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Course Wise GATE Cutoff for IIT Kharagpur

Marks are cutoff for M.Tech admission to IITs would give a great insight for GATE preparations. On the same time I feel that it cannot solely taken as a parameter for M.Tech admissions to IITs, as marks totally depends on the GATE paper that year. If the paper is easy student get higher marks and if papers if tough students will get less marks. Please refer to GATE 2010 Analysis for more details.

I would recommend you to have a look on GATE highest marks and GATE qualifying marks to get a better insight into the marks you need to be called good GATE score.

In this post, I give a detailed GATE Cuttoff marks for IIT Kharagpur. This made by using the list of M.Tech student admitted to IIT KGP and made available online. I considered minimum marks in each department in each category.

Department wise GATE cutoff for IIT Kharagpur are as follows.

Department of Aerospace Engineering

Course General OBC SC ST
Aerospace Engineering 29 27 17

Department of Agricultural & Food Engineering

Course General OBC SC ST
Farm Machinery and Power 35.67 26 20.67 18
Land and Water Resource Engineering 25.67 22.67 16.67 22
Food Process Engineering 27.67 22.67 17.33 18.33
Applied Botany 47 43.33 38.33
Aquacultural Engineering 28.33 30.67 17
Agricultural Systems and Management 25 25 16.67

Department of Architecture & Regional Planning

Course General OBC SC ST
City Planning 36 31.33 20.67 29.33

Department of Biotechnology

Course General OBC SC ST
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering 49 42.33 19.33

Department of Civil Engineering

Course General OBC SC ST
Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering 31 30.33 21.33 21.33
Transportation Engineering 36.33 32.67 24.33 24.67
Environmental Engineering and Management 33 30.67 20.33
Geotechnical Engineering 36.67 30.67 26 20.67
Structural Engineering 47.33 36.33 29 32.33

Department of Chemical Engineering

Course General OBC SC ST
Chemical Engineering 28 24 20 18.33


Course General OBC SC ST
Earth System Science and Technology 25.67 23.33 21.67

Department of Cryogenic Engineering

Course General OBC SC ST
Cryogenic Engineering 29 23.33 17 23.67

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Course General OBC SC ST
Computer Science and Engineering 49.33 45.33 35 34.67

Department of Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering

Course General OBC SC ST
Fiber Optics and Lightwave Engineering 47.33 41.33 33.33
Microelectronics and VLSI Design 52 46.33 32.33 30.33
RF and Microwave Engineering 48.67 45 30.33 33.33
Telecommunication Systems Engineering 49.67 45 34 30.33
Visual Information & Embedded Systems Engineering 49 44 30.33 38

Department of Electrical Engineering

Course General OBC SC ST
Machine Drives and Power Electronics (MDPE) 53 53 35.67 28
Control System Engineering (CSE) 48.33 43.33 30.67
Power System Engineering (PSE) 48.67 45.33 30 29.67
Instrumentation (INST) 45.33 43 30.67

Department of Educational Technology

Course General OBC SC ST
Educational Technology 46.33 40.67 30.67

Department of Geology and Geophysics

Course General OBC SC ST
Exploration Geosciences 39.33 35.33 35.33
Computational Seismology 35.67 36.67

Department of Infrastructure Design & Management

Course General OBC SC ST
Infrastructure Design & Management 34.33 28.33 26 25.33

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Course General OBC SC ST
Industrial Engineering and Management 36 24 18.33

Department of Information Technology

Course General OBC SC ST
Information Technology 50.33 45 33.33

Department of Mathematics

Course General OBC SC ST
Computer Science and Data Processing 32 22.67 17.67

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Course General OBC SC ST
Manufacturing Science and Engineering 35.67 29.67 23
Thermal Science and Engineering 37.33 33 31.33
Mechanical systems Design 37.33 32 20.67

Department of Mining Engineering

Course General OBC SC ST
Mining Engineering 29.33 36 26.67

Department of Materials Science

Course General OBC SC ST
Materials Science and Engineering 34 28.33 23.67

Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Course General OBC SC ST
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering 31.67 30 25

Department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture

Course General OBC SC ST
Ocean Engg. and Naval Architecture 36 26.67 28.67

For cutoffs related to other IITs please visit IIT GATE Cutoffs 2010. I really ask you to target highest marks and these cutoffs are to just give an idea. Please target for the highest marks that will help to be more confident of what you are targeting for.

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  1. Navina

    can you give the cutoff details for food process engineering during 2016-17.I got a gate score of 34.71.will I get in IIT for FPE

  2. pradeep

    why didnt you specify the cut off for media and sound engineering?

  3. Satish kumar garg

    Sorry to sey that IITk Cutt off 2011 is worngm becose My Doughter score in Gate 2011 is 53.30 all india rank is 668, but She is not shortlisted in M Tach 2011 IITk and not in IITR, IITD, IITG, IITM, IITB and she is selected in CCMT in MNIT Jaipur.

    1. swathy

      my rank is 1379. I hav got a score of 493 in GATE. Is there any chance for me to get admission in an iit.?? My branch is civil engineering and i hav got OBC reservation also…


    Sir, I qualified in GATE 2011 from ME stream with AIR-943,Score-610
    & Marks-58.33. I appeared in the interview at IITkgp & I have been offered for admission for the stream Cryogenic Engineering(CR) in the first list itself.But that is my fourth choice. I have given the choices as follows———–
    (1) ME3 (2) ME2 (3) ME1 (4) CR (5) IM (6) OE (7) RT (8) RE
    Sir, is there any probability that I will be upgraded to my higher choices? I have to submit my original score card if I accept that offer.So,I am in dilemma about that as I don’t have any more confirm admission offer at the moment. What should I do sir? Sir please help me in this regard as soon as possible.


    sir,my gate score is 507 ,in which NIT i will gate admission.there is any chance to get admission in IIT hydrabad

  6. yashpal singh

    hi sir
    i have qulifide gate 2011 in me with 28.67 marks in sc category.plz advise me . about option.

  7. Arnab Bose

    Air: 1627(Gen)
    Marks: 52.33
    Score: 624
    Percentile: 98.89
    Stream: ECE
    Is there any chance to for IIT interview call?

  8. Dave Dhaval

    Sir, I think all IITs should give their previous years cut-off. As we can demand as per Right To Information act.

  9. Prasad

    sir i got 42.67 marks & AIR is 3497 & gate score is 542. i m from SC category &cs branch…can i get any iit or good nit???(if yes, then which are they?) plz reply…

  10. praveen

    sir, my gate score is 519(ec) please suggest me to appling for any nits

  11. amit dhar

    sir,can you please send me course wise cut off gate score for iit kgp,iit delhi.

  12. amit singh

    dear sir..

    you have made a WONDERFUL website. i am visiting it regularly it and always found there some needful..words are not sufficient to describe ur helpful efforts..

    >>> i wanna know about colleges which offer MBA admission behalf of GATE SCORE CARD

    i googled many times but did’t find any satisfactory answer..

    specially ECONOMIC and VALUED college which offer scholarship…

    (U KNOW HOW COSTLY IS MBA otherwise)

    >> i know it is a tough job but after all u r MASTER MIND…

    THANKS a lot
    amit singh+ 91-9312460 468

  13. krishna kumar

    sir my gate 2010 score is 421(CSE) ,percentile 93.07 and AIR 7218. which college i got . i belong from OBC category

  14. b v arab

    gate coachung center is available for 1 month

  15. shahbaz

    hi sir,
    can you pls mail me course wise cut off marks of iit chennai in gate 2010..

  16. Mohammed Khaleel Ahmed

    i allotted the seat in through minority counseling in hyderabad. I want the application form for stipend.the colg which i got admission am da only student who came via gate so i humbly request u to plz provide me necessary details bcoz my colg authorities doesnt know da actual procedure.
    allah hafiz

  17. v naveen

    sir, can you clarify whether these cutoffs for different IITS are GAte paper dependent. that is, i am writing GATE IN paper. will the cutoffs differ if i want to take a course offered By the EC dept. or EE dept.

  18. bhaskar

    hi can you give the cut off score for banaras hindu university

  19. abhishek

    sir can i have the cut offs of iit bombay!

  20. Haridas

    Hi Sir,

    I subscribed your list few months back. Your site have valuable informations to the students who are interested to do higher Education.

    This post raised my confidence that I can make good level in Gate 2011.

    Thanks allot,
    Haridas N.

  21. Dhruv

    Hello Sir

    Pls. upload cut-off marks for Direct Admissions to various dept. at IIT-Madras

    Lots of applaud for guiding

    Thanks again…..

  22. kiran

    sir can u get me cut offs for iit madras and roorkee please and how will be masters in Delhi college of engg for ECE students please suggest me…….

  23. abhi

    thanks a lot

  24. Prathamesh D

    this is really achievable.
    35 marks and you are eligible for IIT

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