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I Don’t Want To Study Further And I Don’t Have A Job

Few of my friends are working in different engineering colleges and whenever I visit India they make sure that I deliver a talk at their college. I don’t get time to go around and I am a very lazy guy, I just take a flight and go to Roorkee to see my professor there instead of spending time back home.

This time I was at home and one of the friends he caught me and took me to his college and I gave a talk to final year students from different branches. Its always great to interact with students and listen to them and remember the time I was sitting their position and fighting for future. For me meeting someone from IIT was an honor and listening to his lecture was thing I could do anything for.

I don’t know how the students feel when they see me but surly my friends feel great to introduce me as their friends. I feel good when students go interactive because it’s boring to share self stories and usually don’t have anything to share for that long. I ask students do you want to ask anything and student don’t ask and then I tell something to them and then give few very general examples and they start to interact.

This time I was in a private engineering college and was talking about career and opportunities ahead one guy asked me. I don’t want to study further and I don’t have a Job what shall I do now? He was in final year, time was squeezing for him and he doesn’t know what to do. I know this is really a common question among average students.

The simple answer to this question is just do something and don’t waste your time. Life is short and if you spend much time only thinking you cannot do anything. Make best use of your time and do something that interests you.

I don’t mean just do a hobby. I mean, select a subject among all the engineering subjects, which you like most, go ahead and do a certificate course in it. Get some practical knowledge of it, learn its basics and learn its application in real life. These days almost all the engineering branches have one or the other certificate courses. Just training is not enough you should obtain a professional certificate form a professional body by which your time will be valid and used for high career prospects.

If I get time I will write about different certificate courses available to help students but you can do your own research about courses according your interest and find institutes near your home. The whole idea is to avoid wasting time and try to explore best possible options that interest you and help you in your career.

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I wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Rishabh

    For Certification: check out

    It is a website created by foreign universities.

  2. herald

    I am in the same situation except that I’m not interested in doing a job and all I wanna do is just sit in a room and read with no one disturbing me. I hate going outside. I’m clueless of what to do cuz I need to earn to live but I hate doing a job.

  3. SUMIT

    hello sir,
    i m a final year student n i was very crazy to join IIT’s for PG…but my gate score 2013 will not be good enough to get even NIT’s….sir now i m confused….JOB or M.TECH?? I am also preparing for engineering services but feel hopeless about that…..what should i do now sir…plz guide….

  4. vinit

    sir i am fresh electronics graduate and wanted to do my higher studies in India but i am not pretty much sure about my GATE score so my question is do i have to take one more drop study more seriously and proceed toward M TECH admission or take an internship program or do any post graduate diploma course ( specially interested in remote sensing & GISor aerospace engineering) so i wanted to please suggest your opinion that from above mentioned options which can be preferable.i hope you will reply me with relevant answer your suggestion will be most welcome ,thanking you

  5. jawahar

    friends,instead of wasting 1 year time in certificates courses and money 70 to 80 thousand,better do 2 year degree is always better than certificates..

  6. Arpit

    hi sir

    I am a final year computer engineering student and i will be appearing in Gate this year.
    Your blog helped me decide my career path.
    I got to know many things about M tech.

    So thanks very very ……. much.

    your each post has been awesome .
    I don’t know how to appreciate your work and thank you.
    I agree with ankit above when he said you are a good human being.
    Indeed you are a very good man because only a good person can do such a work.
    So you keep on inspiring us and we will make sure it does not go waste.

  7. Shashank

    sir pls do share some certificate courses and institute which offer dis courses for Computer Engineering??

  8. mv

    i m also ece final yr student, n confused about future,,,,,n family wants me …to get married

    1. Ankit Chheda

      then get married and do job
      or do master then get married and do a job. Whats the problem?

  9. rahul agrawal

    its really true sir…

  10. bakeel khan

    nice post sir.. specially for those students those
    don’t have a job or don’t want to study..

    I am giving about the certifications for CSE branch…

    For Certifications of JAVA u can visit the following link.. u will find study material and mock tests also… Microsoft Certifications u can visit the following links… mcsd.aspx#tab1

    For Oracle training and certifications u can visit the following links…

    there are many more certifications in Networking and Security field so u can select according to ur choice, just search on google… these certifications are very useful to find a job..

    wish u all a great luck ahead… 🙂

    1. sreevidya

      tanq sir

    2. vinit

      sir,i am very much thankful for your your kind guidance , the same situation i am facing as the student ask question in seminar above guys had tell about certificate courses related to cse branch can you suggest such kind of courses related to electronics branch i will be very thankful you take in account this kind request.once again thanks for inspire & ignite.

  11. Nayanika

    And I would really appreciate it if you could counsel me as I’am like others confused what PG course to do after my B.Tech.
    And yes, I’am a second year student.
    Thank You.

    1. Ankit Chheda

      You are still in second year and many more core subjects is yet to come. Just stay focus about EC and its subjects and you will ultimately find one or many of your like which suits your life style and personality.
      You shouldn’t select the subject coz your friends or coworkers are choosing, just listen to yourself 🙂 ALL THE BEST for coming years in acads

    2. Mohan


      Its very Good that your planing for PG course in 2nd year..But I advice you first concentrate on B.Tech subjects, get application oriented knowledge..
      based on your interesting subject in btech go for that particular PG course..

      for more info:

  12. Nayanika

    Iam an ECE student and would really like to know what are the various certificate courses to specialize in related to my stream.
    Thank You.

  13. mallesh

    sir, i want to know about cdac. If you know about them please send me the details…

    1. Mohan


      CDAC is govt. organization..its good n reliable to study there..but not in every location in india…few branches are good..placement is pretty good but no guarantee..

      for more info about CDAC:

  14. Ankit Chheda

    MHRD’s rule to give opportunity to everyone who deserve it. And any way IIT’s and IISc’s do give a chance in terms of interview. And if my fortune doesn’t work for me then I will opt for the colleges in Maharashtra as minimum requirement is 55% + here. 🙂
    As I heard People saying “There is a will, there is a way.” If you are intended to do something, even Universe helps you to find way. Trust the great God.

    1. Ankit Chheda

      and there is no cut-off criteria to appear GATE as many other institutes refer GATE score for admission purpose

  15. sreekanth

    hiii sir,

    I am one of the persons who inspired when you visit our college.On that day you gave me your visiting card to mail you to my doubts.I have sent you mail but unfortunately i didnt get reply.Am sending mail again please refer it and give your valuable suggestion sir.

  16. amit singh

    wow u r so rich and it is very funtastic that u took a flight. it is like a magic u did….

  17. Robin

    What about ece ? Are there any certificate courses ?

    1. xyz

      ya der r courses on networking, HDL, VLSI based courses which will surely fetch u a job in good companies..

  18. Farquad

    Well said Zahed Bhai…

  19. Ankit Chheda

    @Zahid Sir
    This article reminds me my life before 2 years. I was more or like same. Coz of health issues, I got 59.62% in my final and aggr dropped down to 57%. I always wanted to teach but not to UGs but in some research lab or research institute. I wanted to go to research, this dream I saw always through out my life. But screwing up badly in academics, I got myself and my dreams into trouble. From my 10th grade, I was very much clear what I wanted to do. I had found of robotics(a field which has core engineering from modeling to software + hardware syncing). Subject in engg related to this were always my fav. So after grad I decided to give GATE and then started studying honestly 10-14 hrs per day for 7 months and to my fortune, I got Hepatitis B just 2 days prior to exam. I think I was fortunate to get that disease. (Everything happens for good, kind of) Then I came back to my hometown (with population less than 50k), along with rest (for 1 and 1/2 yr) I started a coaching classes to guide 12th students for their entrance in engg. And then life changed. I got to know the real life politics, how senior lobby dominates new comers, how newbies react to them and what it takes to be a good HUMAN BEING. In this years, I learnt how to utilize your life so that people remember you forever when you die. Now I am back on dream and started preparing for GATE. coz of classes I am hardly able to give 4-5 hr per day for my studies, but at the end I am happy with what I am doing. I am pretty sure, I will definately fetch a good research oriented college for myself. And your blog and posts are always inspire and it always ignite the fire. Once a week I do talk in my lectures about your blog. And even my 12th grade students gets something from it. You are doing something others, which means you are good HUMAN BEING. Thank you sir for your work and keep inspiring the aspirants. I am always available for you if you need any kind of support. Love you sir

    1. xyz

      even u r inspiring man!!thanks for sharing abt urself..u really showed how to face even the toughest of the situations.

    2. rohit

      Ankit , i appreciate ur thinking but do u know that to appear in GATE ur aggregate % should be equal to or more than 60 .

    3. Zahid

      Thanks a lot Ankit for a wonderful comment. This is what drive me to work harder and stand for the students. thank a million and i wish you a great career ahead.

    4. Mohan


      Hi Ankit, its really INSPIRE n IGNITE comment…

      “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” That’s what you made..great
      Hope your dreams come true..!

  20. yogesh

    Thanks sir for this post..

  21. Anonumous

    Sir, I’ve been struggling with this same very question. Please do write some certificate courses that I should pursue as a Computer Engineer. I’m sure it’d be helpful for other students also. Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Gebrezgiabher Hadush

      Sir, I’ve been struggling with this same very question. Please do write some certificate courses that I should pursue as a Computer & Soft ware Engineer. I’m sure it’d be helpful for other students also. Thanks in anticipation.

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