GATE 2012 Admit Card From 05.01.2012

Everyone must be preparing for GATE 2012 with full swing. Time has come to check out your admit cards and download them. This is also an indication that the time for exam is just at the neck and need to accelerate the preparations.

To download the admit card go to the zonal office website where you have submitted your application and click the application status link. Currently the link is disabled and will start working from 17.00 hr.

There will be huge traffic and sever may be either slow or stop working for some time. Stay patient and try after some time you can download the admit card with your ease.

Following are the links to zonal offices application status.

Zone-1: Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru
Zone-2: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Zone-3: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Zone-4: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Zone-5: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Zone-6: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Zone-7: Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Zone-8: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

With this wish you all a great luck ahead. Prepare well for exam, it’s at matter of your future and rest of your life. Stay focused on GATE preparation and keep working hard for you goal.

In case you have trouble getting your GATE 2012 admit card you can drop a question in inspire n ignite community, either me or someone would definitely will help you with that. For other updates on GATE 2012 visit GATE 2012 preparation guide.

I am getting better but still not able to sleep properly back in nights. I just woke up a lot of times and drink a lot of water : ) pray for me too.


  1. anooja thomas

    APPLICATION ID 125 F 855 Y
    I forgot my email id… so i can’t login to get my admit card… what i have to do?????

  2. venba

    sir in my admit card my signature is not visible


    I forgot my registration mail address so that i cant receive my admit card and also i cant login please help me

  4. Habeeb

    I dint got my gate hall ticket till this time wat shld i do?

  5. Zayaan Muhammed

    Assalamu ‘alaikum dear friends…
    Me too facing the same problem, please help as soon as possible…

  6. BhanuSridhar

    Hello sir,
    i lost my Application number please help to get admit card,I applied for IIS bangalore zonal.
    DOB: 04/06/1989
    MAIL ID: [email protected], [email protected]
    just let me know what i need to do ,

    Awaiting for your valuable Reply

  7. Arun Kotha

    Got my admit card friends. You should get yours too. If you don’t get, please wait as Zahid said.

    Before doing that just make sure your application is not in the ‘Defective Applications List’.

    Also try contacting the Zonal officials through email or phone. Everything will be fine.

    All the best 🙂

  8. MouZ

    🙁 Get well soon..
    Sending all good wishes straight to Korea today..
    Reply when you receive it 😛

    1. Zahid

      thank you.. this is confirmation. I received all of them. thank youu sooo much.

    2. MouZ

      😀 😀 u r most welcome 😀
      Thank u so much for receiving 🙂

  9. ajay

    now u can downloaded admit cards from iisc website

  10. amit

    sir,i am pursuing M.Tech mechanical(refrigeration air conditioning and heat transfer) from NIT,Patna.i want to phd.(thermal engg.) from IIT. what is the procedure to get admission in iit in phd.which is the best IIT FOR Phd.(thermal engg.).plzz reply soon. my emailid is- [email protected]

  11. srinath

    admit card print outs must be of b/w or color?

  12. sunil

    guys the admit card is avalable in the website………

  13. rafiq

    when can we download admit card for exam of GATE 2012

  14. Arun Kotha

    Oh Shashank, I didn’t see your post. Guys, ignore my previous post.

    It’s fine if the IISc officials confirmed the delay.


  15. Arun Kotha

    Can anyone please let us know if there is any official delay in providing the admit cards?

    We require the admit cards to apply to the PSU’s which are recruiting through GATE score.

    So, please someone or Zahid find out the if there is any postponement in the availability of admit cards.

    Thanks in advance

  16. Veeru chowdary

    Hi friends..
    In this year which companies are recruiting the jobs through GATE 2012.PLEASE mail to my email:[email protected].
    thank u friends..
    all the best for u gate exam

  17. Vivek

    The admit cards are not yet available for download. May be it will take a day or two for the officials to upload them on the respective zonal sites. No need to panic guys. Prepare well 4 d exam. N Zahid sir get well soon.

  18. shashank

    I called GATE office, iisc bangalore…… personnels replied that admit cards will be available on monday (9th jan,’12) at websites….

  19. sravya

    hi sir,
    am getting my “application is getting processed” when can i get it downloaded and where can i find the option for download of admit cards please help me

  20. sushma

    hello sir, even i am not able to download gate admit card from iisc banglore website…its showing the previous application status only…please help me…

    1. sunil

      it is now avalable in the iisc website check now

  21. shahid

    I submitted my application to IISC bangalore…… but there is no provision to download gate 2012 admit card in ‘application status’…..please help

  22. sunil

    lol no need to tense it will display soon………..or contact to ur zonal office as i did…

  23. Srujan

    Dear All,

    Please any one tell why the hell i am unable to download my admit card??

  24. Dev

    Same here …. admit cards for applications sent to IISC Bangalore are not being put up on their websites

  25. neeraj

    get well soon

  26. debika roy

    hello sir, iam not able to download the admit card, below the column for entering application number it is showing that only for the apllications submitted to iit kanpur…please help me…or reply me to my email address..iam very tensed..

    1. vikas

      go to ur zonal website not to kanpur

    2. Veeru chowdary

      first of all click ur which iit u send the application and then click the application status.

  27. sunil

    ther is no provision for downloading admit card………….in zonal gate iffice web.

  28. Arun Kotha

    same; no provision to download admit card. ‘application is getting processed’ ???

  29. ajay

    only IISc ,IIT kharagpur and IIT madras are released admitted card by today evening . others IITs are already out yesterday itself .

  30. ashwini

    I submitted my application to IISC bangalore…… but there is no provision to download gate 2012 admit card in ‘application status’…..please help

    1. Veeru chowdary

      First click the iisc bangalore And then click application status.

  31. vikas

    sir i submitted my application to iisc bangalore i was unable to download the admin card from application status, indeed it is just showing the status as previously, please help me

  32. vikas

    sir i submitted my application to iisc bangalore i was unable to download the admin card in application status, indeed it is just showing the status please help me

  33. Shivam

    Good job for the students 🙂

  34. shashank

    I submitted my application to IISC bangalore…… but there is no provision to download gate 2012 admit card in ‘application status’…..please help

  35. Aparna Ankalkote

    Thank you for the info sir. N ya we will definitely pray for you as u r the only mentor for us right now!!!Get well soon n take care sir..:-)

  36. vineela

    and get well soon 🙂

  37. vineela

    the admit cards will be availabe from 6th.. therez a change zahid.

  38. sarfaraz

    now from 6/1/12

  39. Nivedita Singh

    d application s still under process… when i’l be able to dwnload my admit card

  40. niveditha

    i have got a problem with my application is shown in d gate official site dat “the application is getting processed” .. i hav checked d defective applications application number is not mentioned i hav to wait or resend my application with documents again?? can anyone help me please…

  41. Pawan

    Thanks 4 the remainder bro… you have been doing great service to the student community.. and get back to form soon!

  42. Umakant Sharma

    Thanking You sir ,

    All the best.


    Thank u for ur information get well soon take care

  44. Chetankuamar

    We will wish for your heath Zahid sir & I am sure the illness will be healed early:)

    (For GATE 2012 aspirants
    Two major changes in GATE 2012 after online application; permalink is:

  45. Shiny Dumpati

    Definitely we will pray for you.get well soon.thanks a lot for inspiring and motivating us…have a great day:-)

  46. Shubhrant

    thAnks for the effOrts…and yes… GET Well Soon…. 🙂

  47. Kalyan

    Thank you Zahid bhai for reminding Us to download our hall tickets .And i hope that you will be normal Soon because you are one gym going person and you cant be ill for a long time 😉 take care!

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