This is a follow up post to the earlier post What Matters Most in M.Tech Admissions, Rank, Score, Marks or Percentile?

I felt so happy to receive wonderful comments from all the readers. The reason why Inspire n Ignite stand unique is its few readers who not only read, also give a critical insights into different topics. When we discuss about it we lead to conclusions that help students in coming years.

This post is dedicated to Tom, Mohit , Melvin, Nipun Ahuja, and Nitin. Every single comment from these guys gave a wonderful input into M.Tech admission. The open discussions here make Inspire n Ignite unique useful for thousands of students all across the nation.

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I loved the comment from TOM and present it here and try to clear my stand too in this regard.


This idea is totally wrong. . .
If rank is of primary importance , there is no meaning in having a Gate score. And there is no meaning in comparing two successive year Gate candidates.
The need of gate score arises because of the two year validity of the scores. Gate score is introduced mainly to compare two successive year gate candidates. Because it has the impact of previous year scores and marks.

I totally agree with Tom on this point that GATE score has impact of previous year scores. But unfortunately not in the same paper, the average and standard deviation of all papers combined is considered. You can refer to How to calculate GATE Score for more details. This made it difficult to understand how it has an impact on coming years. This is the reason why IITs and other institutes are having normalized marking and other suitable systems, please refer to IIT Roorkee admissions for details. GATE scores basically help to give a broad classification of candidates in groups or excellent, very good, good, average and all.

The argument here is not how an institute considers GATE score for two years. The point in the earlier post was to make a limit for students who are applying this year. With GATE score there is a huge confusion. GATE cutoff scores for any institute may be same every year. Let’s take this example, last year few IITs offered direct admissions to candidates scored 800+ in GATE. IITs have limited number of seats and imagine if 500 students have 800+ GATE score, which is possible, how they all can be accommodated in IITs whereas there are less than 500 seats and if we take the reservations out we are left with 300 around. Therefore I considered GATE AIR best suitable candidates for considering applying to certain institutes.

The post was trying to bring the point that which colleges should be considered for certain GATE AIR and I think this is right way to approach at least top institutes in the nation where we know certain things about admissions and seats.

If we look M.Tech admissions in IITs for past few years, we can easily find that the last score entered there vary to a greater extent from year to year. Whereas, AIR admitted remains in a very closed boundary. Based on this we can prepare an upper limit of AIR for applying to IITs and other premier institutes.

To make the statement little more generalized anyone who gets AIR around 1000 in computer science paper in that year should not miss applying IITs.


With all due respect, when posting in such a big hit web page, you should mention that this post has no theoretical base and is just your speculation.

Thank you my friend for such a nice comment and an awesome suggestion. It gone really hit and read by over 23000 people in three days, it also let me feel that now it time for me to be more accountable and clear in my writing. Thank you so much my friend for reminding me of that. I really appreciate every single read to correct me if I am wrong in some point, that how I grown in past and still respect good feedback. Thank you so much Tom, you and other people comments made me think about post again. I also felt that there was a bit of misunderstand happen too. I was not arguing on the importance of certain parameters in general, instead the whole post about parameter to be considered for applying to M.Tech. If you read the whole post, you get that message.

Rest of the discussion have an answer from other readers on M.Tech Admissions, Rank, Score, Marks or Percentile?

I would request all the readers give their opinion on this by which we can plan an institutes list to be applied for certain score or AIR. You involvement not only improve you insights to M.Tech admissions but also greatly help millions of students.

Thanks a million to awesome readers Tom, Mohit, Melvin, Nipun Ahuja, and Nitin for their great insight into M.Tech admissions and I look forward for their support and your support in future too.

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