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What If Not GATE : A Feasible Approach To Great Future

With a million students taking the challenge of GATE and Master of Technology and with a few hundred seats in top institutes in India makes it quite confusing and difficult choice for hundreds and thousands of students. In this post I would like to bring few strategic steps that would help you with a much great future prospects despite of leaving GATE.

Quite a some time back I wrote a post on what after B.Tech covering good number of possibilities to explore after graduation. M.Tech and GATE was just one among them. With changing time I feel that slowly its becoming essential to have a master degree for smooth career. It can be any master degree no need to be in specific in domain of engineering that you graduated from. Here can be a little strategy shift to make your career roll faster against the odds.

Look Beyond Borders
Keep the important things important. Education and learning is more important than living in certain boundaries . For its always been first preference to move to places where I can learn more and contribute more. If you are not able to compete and challenge GATE look ahead think about studying abroad. Specially target unexplored places so that you can easily go there and study. For me US have highest charm because of awesome universities there. After B.Tech I also explored opportunities and Australia and New Zealand, Europe don’t suite my style that’s why I never looked towards it. These days economy and technology is on shift to Asia. Consider all opportunities and possibilities and give your best try to reach there and excel. I mean try study abroad opportunities. you can refer to MS in US: Did I miss it? and MS in US or M.Tech in IITs for more details.

Take UP A Job And Crack a Bigger Nut
This can be a bigger game but also need self motivation but obviously result is great. Best is to take up a job work for two years, gain industry experience and find out problems and then target best schools in the world. As you will have a sound statement of research and know what you would like to and why are you doing so you will find a great satisfaction and learning through that. All this will bring confidence in you and that will open ways for you to reach out best places and do there in a contended fashion.

The biggest challenge in this is to manage that motivation with being lost in deadlines and company policies, family life and financial matters. If you can keep yourself motivated with complete focus this is best way to crack a sound career. I know few friends from private colleges in India reaching MIT and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) through this way.

Let’s Be Unusual
This needs much more guts but also come with high success and content in life. With unusual I mean take a risk and follow a hobby, do something you really like. Please be clear about what I mean hobby. To me hobby is something that you create and make not just consume or observe. Hobby is some effort that you take on to do some work. Surly, listening to music, watching movies all the day, day dreaming, watching cricket and sports is not a hobby. You dont need efforts for doing all that and those will never bring any future of good life to you. They are for relaxing not for perusing. Think about productive activities you do regularly, like photography, video filming, writing, programming, drawing, designing, painting, music composing, teaching and many more are there. You can opt to do a master degree in that so that you can learn that by heart and make a career in it.

One the same time you can directly approach best in the field to join and learn directly from them before you start your own full career. Be mindful of it. I need lots of patience, hard work and consistent towards your goal without being distracted and disheartened by the success of your fellow mates. Just keep good people around and keep eyes wide open you will win the race.

There are plenty of opportunities out there if not GATE but you must know that the best way is always best and many successful stories tell that way. Alternative ways need exceptional qualities. I request you to focus on GATE give your best and knock the best institutes in world they are all waiting for you.



    I have done B.Tech. in MECHANICALENGINEERING
    in 2013. I started prep for Gate 2 years ago. But not getting good enough rank for M. TECH.
    I have not any job experience. i. e. For last 3 years I am at home. Please guide me for my career.
    And last I am trying for GATE 2017 for the last time.

    1. hiren

      What you are doing right now ?

  2. ritika

    I am surprised sir that you, having pursued PhD, would encourage being unusual in the sense of pursuing a career in a hobby, as i have been through many answers on what after btech, but all they tell is to either do Mtech or go abroad or mba or prepare for ias/ies or govt jobs. I am glad to know your perspective

  3. Aman

    Hello Sir,
    please enlighten us on job opportunities after doing MS in USA from top 10 universities, particularly in civil engineering.

  4. Paresh Mathur

    Hey, that was a really good definition of “hobby”. Consider this stolen.

  5. Suraj Bhagat

    kindly add Facebook link with you website

  6. Poornima

    Those were great observations and as stated they require exceptional talents. This is the time to FOCUS on GATE and not the alternatives. Alternatives can be thought after giving GATE exam and one feels uncomfortable with his/her performance.

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