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IIT Bombay M.Tech Admission 2024 – Dates, Eligibility, Fee, Selection Process

IIT Bombay M.Tech Admission: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay offers M.Tech admission for the academic year 2024-25 for the various streams of the M.Tech program through their scores in GATE 2024. The application form for M.Tech Admission 2024 will start on March 2024. For all previous and late IIT Bombay courses and category-wise GATE, cutoffs do visit IIT Bombay M.Tech cutoffs.

IIT Bombay M.Tech admission 2024 will only be on the basis of the GATE score. Students seeking admission to the M.Tech course at IIT Bombay have to fill out the online application form and register for Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP).

Seats are allotted through COAP on the basis of scores in GATE in the order of merit. IIT Bombay will call shortlisted candidates for interview rounds conducted at the IIT Bombay campus. The final selection will be done through the overall performance of the candidates. All department and category-wise IIT Bombay GATE cutoffs are available at  IIT Bombay M.Tech Cutoffs.

IIT Bombay M.Tech Admission Application starts on March 2024 and closed on April 2024

Beginning of the online application processMarch 2024
Last date for submission of completed application formsApril 2024
To display the list for candidates called for TA/TAP/RA/RAP/PS/IS/SW for written test and or/interview schedule/details.June 2024
IIT Bombay M.Tech Admission Dates for the Written Test and or Interview for all categories(TA/ TAP/ FA / RA/ RAP/ PS/ IS/ SW)
ProgrammeTeaching Assistantship (TA)/ Teaching Assistantship Through Project (TAP)/
Aerospace   Engineering (AE1,AE2, AE3, AE4)Direct Admission
Bioscience & Bioengineering (BM)Direct Admission
Chemical Engineering (CH)Direct Admission
Civil Engineering (CE1,CE2,CE3,CE4,CE5,CE6, CE7 )Direct Admission
Computer Science & Engineering (CS)Direct Admission
M.S. by Research in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering To be notified
M.S. by Research in Data  Science and Artificial  Intelligence  in CMInDS To be notified
Earth Sciences(GS, PG)Direct Admission
Electrical Engineering (EE1,EE2,EE3,EE5,EE6,EE7)Direct Admission
Energy Systems Engineering (EN) To be notified
Environmental Science and Engineering Department (ESED)Direct Admission
Geoinformatics & Natural Resources Engineering (GNR)Direct Admission
Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IO)Direct Admission
Mechanical   Engineering (ME1,ME2, ME3)Direct Admission
Materials, Manufacturing, and Modeling (MMM)Direct Admission
Direct AdmissionDirect admission
Systems & Control Engineering (SC)Direct Admission
Technology & Development (TD)To be notified
Educational Technology (ET)Direct admission
Urban Systems (US) [Centre for Urban Science and Engineering (CUSE)]Direct Admission
Date for receipt of recommendations from Heads of Dept/ School/ Centre/ ID groups__

IIT Bombay M.Tech Direct Admission Offers

AE, BM, CH, CE, CS, GS, PG, EE, ESED, GNR, IO, ME, MM, MMM, SC, ET & CUSE These academic units offer Direct Admissions on the basis of GATE score ONLY No written test and/or interview
For admission to  TA/TAP category

  • If you have a valid GATE Score then your login ID is the same as your GATE registration number or assigned login ID otherwise.
  • Candidate must register to get a “secret key”. This secret key is to be used as a password in order to log in to IIT Bombay M.Tech  admission homepage.
  • A candidate who have a valid GATE Score in GATE 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022
  • The results will be uploaded/declared on the  Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP). Candidates need to login to COAP to see offers and choose one of the options given.
  • The result of written test and or interview for RA/RAP/ SW/IS/PS/IIT B.Tech. the category will be declared on  IIT Bombay website

IIT Bombay M.Tech Admission 2024 Registration Steps

  • Click on the “Register” link.
  • Select your birth category
  • Choose your eligibility criterion
  • Select your qualifying degree percentage. If the result awaited, please type ‘Result Awaited’
  • Please fill all the fields strictly as per your GATE SCORECARD
  • Then enter the GATE registration number
  • Give the email  ID which you use on regular basis. 

IIT Bombay M.Tech Admission 2024 Online Application Form

You are required to submit the application ONLINE. No Downloadable Form will be available. You can submit only one application. After filling out the form, you are advised to take a print of your application and keep the same for the record.

IIT Bombay M.Tech Admission 2024 Application Fee Given Below
Women candidates                             Rs. 150/­  
SC/ST/PwD category candidates       Rs. 150/­ 
All other candidates                           Rs.  300/­ 
  • The application fee is non refundable
  • Please note that you can submit only ONE application. 
  • You can apply for more than one program and can select up to 10  preferences. If a discipline has multiple specialization, each specialization is counted as one option. 
Need to Upload while submitting Online Application Form
  • A scanned version of the photograph   
  • A scanned version of the signature
  • Marksheet of the last semester/ consolidated mark sheet of the qualifying degree (Exam pending/result awaited candidates have to upload their latest/previous semester marksheet).  
  • Caste Certificate (OBC-NC/SC/ST),  if applicable. An affidavit for having applied in case the certificate is not yet received. 
  • PwD Certificate, if applicable
  • Statement of Purpose, if applicable

IIT Bombay M.Tech Admission 2024 Eligibility

Discipline  Department Degree/Qualifying Discipline GATE Requirement
Aerospace Engineering (AE) Aerodynamics (AE1) B.E./B.Tech./AeSI/AMIE or  equivalent in  Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering  (AE) Civil Engineering (CE) Mechanical Engineering (ME) AE,CE,ME
Dynamics and Control  B.E./B.Tech./AeSI/AMIE  or  equivalent in  Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering  (AE) Electronics/Telecommunications  Engineering (EC) Electrical Engineering (EE) Instrumentation Engineering (IN) Mechanical Engineering (ME) AE, EC,EE,IN,ME
Aerospace Propulsion (AE3) B.E./B.Tech. /AeSI/AMIE  or  equivalent in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering  (AE) Mechanical Engineering (ME) AE,ME
Aerospace Structure (AE4) B.E./B.Tech./AeSI/AMIE or  equivalent in  Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering  (AE) Civil Engineering (CE) Mechanical Engineering (ME) AE,CE,ME
Biomedical Engineering (BM) Biosciences &  Bioengineering (i) B.E./B.Tech. /AMIE or equivalent  in Biomedical Engineering (BM) Biotechnology (BT) Chemical Engineering (CH) Computer Science and Engineering/  Information Technology (CS)  Electrical Engineering (EE) Electronics/Telecommunications  Engineering  (EC) Engineering Physics (EP) Instrumentation Engineering (IN) Mechanical Engineering (ME) Metallurgy & Materials Science (MT) Pharmaceutical Technology (PY) Other Engineering (ZE) Any discipline
(ii) M.Sc. or equivalent in  Biochemistry (BY) Biophysics  (BP) Biotechnology (BT) Ceramics (CG) Chemistry (CY) Electronics / Electronic Sciences (EC) Ergonomics (ER) Materials Science (MS)  Mathematics (MA) Molecular Biology (MG) Physics (PH) Physiology (PS) Other Science (ZS) Any discipline
(iii) ** MBBS (Medicine) / BDS  (Dental)  OR * AIIMS/   All   India   MCI/   JIPMER/ PGI   Chandigarh/   AFMC­Pune/ DNB Part   I/ Pre­M.D.S. national level   medical   and   dental postgraduate   entrance examinations  or GATE (Life Sciences) examination for   medical   and   biological sciences. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
(iv) **B.Pharm / M.Pharm OR * GPAT/   All   India   level   selection examination for B.Pharm. 
(v)   **   B.V.Sc.,   B.P.Th.   and B.O.Th. degree (Duration 4 years or more) All   India   level   post   graduate entrance examination for M.V.Sc., M.P.Th. and M.O.Th.
Chemical Engineering (CH)  Chemical Engineering B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Chemical Engineering (CH)  or  equivalent CH
Civil Engineering (CE)  Transportation Systems  Engineering(CE1) B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Civil Engineering  (CE)  CE
Geotechnical Engineering CE2) B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Civil Engineering  (CE)  CE
Water Resources Engineering (CE3) B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Civil Engineering  (CE) CE
Structural Engineering(CE4) B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Civil Engineering  (CE)  CE
Ocean Engineering(CE5) B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Civil Engineering  (CE)  Mechanical Engineering (ME) Ocean Engineering (OE) Naval Architecture and Marine  Engineering (NA) and allied degrees CE
Remote Sensing(CE6) B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Civil Engineering  (CE)  CE
Construction Technology and  Management (CE7) B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Civil Engineering  (CE)  CE
Computer Science & Engineering Computer Science &  Engineering CS
Earth Sciences (ES)  M.Sc./ M.Sc. Tech in  Geology/Applied Geology (GL) Geophysics/Applied Geophysics (GP) GG
Petroleum Geoscience (PG) M.Sc./ M.Sc. Tech in  Geology / Applied Geology (GL) Geophysics / Applied Geophysics  (GP) GG
Electrical Engineering (EE)  Communication Engineering (EE1) (i). B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Computer Science and Engineering / Information Technology (CS)  Electronics/Telecommunication  Engineering (EC) Electrical Engineering (EE) Engineering Physics (EP) (ii). M.Sc. or equivalent in  Electronics / Electronic Sciences (EL) Physics (PH) CS, EC, EE 
Control & Computing (EE2) (i). B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Aeronautical   /   Aerospace Engineering (AE) Computer Science and Engineering /  Information Technology (CS) Electronics/ Telecommunication  Engineering (EC) Electrical Engineering (EE) Engineering Physics (EP) Energy Engineering (EN) Instrumentation Engineering (IN) ii). M.Sc. or equivalent in  Electronics/Electronic Sciences ((EL) Mathematics (MA) Physics (PH) CS, EC, EE, IN
Power Electronics & Power Systems  (EE3)  (i). B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Computer   Science   &   Engineering Information Technology (CS) Electronics/   Telecommunication Engineering   (EC)   Electrical Engineering (EE) Energy Engineering (EN) Instrumentation Engineering (IN) EC, EE, IN
Electronic Systems (EE5) (i). B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Biomedical Engineering (BM) Computer Science and Engineering/ Information Technology (CS) Electrical Engineering (EE) Electronics/Telecommunication Engineering (EC) Engineering Physics (EP) Energy Engineering (EN) Instrumentation Engineering (IN) (ii). M.Sc. or equivalent in  Electronics/ Electronic Sciences  (EL) CS, EC, EE, IN
Integrated Circuit & System (EE6)  “(i). B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Biomedical Engineering (BM) Computer Science and Engineering/ Information Technology (CS) Electrical Engineering (EE) Electronics/Telecommunication Engineering (EC) Engineering Physics (EP) Energy Engineering (EN) Instrumentation Engineering (IN) (ii). M.Sc. or equivalent in Electronics / Electronic Sciences (EL) ” CS, EC, EE, IN
Solid State Devices (EE 7) (i). B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Computer   Science   &   Engineering   / Information Technology (CS) Electronics/   Telecommunication Engineering   (EC)   Electrical Engineering (EE) Engineering Physics (EP) Energy Engineering (EN) Metallurgical Engineering / Materials Science & Engineering (MT)  Instrumentation Engineering (IN) (ii). M.Sc. or equivalent in   Electronics / Electronic Sciences (EL) Physics (PH) CS, EC, EE, IN,  PH, MT
Energy Systems Engineering (EN) Energy Systems Engineering (EN) B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Automobile Engineering (AU) Aeronautical   /   Aerospace Engineering (AE) Chemical Engineering (CH) Civil Engineering  (CE) Electrical Engineering (EE) Energy Systems Engineering (EN) Mechanical Engineering (ME) Metallurgical Engineering / Materials Science  & Engineering (MT) Thermal Power Engineering (TP) Any discipline
Environmental Science & Engineering  (EV) Environmental Science & Engineering  (EV) “(i). B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Aeronautical   /   Aerospace Engineering (AE) Agricultural Engineering (AG) Biotechnology (BT) Chemical Engineering (CH) Civil Engineering (CE) Energy Engineering (EN) Environmental Engineering (EV) Mechanical Engineering (ME) Mining Engineering (MN) Metallurgical Engineering / Materials Science & Engineering (MT) (ii). M.Sc. or equivalent in Atmospheric Science (AT) Biotechnology (BT) Biochemistry (BY) Chemistry (CY) Earth Sciences (ES) Environmental Toxicology (ET) Environmental Science (EM) Meteorology (MO) Microbiology (MB) Physics (PH) ” AE, AG, BT, CH, CE, ME, MN, MT,  XE, XL, BT, CY, GG, PH, XE, XL
Centre of Studies in Resources  Engineering (CSRE) Geoinformatics & Natural Resources  Engineering (GNR) (i). B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in Agricultural Engg (AG) Architecture & Planning (AR)  Civil Engineering(CE) Computer Science  and Engineering / Information Technology (CS) Electronics/Telecommunication  Engineering (EC) Electrical Engineering (EE) Environmental Engineering (EV) Mining Engineering (MN) Geoinformatics  /Geomatics (GI) (ii).M.Sc. or equivalent in Geology /  Applied Geology (GL) Geophysics / Applied Geophysics  (GP) Mathematics (MA) Physics (PH) Geoinformatics  /Geomatics (GI) Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences  (XE­H) AG, AR,  CE, CS,  EC,  EE,  GG, MA,  MN,  PH, XE­H
Industrial Engineering &  Operations  Research (IO)  Interdisciplinary Group in Industrial  Engineering  &  Operations  Research  (IE&OR)  B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  any Engineering discipline Any discipline
Mechanical Engineering (ME) Thermal & Fluids Engineering (ME1) B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Aeronautical / Aerospace  Engineering (AE) Automobile Engineering  (AU) Chemical Engineering (CH) Mechanical Engineering (ME) Any discipline
Design Engineering(ME2) B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Aeronautical / Aerospace  Engineering (AE) Automobile Engineering (AU) Mechanical Engineering (ME) Machine Tool Engineering (MC) Production / Industrial Engineering  Any discipline
Manufacturing Engineering (ME3)  B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in   Mechanical Engineering (ME) Machine Tool Engineering (MC) Production / Industrial Engineering  (PI) Any discipline
Nuclear Engineering (ME4) * B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in  Chemical Engineering (CH) Electrical Engineering (EE) Mechanical Engineering (ME) CH, EE, ME
Metallurgical  Engineering and Materials Science] Materials Science (MM1) Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science (MM) (i). B.E./B.Tech./AMIE or equivalent in a recognised branch of engineering or technology (ii).   M.Sc.   or equivalent in a recognised branch of science. CH,CY, EE,ME, MT,PH, XE
Metallurgical  Engineering and Materials Science] Process Engineering (MM2 ) i).   B.E./B.Tech./AMIE   or equivalent in a recognised branch of engineering or technology (ii).   M.Sc.   or equivalent in a recognised branch of science. CH, ME,MT,XE
Metallurgical  Engineering and Materials Science] Steel Technology (MM3)  i).   B.E./B.Tech./AMIE   or equivalent in a recognized branch of engineering. CH,ME,MT
 Metallurgical  Engineering and Materials Science] Corrosion Science & Engineering  (MM4) i).   B.E./B.Tech./AMIE   or equivalent in a recognised branch of engineering or technology (ii). M.Sc. or equivalent in  a  recognised branch of science AE,CE,CH,CY,EE,ME,MT, XE
Materials, Manufacturing and Modeling  (MMM) B.E./B.Tech./AMIE   or   equivalent   in in a recognised branch of engineering or technology MT,PI,ME
Systems & Control Engineering (SC) B.E./B.Tech./AMIE   or   equivalent  in any engineering discipline AE, ME, EE, EC, IN, CH
Centre for Technology Alternatives for  Rural Areas](CTARA) Technology &  Development (TD) (i) BE/B.Tech/B.Arch/AMIE   or equivalent in any engineering discipline. (ii).   M.Sc.   or   equivalent   in   any science discipline Any discipline
[Interdisciplinary Programme in  Educational Technology] Educational Technology (ET) (i) B.Tech / B.E / B.Pharm /  B.Arch / AMIE in any engineering  discipline                OR 4­year B.S. in any science  discipline                     OR M.Sc / M.A / MCA             OR Int. M.Tech / Int. M.E / Int. M.Sc / Int. B.S­M.S or Dual Degree in  engineering/technology Any discipline

IIT Bombay M.Tech Admission 2024 Brochure

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