This is another common question I received from the regular visitors. Most of them asked me about how to do M.Tech after MCA. I will try to answer this question and how and where to apply for M.Tech if you could not qualify the GATE exam.

First lets me take a direct you to an eligibility condition for appearing to GATE exam. In condition (b) if it mentioned that “Master degree holders in any branch of Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Computer Applications or equivalent and those who are in the final or pre-final year of such programmes.” are eligible to write GATE exams.

If you qualify and have competitive scores you can apply for all IITs and most of the NITs. IITs particularly less bother about earlier degrees, and try to take students with good understanding to subject. Only condition applies is one apply with MCA or MSc degree must have Maths and Science at BSc level.

If could not qualify the GATE exam please refer to Non GATE M.Tech admissions: Points that may help. Don’t forget to apply for IIITs as they are more flexible in M.Tech admissions in terms of earlier degree and conduct their own written tests. Central universities also conduct their own exams for M.Tech admissions. If you prepare and appear for entrance multiple exams you will definitely be able to crack one.

I am writing a post on why to do M.Tech in general, but for MCA it has a clear advantage. Though both are master degrees, M.Tech will lead to master degree in professional course and therefore lead to higher opportunities both in industry and academy. Usually, B.Tech degree is treated superior to MCA but M.Tech is superior to both the degrees. Therefore, M.Tech after MCA gives an edge over any other bachelor degree in India and also makes you equivalent to your M.Tech peers.

If you don’t have a job offer in hand and just looking for some course to do, I strongly suggest you to apply for M.Tech wherever possible. If you are pre-final year student apply for GATE exam and keep it as an option to stay away from wasting time after completing degree and thinking what to do next. Time after completing course goes fast and a year gap after degree makes you lazy and harms your chances of getting good opportunities.