Alright, we are tuning into the GATE preparation, that’s nice to see after all we need to if not now then when would that happen? To gear up faster in right direction I have something special for you today. Yes as title says, a long interview with Nikhil Krishnan, All India 4th Rank ECE in Gate 2011. Presently Nikhil is a student at IISc Bangalore, in Telecommunication.

Isn’t that exciting? For me it was a great experience to talk him and get his point of view on different very common and most obvious question for every student preparing for GATE. It’s a nice and long interview for all who are preparing for GATE that will definitely give you an insight from an experienced and rocker.

As the interview was very long I divided it into three parts. First two parts are related GATE Preparation and Third part is about GATE exam, its difficulties and tactics to perform best in it.

In this first part Nikhil discussed the following questions in depth.

  1. What kind of student you were academically? What was your percentage in different educational levels?
  2. How much do you used to study for GATE? How managed time between your final year studies and and GATE exam?
  3. What is your view on Classroom Coaching or self study?
  4. How to manage time for each subjects, what is your view on subject weightage and preparation strategy? Which subject to start first?
  5. A discussion on GATE Rank Estimators and Rank predictors.

Just lay back and relax and listen to whole interview.

In a nutshell he emphasized on having a GATE study group, that I n I community is help to form a virtual group, apart from the one you can have at your college and institute. The next thing to focus on was to solve as many questions as possible. Do not miss the next interview to get more tips on GATE preparation.

It’s great that he spared sometime to help many more students in nation and we remain thankful to his time for I n I community. We are definitely looking forward for more interviews with GATE toppers from other branches too. You will hear them soon. I hope I can make a series of such interview. Editing the interview took a lot of my time and was a test of my patience all these days, but it is worth giving that try 🙂

I will be posting second part of his interview soon, until then subscribe to I n I for updates and you can also like I n I on facebook for updates in your facebook. Apart from all these, you can be an active member at I n I community and help and get help from others.

Thanks a million to Nikhil and wish you all a great luck ahead.