Few of my friends are working in different engineering colleges and whenever I visit India they make sure that I deliver a talk at their college. I don’t get time to go around and I am a very lazy guy, I just take a flight and go to Roorkee to see my professor there instead of spending time back home.

This time I was at home and one of the friends he caught me and took me to his college and I gave a talk to final year students from different branches. Its always great to interact with students and listen to them and remember the time I was sitting their position and fighting for future. For me meeting someone from IIT was an honor and listening to his lecture was thing I could do anything for.

I don’t know how the students feel when they see me but surly my friends feel great to introduce me as their friends. I feel good when students go interactive because it’s boring to share self stories and usually don’t have anything to share for that long. I ask students do you want to ask anything and student don’t ask and then I tell something to them and then give few very general examples and they start to interact.

This time I was in a private engineering college and was talking about career and opportunities ahead one guy asked me. I don’t want to study further and I don’t have a Job what shall I do now? He was in final year, time was squeezing for him and he doesn’t know what to do. I know this is really a common question among average students.

The simple answer to this question is just do something and don’t waste your time. Life is short and if you spend much time only thinking you cannot do anything. Make best use of your time and do something that interests you.

I don’t mean just do a hobby. I mean, select a subject among all the engineering subjects, which you like most, go ahead and do a certificate course in it. Get some practical knowledge of it, learn its basics and learn its application in real life. These days almost all the engineering branches have one or the other certificate courses. Just training is not enough you should obtain a professional certificate form a professional body by which your time will be valid and used for high career prospects.

If I get time I will write about different certificate courses available to help students but you can do your own research about courses according your interest and find institutes near your home. The whole idea is to avoid wasting time and try to explore best possible options that interest you and help you in your career.

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I wish you all a great luck ahead.