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Time To Leave Beloved Parents And Home For M.Tech And Lessons To Be Learned

M.Tech admissions in 2011 are almost over, and many students who made to IITs and NITs must be packing up their bags to head towards a dream they are going to realize. Few years back I was in the same time line. After staying back near to mom for six years, I had to start for M.Tech.

This time is a bunch of mixed feeling. You just left your four years long friends, rushed for interviews all over the nation, after coming back you even didn’t get time to relax a bit your B.Tech results are out. You start rushing for different certificates and finally call letters start coming. You made a decision to move on to some college. Booked your train tickets and may be running for packing and all. At that time I felt that, that was a busiest time of my life. Finally managed to meet relatives and pack my stuff and get ready to move on.

I left home seeing tears in my mom’s eyes every single time. I left home to go to boarding school at the age of 12 years, since then I used to see her tearing for me when I leave home. Sometimes I feel too hard it for me, but just keep myself very strong at that time. She always makes me think why I am leaving her and what shall I return to her. Dad lives abroad for us and give long hand written mails of instructions to make sure I am doing good. I always feel my success and a great success makes them happier and that is the price for her tears and long hand written mails. I don’t find a reason to leave loved ones for no results, better I stay with them and support them at least they feel happy to see me near them.

Another thing I always remembered was my mistakes and desires that I couldn’t fulfill in B.Tech. My at most desire in B.Tech was to beat the best student in class and that never happened. My biggest mistake was not enough hard work. The reasons, latter I realized was lack to time and too much tiredness because of 14 KM up and down travel to college.

I overcame most of the mistakes of B.Tech and learned new lessons in life. Though I was not topper in class, I was best in most difficult subject and scored highest in university. Started jogging and started reading editorials in news papers. I was big fan of tech leaders since B.Tech I continued reading their interviews and opinion in magazines. During this time I also developed a habit of not being a part of crowd. I mean if whole hostel is packed in a small TV room for a cricket match, I don’t need to do it. On the same time I can grab an ice cream and walk in lush green campus and think about myself and future. On the same time I watch matches between Zimbabwe and Bangladesh too. In a nutshell I learned to control my desire and addiction.

I grown very confident during M.Tech and lead the life I wanted to live. But still have the fear for IITs and great charm for IITians. I had been to IISc and IITM for internships. I always eyed on the best possible thing for me and gave my best possible efforts for it then if missed it felt sad but kept going.

Everyone have their own reasons and ways of perusing M.Tech. Mine were clear and I stayed focused on them. I became independent by living the way I wanted in M.Tech. I never asked anyone any help, no asking for notes, records, books, accessories and reports. I did all of them on my own and collected all of them on my own, without disturbing the toppers. That was fun and relaxing.

I would like to suggest you to have a plan and a direction before you head towards station for M.Tech. Make sure you know what you need to do there instead of just deciding after landing there and being a part of crowd and eventually lost in crowd. Make your identity and give a reason for your parents and loving one a reason to smile and be proud of you. Other things in life keep coming and going, don’t worry about them much.

Wish you all a great luck and success ahead.


  1. Lorin Ahmed

    I had my aims clear and the kind of life i want ahead as soon as i decided to pursue M.Tech. Thanx to Zahid Bhai and many other Inspirations in my Life… 🙂

  2. shubham

    sir ,i resemble me in u
    i also wanted to be in iit
    i m also not the topper
    but what i know,i know the best
    sir plz help
    i m currently in 4 sem
    is it worth starting preparing for gate next year or shud start at end of next year??

  3. Anu Jose

    oh yes i have, but could not see anything beyond that… thank u for your reply sir.. i am very much looking forward to the community site.. wishing you a happy and peaceful ramadan 🙂

  4. anu jose

    sir, why didnt you proceed with the idea of our community? i would love to be a part of it.. please do consider this as a request.. i am sure it would help students like me a lot..

    1. Zahid

      @Anu: We are working on community and didn’t gave up. You would see a community coming up before this month ends. We did lots of things during these days right from new unmanaged web server to community software ready. We have some issues and would discuss with early members to next strategy. Have you signed up for early membership??

  5. neeraj

    dear zahid sir U have touched many hearts..
    really gr8

  6. Archana

    hello sir..i just wanted to kno that are there any colleges which allow you to do mtech while continuing your job…..

  7. Hema

    Thank you Sir.. for the tips…

  8. Girdhar

    WOW!!! Its awesome

    Thanks for dis sir.

  9. suresh

    zahid sir,
    i agree with you. i have personnel experience about the things what you said.. i left my parents after my 5th class.. so, its not a new thing to me.. im going for now.. i shall follow your valuable suggestions.. i too dont want be a part in crowd..i shall make my identity.. thanks

  10. kundan

    really very nice message you gave us bhai……..
    i m proud to be your friend …..
    how do u know our exact feeling …..
    its reallly miracle ….
    as u said being alone & not d part of crowd ,d same thing i followed here in mtech from last 1 month….
    thanx a lot … & god bless u.. dear….bye

  11. Nav

    Hi Zahid,

    You are doing really a wonderful job……..

    I am having a doubt or a question about M-tech (computer science or IT) admission. My percentage in B-tech is less than 60%. Is there any chance to get me selected to good colleges like IITs and NITs etc, if I am having a good GATE score? I am having 4 years industry experience also. I really want to do M-tech from good reputed colleges like NIT, IIT or similar kind of colleges. Can you please guide me in this matter?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Navaneeth M

  12. sapna

    god bless you for you keep so many hearts burning bright through your enthusiastic posts.. 🙂

  13. vinayak

    Thanks alot for the guiding and showing us the right path.

  14. ayan

    thank u sir.

  15. ravindra singh

    awsme lines sir

  16. Shubha


    It’s really good to know ur experience. your words are always very motivating.

    I have cleared Gate 2011 but couldn’t get IITs or NITs.. it was my first attempt.
    I will work hard gain for GATE2012.

    your guidance is always required. keep on guide us time to time… Thank you.. 🙂



  18. Shashwat

    Thanks Sir,
    This forum provides a lot of help in getting admission.

  19. sandeep

    i just joined IISc for ME course, and haing the same feeling just like yours.
    reading this article gave me a feeling of relaxation.

  20. abrar

    thanxxxxxxxxxx zahid…….for all ur guidence…..

  21. Jitendra

    Respected sir,
    Since this Feb. i am regular reader of ur site. through GATE 2012 i hve got admission in Thapar University ,Patiala(Punjab).

    Sir, ur this story is really heart touching….not only this story..i hve read another story about you too.
    I felt same when i was coming from my home to Patiala on 16 July.Such type of fellings i also used to feel when i was pursuing B.Tech..I was living as a paying guest during my B.Tech…
    Now i hve taken Hostel in this university….
    But if we need to do sth good in our life then we hve to live outside from our home.

    Jitendra singh

  22. amit ranjan

    hello sir,this is for those who got admission for,what about for them who could not get success for admission for

  23. ps

    hello sir,..that sound as one of my tales..and is indeed awesome..!! gr8 one..

  24. Ankit Chheda

    Hello Sir,
    I have been reading posts on ‘Inspire n Ignite’ since last two days. I have been preparing for GATE for last two years but due to my great bad luck, every time just before exam something happens and I couldn’t appear for exam. First and last time I appeared GATE in 2009 when I was in my final year and then scored 94.xx%tile. But due to family issue couldn’t apply anywhere and since two last year my health is not allowing me to even appear for exam. This time anyhow I want to appear and for that propose I have isolated myself in a rural area (which is my hometown), I already lost my confidence and planned a new start from beginning and your post is really helping me a lot, specially all the analysis you did. So I was asking you about the FORUM for prep. I have plans to manage a book for daily preparation (MY DAILY STUDY GUIDE). This will definately help me morally to catch up in octomber or so. And I would also like to support your deed, if you need any help. Mods or helping hand for analysis and anything you want. (Provided it doesn’t affect my time much). God bless you sir. Take Care

  25. Shivya Srivastava

    awsme lines sir!!

  26. chandan gautam

    it’s a real spirit of………

  27. sona

    Really wow…..At this time when I’m just going to start my life,your post encourages me a lot!!!Thanks Zahid!!


    thank u sir for such a lovely support and motivation..

  29. yash

    Thank u very much very much Zahid for sharing your experince & give a new direction !!

  30. Srivathsa

    U r grt…The whole student community is grateful to u.I thank u 4 ur brotherly guidance ,which helped me a lot… But d sad thing is I dont get any IIT Or NIT,so I am joining MIT,manipal…but I wish to enter IIT at any bro plz write a post abt d next step after M TECH….I dont hope u ll reply but even I am waiting ……..

  31. sandeep

    i need your guidance.My gate score is 406 in ec.i cant get nit and iit.but i am getting indraprastha university which is under delhi gov. and lnmiit jaipur.sir which institute shuld i prefer for mtech?

    pls rply

  32. abhishek kashyap

    sir really touching one…i too feel same during seeing off my mom..its really very hard time for me too.i lov my home so much,and nvr want to be apart from this sweet one..m also going to face same next week again 🙁

  33. Irfan

    Helo Zahid, God bless u my dear, really these words got deep carved in my memory & realy these words are to be inculcated.
    Thank u

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