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India Today Engineering College Ranking 2011 Totally Sucks

You might have seen the India Today engineering college ranking 2011. Hell lot questions arise after giving it a first look. I wrote about their standard of conducting survey and whole process of making Engineering colleges in India in India Today and Times Of India Ranking of Engineering colleges 2010 sucks. I also argued in detail about their behavior towards misguiding the whole nation.

This year India Today, again played its best selling mantra of season “College Ranking”, make more money of the sales with the magazine cover story. In the quest of making money on addressing the in demand topics they again shown their careless attitude that India Today and other news agencies build in decades. There is no authority to check their reporting and India has been listening to them and trusting them for a long time, despite of their highly irresponsible attitude and a common person not having a way to raise his voice.

The worst thing is India media has largely neglect the internet and social revolution too. They are in still living in old days where people used to trust them. But Younger generation has moved on and we are more in to evaluating the biggest media and news with giving a damn to their reputation. If they are wrong, they are we don’t take their news, if they are right well and good. These days we not only consume we also judge and analyze, thank to internet, social and blogging revolution.

5 Reasons why India Today Ranking Sucks again:

IITB is not ranked
The first and formost reason to crap India today ranking is that the way the Engineering colleges are picked for ranking. How come someone ranking Engineering colleges and miss out IIT Bombay. Its like inviting for a cool dinner with actually giving the location of the party.

As usual VIT is ranked too high
The big fat VIT mistake again. Usually, all the magazine ranking keep VIT pretty high in ranking. This makes whole ranking and surveys look like a drama. NIT Trichy and IIIT Hyderabad are too good to stand in competition with IITs and they are kept down to VIT. Any worst survey couldn’t bring down to VIT.

Survey sin
We all are studying statistics since our high schools. We encounter an equivalent term to Survey, which is sampling. Only sampling with a lots of constrains make the results sensible. Any survey can be easily challenged and can be defeated both mathematically and logically. Socially the term is used by Magazine to hide the mistake they do. Something in magazine and news papers usually referred to report something that they are not sure of.

I don’t say all the surveys are bad. To make a survey good one need to share it with public to gain the trust and confidence. These magazine will neither capable nor strong enough of doing it.

Comparison method
India is a very different country, when compared to education with US and Europe. We have 4 kinds of engineering institutes in general. First comes IITs, they have huge funding and care from central govt. All companies love this brand and you see most of top execs from these Institutes. Another reason of their success is their age too. They are old enough to give execs in any company in the world. One the same time they have done remarkably great in international shows. Next comes the NITs, have good funding from Center but rules are not as strict as IITs. For Example, in IITs all the faculties must be PhD, but this doesn’t apply to NITs. Next come the state universities supported by state govts. and deemed universities, supported by private bodies and trusts. At last come the private colleges in every state. And every Institute has a different exam for taking undergrad students. For master many consider GATE but many take their own exams too.

If they all have their own exam then what is the fun in having all of them in same basket trying to sort them. It’s like we have a fruit basket and we are trying to sort them. But please understand Apples are not Mangos and you cannot compare them to melons. A separated ranking of theses institutes in their own class would help students.

Usefulness for a common student
As whole ranking is done based on the criteria that would stratify some marketing companies instead of students its use for the students is next to zero. Following India Today ranking for admissions will for sure suck anyone’s career.

With this I wish India Today and other Indian publishing houses understand that the things have changed a lot and they need to create a value added content and news for their readers.


  1. Neeraj

    This Shit magazine “India today” is directly misleading India, I think this organisation has some problem with IIT B. India today sucks!!!!!!

  2. kunal kishore

    mere bada bhai my senior! i m confused…..some say vit is good some say vit is not so good….i m 12th pass student and think to get admission in vit…i score 192 marks in jee mains & i m not able to get good rank in advance so should i get admission in vit (will take loan for vit fee) or think for other college………plz plz plz…show me better path…..

  3. shit on vit

    Vit is a total shitload friends donot believe in the words of vitians
    All they will do is place all branch students in IT companies and will say 100 percent placement. The infrastructure comes from the founders black money but you cannot provide quality education as outs
    In short VIT is total shit.

  4. Sushant Bhargav

    Hi Zaid Bhai,

    I need an advise for my younger brother,
    He is in 12th std and he is about to write for AIEEE and other exams, He is also applying for VIT,
    in my opinion VIT is not as good as it has been projected so far, I know this because I have done engineering too and I know how things work as far as ranking is concerned, though I need your opinion as a senior.
    We are based in bhopal my query is if he got admission in VIT should he go for it or should he stay with NIT Bhopal ?

    1. kunal

      All what you saying about VIT is totally wrong. firstly get into VIT you will absolutely get to know about what actually VIT is. its not that much better then IIT’s but is absolutely better then many NIT’s specially central and north india NIT’s. if you have option of NIT Warangal, Tirchy, Calicut and Surtkal then you can opt NIT in comaprison to all other VIT is much better. the facilities they provide, their SAP programme and their Record placements show everything. m proud of being an VITian.

  5. sach

    I absolutely dont find any fault with InidaToday rankings..and so with VIT rank…I find VIT better than many other colleges of course not IITS but it’s better than many NITS. I had been to some nits for some paper presentations n surprised to find them in wretched position…i agree their fee is minute n so r their facilities.. VIT provides state of the art excellent infrastructure, facilities, encouragement, platform to students, not to forget excellent food n hostels where he/she can excel in his/her career w/o any obstacles. he/she finds this very tough in many govt colleges becoz of lack of proper funds, politics, lecturer centrism, cumbersome and bureaucratic methodologies followed.This is cent percent true and i personally experienced.

    Guys who can bear fee, w/o any inhibitions, U can join in VIT with cent percent confidence n ur future will be safe.

  6. sandeep

    it’s not like always the government colleges are going to be on the top. even if some private colleges are taking more money but they are providing quality education and they have shown tremendous result like Vellore Institute Of Technology (VIT)…. No body can deny that it is one of the leading engineering colleges of India.

  7. abhishek

    vit rocks. i m proud 2 be a vitian….

  8. rajeev

    there is no rank of the JNTU HYDERABAD ……..what are these bloody rankings

  9. gaurav kumar



  10. Suraj

    Hi Zahid,
    Is there some way to reach out to Students in Bangalore who have missed out on Campus Placements due to some reason and are now eagerly looking for a job. I’m looking at 2010 / 11 batch.


  11. suryaworldedu

    yes, i totally agree,

  12. Dibakar

    not only engg coleege ranking..but also ranking of colleges for higher education is faltu..dey have left out prestigious cotton college of assam from the list

  13. Akhlad

    wat rubbish order of universities ………….
    were do d central universities stand????

  14. chicks

    i don’t think that iitkharagpur,delhi dtu anna univ,bhu have paid any single paisa for top ranking.

    2nd thing we are not god we can’t decide that india today is wrong and we are right.

    if vit paid huge amount of charges then why not ranking is 4 or 5

  15. sandeep

    tell me about the EIE branch and its opportunities and also about
    chemical engineering which among them is best in job opportunities and

  16. swapnil

    Completely true…I think big deemed universities feed money to these magazine…a best way to advertise themselves

  17. Amar

    super like zahid sir!!!!!

    Sir i am not doing mtech this year!! i am gng for job as my score valid for one more year!! I asked this question to you many times but you dint reply

    1. Zahid

      @Amar, first of all sorry for not answering for a long time. Yes your score is valid for two years. you can apply for M.Tech next year too. I am starting a forum soon, that will help many to get answers immediately. I hope that will help many.

  18. manjeet

    then from where to get correct info.????????

  19. jebin

    i totally agree…

  20. Swarnkar Rajesh

    just management.

  21. Swarnkar Rajesh

    Ranking is actually more decided by the type, quality, and excellence of student that admitting to college and not

  22. Rajnish

    yes you are true, the rankings seems like adding the same physical quantity in two diifferent units without making their units same.

  23. Pratham

    ha ha ha ha

    inspirenignite Rocks

  24. Mohit

    Completely truth. The rankings are just useless

  25. prashant

    there is no mention of nit allahabad,jaipur.they are infact better than nit hamirpur

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