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Three Months For GATE: We Never Fail, We Just Give-up

As GATE exam is approaching fast I started receiving many emails, asking can someone crack GATE in three months. I thought and read a lot about it. Finally keeping myself in similar situation I thought of writing a detailed post. But when this morning when a friend gave me a message saying he will late to office I decided to make quick video covering this topic.

I realized one big thing, we never fail, we just give up. I am not saying we need to hang on something rest of our lives without knowing if we can make it or not. I am just saying once we decided there is no other go and you seriously want to pursue something, be honest and sincere you can crack any exam in three months time.

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I am not saying just because saying is easier than doing it. I took some competitive exams recently and felt that a little extra and consistent effort with the prize in mind would help you a lot reaching your goals. Follow the video below for more on how to prepare for GATE in three months.

I just wanted to remind you all the GATE exam is pretty close and you got to get ready to bang it. If you dont plan well and dont get ready to meet the best colleges in the nation then nothing can make you prepare for it well.

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Wish you all a great luck.


  1. Pooja Mistry

    Hey thanks!!

  2. ansh

    Pls can,any body suggest me how to start preparation for gate exam? I am 5th sem below average etc student. I want to prepare on my own.
    Should I start reading books or study material?

  3. Inspireandelite

    Well Mr.Zahid,

    Without working hard we can’t achieve anything. And your post inspire and motivate. 😉

  4. Shubhajit

    “Remembrance of your goal make you work hard ” — ..
    I don t know whether i can crack GATE successfully or not.. but i will try my level best for that.. i will remember your motivating words.. Thanks for your inspiration sir 🙂

  5. Saptarshi Pyne

    Dear InIites,
    “You got to get up now”.
    “You got to plan”.
    You got to watch this video.

    Only Three Months for GATE = “Just Three Months it needs from your Life”.

    Never realized this simple equation before it came out of Zahid Sir’s lips.
    “The moment you feel weak and lazy, you will remember the goal”.

    “You are playing a game, you got to know the rules..
    It is all up to you how far you want to play the game”
    till you reach your dream destination or …

  6. Saptarshi Pyne

    Hi Rahul (Kulkarni),

    Thanks for the NPTEL info bro.

  7. Gopal Nathani

    Thank you very much for the guidance and encouragement…:-)

  8. dinesh

    thank you for encouragement, very useful suggestions

  9. yatindra

    Thank you so much sir for such a great guidance……….:)

  10. shubham

    U are awesome. Thank You for inspiring words !!!!! and keep motivating us 🙂

  11. Rahul Kulkarni

    Thank you for Inspiring words! 🙂

    GATE 2013 Question paper with answers as references to NPTEL video lectures is now available for Electronics & Communication Engineering ; Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy and Material Science at

    All the best 🙂

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