Its 3.30 In The Morning

What a time I am going through. Last 15 days were or a drama in life. I desperately wanted to visit family for Eid, have a big demonstration of work on 5th of November and my work is at major focus. I am working on parallel programming and because early good results everyone became excited initially and now ambitious.

In all these one fine lunch I realized that I am screwed. My tooth that root canaled 8 years back started hurting and here changed the life. All plans messed up, I couldn’t visit India and that shattered all plans of Eid here in Korea as well as in India.

November demonstration is getting close and everyone expect a great performance some of the poorly performing medical image reconstruction algorithms. The thing that excites me is speed and consistency. I loved to work on before and now loving it.

Since last two weeks I return to home from work around 12.30 in night and be there at work around 8.30 AM, with sever tooth ache I dont know how I managed to pullout the 250 times higher performance finally and didnt felt tired when I left office over mid night. My boss got an email from HR asking me to leave office because my stay in office exceeded the normal working hours and maximum overtime limits.

Now when in Writing this post its 3.30AM in morning. I wakeup got fresh and prayed, I wakeup because of sweet pain in tooth turned horrible. Now when I felt better I was just thinking what kept me going in these sever health and social conditions. How come I left work over midnight and how didnt I realized that two weekends in row passed on. I felt that there is something always keep up going in all sever conditions. Whether its gate preparation or preparing for any other thing in life.

First and foremost thing that kept me going was love for what I am doing and its visible reward. Speed it is the game I was always in though I couldn’t make thing fastest in the world I made them presentable. I made them run fast beyond my peers imagination. This it I was trying to trigger the power of 192 core to compete the best in the world and it turned out to be fastest way to make an image as far as we know.

Second thing that fascinated me was learning. If learning is not there my mind is totally blocked and supportive for that work and usually I land in a low performing guy in team. This time I got a chance and resources to make use of every single nano second of the graphic processor. Every single day I learned something that made me happy and gave an edge over others.

Third is deadline. My work is totally deadline based if we miss a dead line you will get to showcase your work with next deadline and naturally people lose interest if they know in hand whats coming. If you are doing something great make sure it reach all when the expect it. I respect deadlines a lot and choose them carefully. 5Th of November is so close, therefore I got to do what I want to before that so that I can relax after that. Because of this everyone think that I am always having fun : D

Now put all these things together consider preparing for GATE exam. You may most of the time feel demotivated, distracted, unfocused, and weak at concentration. All this is because we lack the above basic factors. Make sure that you care find these thing for GATE preparation you will definitely learn thing that will make your preparation exciting and more productive. Even if you don’t make it GATE you will have satisfaction of learning and that would definitely help you later in life.

Use ever second of your day, keeping the GATE exam deadline in view because you have limited time. After exam you can definitely do a lot fun stuff, but if you lose this time you will have to wait for a year again to show your performance an d one year in life is really a bigger time.

I just wanted to share with you all these before starting my day. I wish you all a great luck ahead with GATE. Do keep me in your good prayers, specially tootch ache.


  1. suhel

    sir,thnx frr motivating me…i m from etc…u remain in my heart 4ever…thnx sir..

  2. Vageesha JM

    I really missed all these posts before and between this office work and GATE dead line also getting nearer for 2014 am really scared brother..

  3. sandeep

    are you working on MRI medical image processing?

  4. Jay

    Best of luck for today’s demonstration.

    Ok I have a question.
    Why there are no ads on InI ?
    You are paying yearly domain and monthly hosting fees, (I know you have a decent job and you can easily afford it) but still why write for FREE ??
    You may answer you want to support the Indian student community but my question is still why no ads here.
    (Before starting this blog you might have thought to make money from blogging)

  5. rohit

    Wish you speedy recovery.

  6. Akash

    Sir, also provide information about total no. Of seats in all IIT’s in CSE branch in thro’ GATE Exam

  7. Akash

    Thanku for motivation, as from last few days i was distracted and uninterested about the target. Sir,your posts r always interesting and we wait fnr it With a greater interest. But sir i hv a question-how do you see the future of gate exam ,is it par with JEE and does it hold same prestige as that of JEE

  8. shrey

    really inspiring sir……eid mubarak

  9. Sandeep Kumar Dan

    Hi, here is my first time, motivational post sir,Get well soon sir EID mubarak !! I am eagerly waiting for your next post 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  10. subha kanta swain

    I am from Puri,jagannath dham,,specially i am praying for your health,ok sir,get well soon,Lord jagannath is there for you

  11. Anon

    you’ve been blogging since a long time now, then how come youe written english is poor?

  12. sanjiv

    Very motivational post sir. all the best for November demonstration..

  13. avinash singh

    Really ‘TOOTH ACHE’ greatest among all the ‘ACHE’…..i felt it so many times…i pray 2 GOD tht u will soonly get over with it so we can read ur nxt motivating guide lines as early as possible……..:)
    ‘EID MUBARAK…..’

  14. Priyanka

    Great post sir!! All the best 4 5th Nov..:)

  15. Jay

    get well soon sir 🙂

  16. Mithun

    yeah..its really inspirative.. thanks a lot and you keep working hard bhayyia..

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