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Facing Concentration Problem? Here Is A Step By Step Solution

After a long time I felt like talking you guys and share a some tips a problem that I face as a student 15 yrs back and most of you face today. Yes you got it, I had really a bad concentration. It took me more than a year to understand my problem and then slowly beat it. Finally I could enjoy every bit of my studies in M.Tech.

It takes big amount of time and dedication to beat concentration issue but trust me it’s really worth. You will enjoy it specially in later part of your life. Don’t miss a great chance to beat the problem of concentration and remember it cannot be done in a day. Let’s take some continues and cautious steps towards it.

Here is a step by step solution to reach a better concentration.

The important thing is to recognize the problem and how we get into it. Once we know and problem and from where it started, we can try to find a solution for it. Another important characteristic is consistency. We cannot reach to good results without consistently trying to reach out to a good solution.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Rakesh Kumar

    It’s nice to read your article . It will help me to continuing putting hard work in every bit of life activities .God bless you .

  2. Rakesh

    Thanks a lot Zahid !!!! Timely article 🙂 Found very useful, motivational and inspiring as always…Always felt this is the site to visit whenever we feel we are losing out of track in reaching our goal and your articles and videos always helped to get back to Job. Thank You again !!!!

  3. tousif

    thanks a lot zahid i found ini in the year 2012 and visit here so many time i enjoy your motivational word and use to print,now i have a bunch of your article in the same way you have mention in video I study for gate exm and whenever feel bored i start reading your post they give some kinds of energy and then i back to study…thanks

  4. Saptarshi Pyne

    Dear Zahid Sir,

    It is a perfectly timed article! All the IITians are facing Mid-sem exams. Especially some of the days are having two exams each. Such times require “cautious and continuous steps” to overcome the gigantic burden. Thank you for the additional motivation. Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches 😀
    It is great to know that you have recovered from an accident; hale and hearty. I would love to conclude my reply by sharing a story with beloved co-InIites that echoes with your suggestion. I have the same problem. Just a couple of months back, I shared my problem with Colonel J P Singh from Indian Army, who is an Expert in a very niche area of Indian defense technology and visiting IITG for gaining deeper understanding on that area for his future assignment. I remembered his reply verbatim. He advised me, “There will be days when you will wake up early and will be bubbling with energy. Those days you will run 8 kms instead of regular 4 kms. But there will be a day when you will be at the bottom of your enthusiasm. Nothing in the world will seem worthy of making you take a single step out of your bed. Please make sure, on that day, you run at least 4 Kms. That is the kind of day which will decide what are you made of.”

  5. Ashish

    Definitely this video will help thousands but sir it would be really helpful if you would have this material in text also. Many of us still don’t have hands on 3G. ( Specially those who need help)

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