As GATE exam is over all must be willing to take breath of fresh air, but seriously does anything like that exist in the world we live in today. I totally know, you all have get back to final year projects and seminars and must be looking for some cool computing stuff. A great computer would help you in a lot more sense for all your project, seminar and higher studies.

Dont be surprised by the fact the I didn’t had computer back at room during my PhD, (yes did computer science PhD). I used to do all programming stuff back at lab and prefer high computation power over tiny laptops with smaller screens : )

Recently I came across with the issues while rendering InI videos (which is going to be my main focus in coming days). After six years of extensive use and few hardware upgrades I decide to move for a new machine. The only changed in last 6 years is that I became more choosy and calculative. I did a lot of research what fits me and people like me. Do have a look at what it takes to make a coolest comp that you can use for next 5~6 years without regret. (Made this a big long before but didn’t shared because of GATE exams : ) )

Last time I made a post about Big TV someone started arguing that I am making a showoff by sharing details. My motive was clear with that to help all NRIs to know the custom rules to get a TV to India and TV signal issues and solution to them, that helped thousands of people living outside India with first hand information.

Similarly, this post is not a show off anything I made, but a resource for student want to invest in computing that last longer and support their needs. This will hopefully save their time and help them in making a satisfying machine for their needs.

A lot is coming on M.Tech admission in 2014 and other related stuff in coming days, stay tuned and get ready for more fun searching the best college for you.

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