IISc and IIT PhD and MS (Research) Admissions: Spring (Jan 2010)

IISc and IITs take admissions for PhD and MS by Research twice a year. Mostly students apply for Spring (June) semester and most of then don’t know about spring admission. Usually if they miss admission in Spring, they wait for a year for admissions.

Here in this post I tried to give audience a common place to find PhD admissions for spring semester (Jan) details in IISc and IITs in a single common platform. From here one can easily go any IIT or IISc admission notification with a quick note about departments offering PhD, Eligibity criteria and Important dates along with link to official site for detailed information.

IISc and IITs offer PhD degree in almost every Engineering and technology field. The time duration depends on the quality research and publications. Usually it varies between three to five years.

This is work in on similar grounds as NIT M.Tech Admission 2009.
1 Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
2 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Kanpur
3 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Mumbai
4 Indian Institure of Technology Kharagpur Kharagpur
5 Indian Institute of Technology Madras Chennai
6 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Delhi
7 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Roorkee
8 Indian Institute of Technology Guwhati Guwhati

Hope these IIT phd admission 2010 notification and MS by research PhD Admission will help you. For further information please subscribe through email. Also feel free to comment and read comments and answer to the readers comments for more information and discussion.


  1. prabhjot

    This is a great post.
    Here is some disambiguation. Mainly for IITD.
    Mtech admissions dont happen in January. They are conducted only once a year. However, MS, PhD and Mtech are all inter-convertible.
    The following link may be useful:-

  2. Aditya

    Are there any colleges for MTech or MS which provide admission twice a year ? Do I have any chance to apply for PG(Mech) in December ?

  3. bhavadharani

    i m dng 3 rd yr..i would like to study ms..plz say me how to prepare for it

  4. Anonymous


    I want to do MS from IISC Bangalore in a field of Advanced Computing Algorithms (Sorting and Searching..Search Engine) or related.
    Can somebody please provide me the info for preparing for it and other procedures.
    Thanks in Advance.


  5. sathya

    I would like to know about the MS programs (Life science) in IISC and the respective entrance exams.

  6. Neha

    i want to do ms in control systems at iisc … what are all the requirements i need to satisfy … and which institutes are good for control systems .. i m 3rd year student of electrical engineering…. and i strictly want to go into research so i am only considering ms .. should i also think about m tech.. and what is the difference in quality of ms in india and abroad?

  7. santhosh

    hai friends i’d like to join in iisc at banglore i would like to join ms with phd five years programme.. now am studying engineering final year to get admission in iisc …..pls friends tell the what i do and what type of entrance test to write

  8. Sayan

    Hi, first of all I want to thank you for your relentless effort for providing us all these information (please do not confuse me with the guy called ‘Sayan’ above)
    I have done my B.Tech in IT and currently perusing my M.Tech in VLSI Design. I want to do my PhD in the field of semiconductor device; I am doing my M.Tech project in the same field also.
    Can you please clarify me, if my B.Tech background will create any problem while applying for PhD in reputed institutions?

  9. Manjunath

    hi, i want to MS in IISC or in IIT, rt now i have completed my Masters in Computer Application, please guide me, because of further studies , i have not went to attend any interview , rt now ‘m preparing for GATE , so can you please help me…..

  10. Abinayaa

    Hi there ,

    I want to do Phd in the field of Advanced Computing Algorithms,
    Digital Image processing..
    I am in my final year M.Tech(Embedded and Real time systems)
    what are the necessary steps i need to take ? for getting a seat in IIT/nit’s and what are the exams i need to take up?

    Please help!!

  11. sayan

    How can I be topper in Gate

  12. sayan

    how can I be in gate?

  13. sowjanya.motana

    hai i am souji i dont know phd but most interst iit phd so some ides give me what is best ,

  14. madhuri

    sir I hvnt found any notification of MS at iit bombay for spring sem and also same is the case for IISc. only Phd notices are there. can u send me the link?

  15. Sirish


    I would like to go for M. Tech and Phd program in IISC or IIT. I gave GATE exam last year i.e. 2009-2010 and got AIR-783. I am belong to general category. My discipline is ECE and having more than 4 years of work experience. Kindly suggest what to do to complete my cum Phd program.

    Thank you…

  16. spsrao

    i completed physics with electronics and computer science……
    i want to do p.hd sensor technology or sensor networks ……………
    how s the future in this field ?

  17. joy

    I would like to know the procedure for getting admission in IIT for Phd..

  18. santosh

    prospects about ms research -i’m joining the course at nit trichy in electrical stream

  19. nishanth


    can you give me information abt hw to enter into iisc to do both MS and phd at once , i heard tht it’s a 3years course at iisc.. please let me know which entrance should i clear to do this… waiting for ur reply..

  20. jitendra patil

    sir/madam, i would like to join a ph.d(mechanical) field in IIT’S or IISc so ple can u suuggest me what all are requirment for admission, can iit or iisc offering me a fellowship so how much that?


    Which iits offer the MS Program? Only iit madras and iit delhi offer it. I have secured AIR rank 2085 from electrical engg. Will u give me detailed information reagrding MS addmission processin iit and nits

  22. vivek

    I would like to join M.S in iis ……. I am cuttently studying 3rd yr of engineering…. pls guide me to M.s in iis….thank u

  23. jagan

    sir/madam can you suggest the topics in wireless sensor networks for my phd. i want to do phd from JNTU Hyderabad. Areas like digital image processing or / wireless sensor networks which one is best one.

    please guide me


  24. Nikhil

    Gr8 posts!!
    But where can i find answeres to these Q’s..
    1) Why is MS prog not famous in IIT’s n IISc.. does it have value compared to MTech?

    2) Common perception is RANK =1000 NIT’s
    Can u bust the myth here, if any?.. can a person wid rank (1000-1500) get into IIT.. thru Written test/Interview process .. or should they forget abt IITS?

    3) Where do famous Inst’s such as BARC stand?.. there no proper ranking in MTECH progs available on Net..
    I know IITS are top.. then I thinks its NIT’s… wat abt other famous Govt inst’s.. no one seems to talk abt them.. throw some light on this plz..

  25. sveta

    my gate scre is 597
    what best collges i can expect to get admission into??????????

  26. Sanyam Jain

    My gate score is 760. What is the best that i can get???

  27. inthiyaz

    Hi I completed my MSc(physics-electronics&solidstate)in 2006 from Andhra University.
    I am working as lecturer in Narayan Jr. College.
    I want to do PhD in nano materials. Can you please guide me that which tests I have to clear and when I have to apply for.
    Thank you.

  28. prakash


    i’d like to join ph.d(mechanical) under the area of composite materials in university of bristol, uk. kindly suggest me what are all the requirements for that?

  29. srinivas

    Hi Zahid,
    First of all I’d like to thank for your constant motivation for all of us.I’d like to join in IIT for Phd in Wireless sensor networks or related fields.Please let me know how this area’s research scope in india.Also Pls let me know Whether this field is Hot or not?

    1. Zahid

      Srinivas: I am really thankful for your encouragement and support. I am writing a complete set of post for PhD, right from PhD admission to search for finding a job or postdoc. Keep visiting and please do ask a set of questions by which I can prepare a great collection for Indian PhD students.

      Also, Please give your valuable suggestions and inputs to make it a really great resource for other students like us.

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