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How To Search For A Job After B.Tech

It sounds absolutely difficult and hard right? But I have some sincere tips for the student looking for jobs. First of all, I m totally not in favor of wasting time just not knowing what to do after completing studies? I feel students need to immediately set their mind on certain things and move on within a month or so after completing studies. I believe these tips are equally helpful for not only B.Techs but any other degree holder too.

Here are the tips for the students looking for jobs. One thing one must understand the jobs may not be available in your core area of interest immediately or when you need them. The best possible thing is to get in early with whatever is available and keep trying for the best possible and desired positions.

The first thing is to move to a metro city with a single aim of hunting for a job. Just don’t waste your time there. There are hundreds of students go there and probably few of your friends are there. Join them for accommodation and start hunting from day one.

Second thing there are hundreds of website offering job search and hunt help. Register in almost all of them. Complete the registration and track the recruitments. Don’t miss LinkedIn profiles, make connections there and hunt for HRs and mail them asking for jobs. Join different forums and groups of your interest where usually HRs drop in and check for requirements and post openings. LinkedIn would definitely help you with this.

Third thing is to find consultants who can arrange an interview for you with the companies. Don’t pay then in advance, tell them that you are a poor student will pay after your get the job. They have gone professionals and these days many companies use their services for recruiting employees.

Fourth, don’t miss any news papers job special, like Times Ascent and The Hindu’s ….. Pick out the companies you want to attend interview and definitely go for tests and interviews.

Fifth, figure out who among your friend and seniors are industry working in your domain. Don’t think that how do they feel when you call them after such a long time and only when you are in need. Just give a call and ask for some time for tea or a coffee. Visit their room and take recommendations and ask for referrals. Don’t disappoint if they are not very helpful, everyone have their own reservations.

Sixth, don’t hesitate to join some institute or specialized courses that you may feel that you are lacking in. for example programming, aptitude, or some software related to your field. Choose to go to an institute that offer placements and have good industry interface. If possible do work for some specialized international certification course.

To end, the idea is that everyone who is recruiting should have your CV in hand, and know you are looking for a job. Don’t waste your time and don’t get into bad habits. Usually people go out of home for cities get into mess for first few months before they realizes that the need to do something with that. To name few wrest things for job hunters are waking up late, sleeping late nights, too much into friends, too much into movies and roaming around without any good valid reason. Mostly people get influence with friends and easily tend to do bad stuff just to be polite or have a company. If someone letting you in his room doesn’t mean that you need to do all what he or she does. Being polite and humble doesn’t mean that you do all bad your friend does.

I just call you to be original with this. Stay honest and be humble say what do you can do and you cannot. I never smoke, never drunk, and never overlooked on religious obligations even in biggest parties, where vice presidents asked me for a sip of alcohol. All other team members were saying I wish he would have told me this and that would have that chance. Being original makes you happy and comfortable in life. Anyone ask you for something bad for once, if you deny you are still friends, if you accept you are still friend. Make your choice wisely.

Wish you all a great luck and future ahead.


  1. Rohit singh Rajput

    Sir I am doing with csc…I m in 1st year ..I really have some good tips I really like your article thank you sir

  2. Mohammed

    I attended so many interviews I didn’t get any job.This article makes me motivated and try more.May be I will get a job or may be not.But I am happy because I am always original.

  3. himani

    Sir, thank u so much..i found your article very useful, but
    i have some Is It really necessary or beneficial to make a professional id on linked in..and if it is ,then,how it would be beneficial?Also,sir can you please suggest some websites offering job..

  4. sukdev

    i am 2012 passed out student comes to delhi after completing my degree in one of the top college of odhisa NIST where 95% of my friends get placed in software company like HCL,INFOSYS,WIPRO any many other top company.but unfortunately i didn’t get job during my college campus.already 2 years passed in delhi not getting a good job.please help…

  5. D Prudhvi Nath Reddy

    it worked……..thanks

  6. raavi

    i completed my on 2013 batch with 63% in CSE..till now i dint got job.i wasted nearly 1year in search of job. my fresher time also completed….two months i worked in BPO…..but i left that job bcoz the job role was too much…now presently i dont have any job…i forget all my programming part ….i want a job i want to set my please help me in what fild i can set my life….plz help me friends 🙁

    1. Mohit Garg

      @Raavi…Hey don’t lose hope…try to grip strongly any one skill of ur interest and keep on searching job because you are a young guy,u can beat ur difficulties very bravely…btw i am also a job seeker 🙂

  7. Thabsheer Moideen

    I am Thabsheer Moideen, 7 th sem b tech mechanical studentof CUSAT, from kerala. I am curious about to getting a job, can any one help me to solve this. I got 16 supplies in over all and a percentage of 55% in b tech. I searched on web and registered many site, but they cant find me happy. all I need is a job of mechanical engineering. I am sure about clearing my supplies within 1 year period

    please help me if anyone can….

  8. Mayank

    Everything depends on your scores

    If you scored above 60 then you can DEFINITELY get the job

    If you scored less than 60 then you have no options except CSAT or a clerk job

  9. VENU

    I came here when i was searching for the best websites WHICH NOTIFIES ABOUT THE JOB VACANCIES…………


    found LINKDIN

    AND I really liked ur words …………..

  10. meenakshi

    hlo everyone, i hav completed my in cse…. Now i want to get a job bt i know dat i have to get training from a good centre or company…. so plz could u refer the training center in gurgaon or dehi……

  11. bhanu

    thanks Zahid sir your advice gives me a lot of confidence in my mind.

  12. shiju krishna

    ya these are to give somewhat improve my knowldge for job searching

  13. liz

    thanks.very practical

  14. pratima kumari

    hello friend thanks for giving good advise to ur friend ,i also admire this

  15. dhananjay

    thangs sir its realy a good motivational tips . after reading these article i hv my thoughts . once again thangs 4 last para.

  16. dharmendra choudhary

    very useful………..

  17. shazy

    sir the tip to call your seniors and dont think what they will feel is it true

  18. priyaranjan

    how to search a topic on yr site.

  19. raviraj verma

    Thank sir ji………u r the best sir ji…….

  20. Vinay kumar

    really inspiring and helpful!!!

  21. ashish

    Zahid sir, I am Die hard fan of your articles,very Beautiful and inspirational

    doing RReally a Great Job On the part of Students

    Delightened to be the reader of Inspire n ignite

  22. rajeev jain

    sir you are great,great, great and great………….

  23. Harsimran Singh

    I need an advice here,,,m currently in 6th sem B,tech (ECE),,,hav 90%ile in gate-2011,, preparng for cat-2011 also. What should be my focus during my 6-months indstrial trng,,,should i focus on company placmnt n try 2 look for a reputed company n work thoroughly there or shud i devote my time for d cmpetitve examz?

  24. hari

    very helpful

  25. Mohit

    I don’t have words to express the Quality & Meaning that this article had presented. I can just say “WOW”.

    I am really agreed with you about the content you have presented for the drinks & smoking. I really appreciate your views.

  26. Shresth

    Thanks my friend Zahid for this lovely article. Greatly impressed by your ideas. This post can be really helpful for thousands of readers who come to big cities but get involved in bad habits. I want to advice to all that whatever you want to achieve just give your full dedication to that, if “failure” come by, No problem, one cannot get success every time. But don’t lose hope, n keep working on. You will surely get success in the mean time.


    very helpful and 100% practical….!!

  28. Aman Sehgal

    Very good topic and writing , i am greatly impressed. Thats what i was expecting from inspire n ignite.

    The writer of the topic is very correct and a must read for all job aspirants and those who are not also.

    I am passed out from RTU , kota 2010 batch and I got job in Tescom pvt ltd. I scored 98% score in Gate 2011 , EC , still i am not taking any admissions in

    I want to do job to learn those practical things which i cant learn while studying in NIt’s or any institute.

    I would say that all those who are dropping years only to get IIts , should not waste their time in such fuss.
    They should take a job and should make Gate or Cat exams as secondary , this would give some mental relief from failures in competition exams.

    My many friends had dropped about 3-4 years in ber sarai only for gate and psu exams , still they havnt achieved thier goal , now they are very depressed also.

    So please students and friends dont waste your time , pick a job as said by ZAYED in this topic.

  29. Kallol

    Jahid Sir, The last stanza is really very worthy…”Being original makes you happy and comfortable in life.” really good one..

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