Lessons We Can Learn From AAP and Kejiwal

I could not even understand what made Delhi elections so important for whole nation. When the results came the whole nation started celebrating and it was like that they were waiting for it. AAP emerged as a real hero fighting with all the odds of administration, media, and money.

Just a couple of days before when I was talking to a friend about Delhi elections on lunch he asked me to stop talking about AAP, and added that’s a shrinking boat. I felt bad because but I kept it to myself as they all know I have been a big supporter of AAP. Even I was in support of Kejriwal’s resignation and told everyone that my confidence in him only increased because of it. Finally when the victory news started to flow I kept quiet until they started a conversation. Meanwhile I spend some time thinking what made it such a big win.

The first thing came to my mind was, now it’s time to deliver on clear promises and AAP team must be all set to go with the plan. Then I figured out what are qualities made AAP win such a big elections with limited resources. The reasons were very clear goals, right introspection, right group of flocks, internal support, and trust in god. I made a small video covering all these.

Lets carry on these lesson to our educational and professional careers. I wish all the students a wonderful luck in GATE and other higher education plans.

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    Dear Brother
    Thank for your’s nice and informative video
    Mohd Ziya Quadri
    Training Placement Officer
    Govt Industrial Training Institute
    Pusad M.S

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