i want to do research work in this field,nd join drdo ,isro…….what r d things i should do beside study to extract best from me,,,from this/

  6. INDRAJEET kumar

    Sir ..m doing btech in metallurgy in igit Sarang,nd hav desire to go for research work,,what r d things needed to do in rest 3 year to enhance my carrier in research?

  7. ravi prakash singh

    Dear sir,
    i am very confused about my career bbecause i have done bb.tech in mteetallurgy and secured 5.11 c.p.i. and presently i an working in D.R.I. SECTION OF IRON & STEEL industry but my salary is very low so that i am tensed . please tell me the solution.

  8. raju raj raja

    I am studing in nit warangal in m.tech in materials technology;my b.tech degree is mechanical; i have problem in future or not;i am interested in teaching

  9. chandu

    sir I completed my btech in metallurgical engineer present I was so much of confusion there is no scope for immedaite opportunity to getting a job some times i feel why I was opt this branch Please give some information

  10. nikhil

    Whether it will be beneficial to take “steel technology” for m.tech ? …what about it’s future scope with respect to job opportunities??

  11. Meghna

    I want to know if metallurgical engineering is a growing sector of our country. I want to know its prospects in the near future so that I can decide if I want to choose it as my career. My aim is to join the Indian Navy and I want to take a subject that can facilitate my entry

    1. Ketan Shah

      megha is ur dream is indian navy metallurgy engineering is not good choice because indian navy wants mechanical engineer.. metallurgy engineering is branch to study make product by metal and understand its Crystal structure and research on new alloy….
      I am also metallurgy engineer…

  12. Prasanjeet das

    Presently I am studying in Btech I year Material Science and metallurgical engg. in NIT, Bhopal. What extra efforts I have to make to have an edge in this branch.

    1. gulshan chauhan

      m gulshan, studying at IIT Roorkee with same branch, basically m working on thermoelectric materials,…..as per yr Q, few suggestion from my side is that…u must grapes the fundamental of materials like defects,properties(stress-strain curve),alloying condition.as u are in 1st yr, for metallurgy,basically based on iron and steeling making.so go through these pass, as deep as possible.

  13. Nikita

    I am getting material n metallirgical engineering in Manit,Bhopal… Should I go for this or Mechanical,Sgsits,Indore as my main aim is upsc exam…?? Plz plz do rply.. In need of advice..

    1. yogesh

      yrr ……….just same prblm with mee

  14. uzair

    where does we get jobs within the city or interior places
    and is this have a g8 scope in future

  15. bhavya lade

    sir… i study in b-tech 2nd yr , metallurgical and materials engineering,vnit.
    do i get better oppurtunities for placements and inturns in abroad????
    or else is it required to obtain some more qualifications for it…. if yes wat r dey???

  16. sidhu

    i wanna know the scope of robatics and automation in tamilnadu…

  17. Swetha

    Can anybody help me list of Industries related to Metallurgical & Materials Engineering. And also scope of materials engineering in M.Tech.

  18. Aryan Abhi

    can u mail m some details i.e abt it is gud fr opting dis branch r nt? n wat vl b dha pay scale per anum if I hav completed my m.tech through a rank in gate plzzzzzzzz…………. I vl b vry vry thankful if u hav enlightened me abt dis πŸ™‚ if u can e-mail m@ #[email protected]

  19. SUFIA

    can anyone please give some idea how is materials science and engineering at iit gandhinagar?

  20. sayan das

    i am a 1st year student of metallurgical and materials engineering of jadavpur university . i don’t know this course’s scope . please help me.

    1. Ritesh

      Hello Sayan,

      There is lot of scope for this Branch, as it is core branch for material selection and material extraction process for different kind of industry such as Automobile, construction. You can pursue PG or Ph.D in IIT’s with the specialization and then you can easily move to R&D work.


  21. Sammy Armstrong

    Dear friends, I’m a 2nd year student of metallurgical & materials engineering. I’m so confused because i don’t know mush about the course. Besides,engineering has become more of theory than practicals in my country,making it seem so abstract. I really need friends to enlighten me…i’ll be so grateful
    email: [email protected]
    f/book: facebook.com/

  22. venkata ramana

    I want details of companies about Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Internship

  23. soumya ranjan panda

    This is my final yr diploma,i want to study private university in any state plz helpe

    1. Ketan Shah

      if u want to do BE in metallurgy I suggest you M.S. university baroda in Gujarat. .I don’t know about more university but I am sure m.s. university in good choice..

  24. harish

    it is worst branch of engineering, it only provides u jobs in private sectors with limited scope and day by day private sectors are decreasing their salary package, u cant go to psu sectors like ongc,bhel and all so my frnd think before taking this branch ,i m a employee of tata steel,

    1. soumya

      sir plz say which private university is better for metallurgy


      Dear Sir,
      Pls. help me in getting INTERNSHIP in TATA STEEL and advise me whether doing Project in RENEWABLE ENERGY (IRENA) will help for higher-studies in Metallurgy. Iam doing II year B.Tech – MME in NIT-Trichy. My email id : [email protected]

  25. harsha vardhan

    dear friends..i am presently metallurgical engg.2nd year..i am very much unaware of people who r studying metallurgical engineering so plzz i want get to people of this branch..and here we r finding difficulty of even finding the prescribed text books i so plzz mail me if any body can me out i will be really great full to them
    my email [email protected]

  26. praveen kumar

    Thnk u!
    ya i’m satisfied with u as i’m also doing metallurgical engg. And just know that it really have a joy to be a part of it as if you can just recruit urslf in iocl by getting top ranks in gate and have 12 lacs and its al up 2 u!


    I am a 3rd year metallurgical engg. student of BIT Sindri..according to me this stream of engg offers great opportunities for those who can think beyond text books after acquiring fundamental concepts,no matter u r a boy or a girl..u can explore career opportunities in wide range of companies in India and abroad..so all d best ..

    1. Santosh kisku

      nice to hear from you such a wide carrier in metallurgical engg

    2. soumya

      pls say other private university offered be, in metallurgy engg.

    3. Anitha kumari

      hi… thankq bcz u gave good message on our branch kishore, am also same year bt i want some imp materials to gate preparation can u give information, if u give reply iv’l be thankfull to u.

      mail id : [email protected]

  28. sri

    is this metullurgical and material science good for girls? Pls gve me reply .

    1. sindhu

      now iam studying metalurgical and material engineering ….unfortunately i got this branch in my clz is this good for girls…

    2. Ketan Shah

      i honestly tell u miss.. metallurgy and material science is good for everyone but it is branch to do hard work… and if u want to understand real thing of metal and its structure you can do metallurgy engineering… its provide you job apachunites … and also u have chances to done work in different section of engineering. ..

  29. nnachi

    i honestly need friends who can help me out with concrete information on materials & metallurgical engineering. i want to be grounded in the course. please i will really appreciate your response. thanks

  30. Mukesh

    you can discuss the same also on http://www.metforum.com, where you will get answers from students studying btech mtech ms metallurgy

  31. Sandya

    It is the best………..

  32. Arun Kumar Shrivastava

    This is good branch as no. of engineers are less,so competition is remains less for grabbing the Opportunity

  33. Suma

    sir tell me
    Is Material and Metallurgical engineering helpful for girls?

    1. sat

      yes…materials and metallurgica branch is a vast scope in reasearch and invention…all the material need for all brances depend on MMe…..so dont be scared..vast job opportunities in india and lot in abroad…lot of alloy,steel,zinc,metal…etc,,etc…industries are wait for future engg..like u…





    1. Vardhaman Royals GR

      Btech material and metallurgical engineering ug completed admission

  36. Solanki Mehul

    Sir iam a Diploma in metallurgy engineer and i find job please you guidence me for core companies in gujarat

    Mehul solanki
    Thank you

  37. Venu

    sir, i am interested to take materials and metallurgical engineering .is it necessary to complete m-tech also to get a good job or b-tech is sufficient so far….?

  38. G.Shivaleela

    sir i chose materials and metallurgical engineering.is it good for girls or not? is there job opportunites in india .B.Tech is sufficient to get a job? what about placements sir?
    sir please give me reply.

  39. G.Shivaleela

    sir i chose materials and metallurgical engineering.is it good for girls or not? is there job opportunites in india .B.Tech is sufficient to get a job? what about placements sir?
    sir please give me reply

  40. kalpana

    what is use of metallurgical engineering…………………..

  41. Eswar

    I have chose my first option as a meterial&metallurgy,some of my friends are scold me why you take mme,you have many good branche,you take ECE,Mech,Civil,they are told me like that,why they are looking like this is a least branch,
    Is there any chance after btech in mme go to as a specilization in aeronatics

    plz send what are the prerequisite as a being meterial&metalluegy student
    is there any jobs in after completion of btech.

  42. vinodkumar

    sir i chose materials and metallurgical engineering.is it good or not? is there job opportunites in india .B.Tech is sufficient to get a job? what about placements sir?
    sir please give me reply.i am in so confusion.

  43. manasa

    i am take material&metallurgy engineering any opportunity to write the groups .plz send me more information about mme iam waiting for ur infomation .

  44. suresh

    hi, sir i selected material&metallurgy engineering in my B.tech course. i want to know about specializations of material&metallurgy in m.tech and further also. And which subjects involved in this branch , and on which area we have basics for doing this branch. give me proper info about this branch…plzplz

  45. raj

    iam now btech 2nd year i take metallargy branch.but i have doubt any job oppertuinitis after btech in india.plz tell me

  46. sony

    sir i chose materials and metallurgical engineering.is it good for girls or not? is there job opportunites in india .B.Tech is sufficient to get a job? what about placements sir?
    sir please give me reply.i am in so confusion.

    1. madhan

      sony…tell me why you choose this branch…?

  47. raju

    Sir i got job easily or not please tell me i am Btech second year i don’t know how the jobs are given please give replay thank u sir


    Dear sir,
    may i know the future in ‘metullurgical and material engineering(mme)’ ???

  49. akshay tiwari

    what is the scope in metallurgy engineering , how much money they earn? plz tell me soon , i am from NIT raipur.

  50. AKB

    HI friends,

    it seems like most of you are apprehensive about the career prospects of a materials engineer in India. Being a recent graduate myself from IIT Kharagpur, i can tell you that presently there are hardly any lucrative job opportunities in India for graduate students as well as for those who have completed masters studies. The few of them that are there are in Tata, Jindal etc etc are mentioned in the post. As materials research on an industrial scale has not popularized to a great extent in india, the job prospects suck.

    However, if you go for masters/post graduation abroad there are plenty of job opportunities there. As for India, there are opportunities for post graduate students in the materials field based on core research and development.

    Hope this helps… πŸ™‚

  51. abhilasha

    i m a girl and want 2 take admissions in metallurgy branch in NIT..is it good 4 my future carrer

  52. akhilesh

    can you tell me how to enter in psu(metallurgy) and how to prepare it?

  53. prasanna

    i am interested to take material science engineering
    but i don’t know what is the future in this branch


    hi, please tell me how is the metallurgical engineering branch

    1. Abdul Qadir Chandio

      Metallurgy is back bone of All deciplane

  55. shashank chandrayan

    which all colleges in india and abroad are good for opting a m.s. or m-tech programme in metallurgy and material science field.. and is it a good decision to go for it after b-tech..

  56. Nirma Prajapati

    DEAR SIR,,PLS HELP ME….WHICH IS THE BETTER OPTION ????????? “””SVIT,,VASAD elctrical engineering””””” OR MSU,BARODA Metallurgy engineering >????????????????

  57. dinakar

    what are the qualifications for the jobs of material science engineering?, B.Tech is enough or M.Tech also required?

  58. dinakar

    what are qualifications? , enough B.Tech or M.Tech also required?

  59. jas

    I am Btec II year I want to take material science.Is it ok for ladies.Is it has best future in india Pleace tell me sir I don’t know anything about.can I got job in it easily.

    plz reply me sir as soon as possible.

    thank u sir.

  60. karimulla shah

    how is the material and metallurgical department @iitr for M.tech.
    can u tell about the placements @iitr in this department (for pg) ?

  61. pradeep janghel

    i am B.E.final year student of metallurgy, please give me some idea about career and if any specialization coarse possible after B.E. please reply me.

  62. Silpi MIshra

    Why engineering student need to learn chemistry during the 1st year of the study? I know I need to study chemistry but can you inspire me by giving description…?
    Material science:
    Computer science:

  63. arpita

    is it has no scope now

  64. arpita

    which field has the greatest scope regarding money , secured futre and placement

  65. arpita

    i want to know which field of engineering will have the greatest scope and the greatest money 6 years from now

    please reply me sir as soon as possinle
    thank you sir

    1. sana

      Do we get core jobs in metallurgical engineering? ? If so what salary? Does this branch have good scope in India? Do we get government jobs? ?

  66. Ogundiran Olawunmi

    Is this all details about this related subjuect.

  67. kram (pakistan) DAE in metallurgy

    i am Dae in metallurgy from in pakistan. i am appling in metallurgy engg of this university .
    my phone no is 03316346287

  68. Manoj

    Right now i am in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Branch in IIT Kanpur and seriously it suxx big time to be a MME student. I have good CGPA but only 2-3 good core companies come to campus and each of them too take only 2-3 students so if you are not selected and you are interested in joining core………….you are ruined like I am now……

  69. PANKAJ

    metallurgy is not a good branch….i hv opted it in IIT-Roorkee…but as far as i know..in INDIA….metallurgy hv no scope….so dont go for this….


    can you tell me the companies which select material engg. having 1 year experience in/outside india

  71. jeetesh ramwani

    sir i am a Metallurgical engineer and want tom the courses which is related to metallurgy field or material’s engineering field so,kindly tell me that which type or course is most important for industries purpose….
    my Contect no:+923332512350…

  72. ashwin

    can you tell me the companies which select metallurgical students outside india.

  73. ashwin

    sir can you tell me preparing for semesters in metallurgy will be easy or not

  74. nikhil

    can you tell me scope in psu. And how to prepare for gate.

  75. santhoshi

    Hai! sir all of us told that computer science departments are deceasing and also job guaranty is less this true or false

  76. kaushik

    how abt mattelurgical engg in jadavpur university,west bengal..wat abt placements

  77. tarang

    how is the material and metallurgical department @iitr for M.tech.
    can u tell about the placements @iitr in this department (for pg) ?

    1. Neeraj

      Its good….u can go for it…as regards the placement….Tata steel recruits the pg graduates..MNCs also come for placement…overall it is good.

  78. gautam

    u never spoke about the scope of materials science……………..other than metallurgy u hav lots of optionds in materials

  79. Satish

    Which is the best engineering stream in india regarding scope & money & future?

    1. Abhisek Das

      I think all the branches are very good . all the branches have job prospect. In my opinion petroleum enginnering is good because petrol will never finish and has a good scope in abroad. major companies are iocl, hpl, sheel, gail reliance ,etc.

  80. rajesh

    can you tell me how to enter in psu’s(Metallurgy), and how to prepare for it.

    1. Abhisek Das

      you can prepare for gate examination to opt for psu sector. it is finly to start during the third year and forth year of b tech.

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