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Applying For M.Tech Admissions What To Consider?

This is a follow up post to the earlier post What Matters Most in M.Tech Admissions, Rank, Score, Marks or Percentile?

I felt so happy to receive wonderful comments from all the readers. The reason why Inspire n Ignite stand unique is its few readers who not only read, also give a critical insights into different topics. When we discuss about it we lead to conclusions that help students in coming years.

This post is dedicated to Tom, Mohit , Melvin, Nipun Ahuja, and Nitin. Every single comment from these guys gave a wonderful input into M.Tech admission. The open discussions here make Inspire n Ignite unique useful for thousands of students all across the nation.

This discussion on the above said page was so important that I stopped writing next post and focused to preserve it and bring it to make it a main content of the site by which whoever missed it can read and contribute.

I loved the comment from TOM and present it here and try to clear my stand too in this regard.


This idea is totally wrong. . .
If rank is of primary importance , there is no meaning in having a Gate score. And there is no meaning in comparing two successive year Gate candidates.
The need of gate score arises because of the two year validity of the scores. Gate score is introduced mainly to compare two successive year gate candidates. Because it has the impact of previous year scores and marks.

I totally agree with Tom on this point that GATE score has impact of previous year scores. But unfortunately not in the same paper, the average and standard deviation of all papers combined is considered. You can refer to How to calculate GATE Score for more details. This made it difficult to understand how it has an impact on coming years. This is the reason why IITs and other institutes are having normalized marking and other suitable systems, please refer to IIT Roorkee admissions for details. GATE scores basically help to give a broad classification of candidates in groups or excellent, very good, good, average and all.

The argument here is not how an institute considers GATE score for two years. The point in the earlier post was to make a limit for students who are applying this year. With GATE score there is a huge confusion. GATE cutoff scores for any institute may be same every year. Let’s take this example, last year few IITs offered direct admissions to candidates scored 800+ in GATE. IITs have limited number of seats and imagine if 500 students have 800+ GATE score, which is possible, how they all can be accommodated in IITs whereas there are less than 500 seats and if we take the reservations out we are left with 300 around. Therefore I considered GATE AIR best suitable candidates for considering applying to certain institutes.

The post was trying to bring the point that which colleges should be considered for certain GATE AIR and I think this is right way to approach at least top institutes in the nation where we know certain things about admissions and seats.

If we look M.Tech admissions in IITs for past few years, we can easily find that the last score entered there vary to a greater extent from year to year. Whereas, AIR admitted remains in a very closed boundary. Based on this we can prepare an upper limit of AIR for applying to IITs and other premier institutes.

To make the statement little more generalized anyone who gets AIR around 1000 in computer science paper in that year should not miss applying IITs.


With all due respect, when posting in such a big hit web page, you should mention that this post has no theoretical base and is just your speculation.

Thank you my friend for such a nice comment and an awesome suggestion. It gone really hit and read by over 23000 people in three days, it also let me feel that now it time for me to be more accountable and clear in my writing. Thank you so much my friend for reminding me of that. I really appreciate every single read to correct me if I am wrong in some point, that how I grown in past and still respect good feedback. Thank you so much Tom, you and other people comments made me think about post again. I also felt that there was a bit of misunderstand happen too. I was not arguing on the importance of certain parameters in general, instead the whole post about parameter to be considered for applying to M.Tech. If you read the whole post, you get that message.

Rest of the discussion have an answer from other readers on M.Tech Admissions, Rank, Score, Marks or Percentile?

I would request all the readers give their opinion on this by which we can plan an institutes list to be applied for certain score or AIR. You involvement not only improve you insights to M.Tech admissions but also greatly help millions of students.

Thanks a million to awesome readers Tom, Mohit, Melvin, Nipun Ahuja, and Nitin for their great insight into M.Tech admissions and I look forward for their support and your support in future too.

Thanks a million for making Inspire n Ignite unique. We owe you all.



    Hi, in the ccmt college predictor at round 4 in some colleges showing GATE score zero. what is mean by this. plz reply

  2. Ranjeet

    I have attempted gate 2016 mechanical set2 and calculated my marks, which is coming upto 60 and mines predicted score is 650.
    So is der any chance to get admission in any iit for design and thermal.

  3. sri

    what rank have to get to get the seat in iit Mumbai r channai in cse specialisations

  4. naveen

    sir i would like to apply for indian institute of astrophysics,pune.
    how much marks i have to secure for that sir in gate exam?
    i am obc guy sir…
    so pls provide me as details as possible

  5. Praful

    Sir, i got 14.93 marks out of 100 (COMPUTER SCIENCE) . So couldn’t qualify for gate because qualifying marks is 16.33. I cannot get stipend. My financial condition is very low.How much fee colleges take for m.tech for student who doesn’t qualify gate? Can i get scholarship as i belong to SC category?I got 56% in BE(branch-computer technology) from nagpur university and have one year experience of teaching in a polytechnic college.Please reply me sir.

  6. RAHUL

    hi,my gate(2011) score is 506 and rank=1036 and cal. percentile is 96.5 will i get admission in iit or iisc?

  7. Bhargav

    Hi… My name is Bhargav..I have scored 34.67. but little confused. because last year my friend has exactly get 34 marks and he had opportunity admission in some colleges..but his AIR is around 5000 whereas my AIR is 9544..becoz of this much great difference on same gate marks..what change i have to made in selecting college than my friend..?

  8. arijit

    yes please comment on the cut off of instiutes like DTU,jadavpur etc.

  9. Roopak R. Tamboli

    GATE MARKS: 58.67 ECE
    GATE SCORE:698

    Filled all IIT Forms…

    Can I expect NIT Trichy with this score?

    Please guide what to do…

  10. suresh

    i got 6300 rank with 375 gate score in this year.. im from eee.. can i apply for nit’s or it’s a waste of time and money?? i’m asking this because some of my friends told that it’s a waste of money and time.. so, what shoud i do??

  11. soumyadeep ray

    My GATE score is 400and AIR is 5100 GATE percentile is 92.5 and to be more specific my My marks are 31.67 and my paper was Electrical Engineering. Now TELL ME WHERE SHALL I APPLY????
    pls tell me sir
    my e mail id is
    [email protected]
    You can inform me there also
    waiting for your reply

  12. raj

    hello sir…my gate 2011 score is 416 in computer science…is thre any chance to get admission in any nits????plz suggest me abt good colleges that i can get from this score…

  13. Jay patel

    Thanks a lot , I am really admire and appreciate your comments and articles . thank you once again , you r truly doing noble cause and I wish and will expect you to do such helping things for students and gate aspirants.

    Thank once again


    I want to say with my experience that for the allotment of any college, we have to concentration on both parameters gate score and rank.I think gate score in used for comparision between previous year and present year qualified students and with rank we can estimate our position with respect to availability of seats.

  15. Nipun Ahuja

    @ Zahid,
    Osmania university, Anna University and BHU (w.e.f 4th April) have taken out their form for M.Tech. 2011. You can notify them, seeing their sites

  16. Nipun Ahuja

    @ Pankaj,
    We must understand that normally cut off of colleges we talk mostly in core subjects. But there are many off subjects in IIT and NIT, which are not your core subject, but students of your stream many be allowed. Cut off rank there you find little low. For example, Paper technology in IIT- Roorkee. In this stream, last year cut off rank goes above 3500 (Yes! 3500). Similarly rural technology in IIT- Bombay and Bioengineering in IIT Madras. There are many other streams in IIT- Ocean Engineering, Hyrology, Nano Technology etc., where cut off rank is low. So, if you want to get into IIT, it might not be as difficult, as we think. But getting into IIT in your core subject is difficult.
    So if you want to get into IIT, see what other streams in IIT your stream is allowed. Check out cut- off rank from inspirenignite.com or in Gateforum.com. Apply there, you may get admission to IIT also.

  17. santhosh

    i agree with mandar..apply as many as u can..
    Rest is all of luckfactor..

  18. Tejas

    I am a B.E biotechnology student
    My gate score is 341 with AIR 2097 (general merit)
    PLzz suggest me , to which colleges i should apply for mtech
    I dont think i can get in any IIT’s……..but which are the good NIT’s available for biotechnology course.
    Thank you

  19. Manoj

    Dear Zahid,
    I agree to your view that the colleges should be considered based on AIR rather than GATE Score or marks. But, I couldn’t find any site online that gives cutoffs for IITs or other institutes based on AIR. Everyone, including inspirenignite, has taken Score or marks as the cutoff criteria. Could you please post the cutoff rank for GATE 2010, particularly in IITs so that people aspiring for IITs like me could be benefited.

  20. Moiz Tinwala

    I have the same doubt of the ranking w.r.t the score, as mentioned by Pankaj Sharma.

    My friend got into SVNIT, Surat (Mechanical) with a score of around 450’s and AIR in some 2000’s, last year i.e. GATE 2010.

    This year I’ve scored 464 and AIR of 4037. And I’ve got slim chances of an NIT I think.

    Please explain as to how would the two years’ scores would affect this year’s admissions.
    Till now I am assuming things purely by AIR.

  21. krishna kant konwar

    sir, my gate score is 167 and air is 5700.so please tel me the name of private colleges in which i can do my m-tech including private colleges also….

  22. Ravi Ranjan

    hi zahid. my rank is 3497, gate score is 542 . i m general && my stream is cse. which college should i apply

  23. Dilip

    Zahid sir,

    NIT rourkella,orissa has published its notification for Mtech(and Mtech research) and Phd programs which are full time,sponsored,part time.
    So bring this notice to all so that if any one is interested to apply then it may help them.

    Mtech(Research) offers admission for GATE qualified students.

    Sir what is Mtech(Research) actually and when does its normal MTECH admission for GATE qualified candidates come out ?

    How is it different from normal Mtech,what is it’s advantageous
    if one wants to go for lecturership instead of joining corporate sector.

    What is its cutt-off marks for CS for OBC catogory.

    Can i(an MCA student) get any NIT in CSE with 477 score,5976 AIR ,95.6% having OBC quota?

    Plz suggest.

    Plz visit : http://www.nitrkl.ac.in/ to see it’s notification.

  24. ashit

    sir i have gate score of 429 in EC so in which coll i will apply…. plz suggest me …….

  25. kalpesh Shirode

    Is new IIT is started program for M-Tech

  26. kalpesh Shirode

    i have AIR 10868 in GATE 2011 please suggest me which college i preffered for admission to M_Tech

  27. Jose

    Sir, if gate rank is considered as the criteria for m.tech admissions in some institutes, two candidates having the same rank applied, who will get preference?
    One thing…
    I came to know that me n my friend have the same marks in GATE 2011 and obviously the same rank(1152 in ECE). If this is the situation, there might be so many students having the same rank isn’t it? My doubt is.. IITs and NITs are having very few seats for M.Tech say around 400 each. Since the same rank holders are many, there is a chance of filling these seats within first 500 ranks right?

  28. Abhi

    NIT Calicut has officially published last year’s last GATE scores. http://www.nitc.ac.in/index.php/?url=admission/index/31

    but i am still confused about the ranks, they have only given scores. I particularly need to figure out the ranks for scores 666, 492. please share any inputs here or mail me info.abhi[a t]gmail.com

  29. vivek patel

    thanx for nice post.
    u have cleared here that AIR of 1000 must apply for IIT.
    but what about NITs and other gud institute.
    plz guide us.
    my AIR is 5243. where should i Apply i am a OBC candidate from CS
    plz guide me .

  30. Mohit

    Great Article!

  31. Mandar

    Now that the dates for filling forms is coming too close, I feel that we should try our luck, lik we did in the gate exam itself, and apply for as many institutes we can. Jus consider 4 times the number of seats. eg, IITs 500 seats, apply with air 2000, NITs 1500 seats apply till air 5000. ha ha ha . Its takes only a few hundred rs, you’ve already put several thousand in doing engg, put a few more, may be you’ll be rewarded. Make up your ming and Just Do It!!!

  32. Pankaj Sharma

    Hi Zahid
    In one of your posts you have mentioned the upper cut off rank for IITs and NITs.
    But unfortunately this year the ranking have totally been changed because the paper was easy( I am talking about ECE)

    For example, last year for a GATE score of 474 the AIR was around 2300 and paerson could have thought of getting admission into NITs at least. But this year GATE score of 476(mine) the AIR is 6102. i.e. almost a difference of 4000 odd people.

    My question is, first, up till which rank a person can think of getting admission into NITs or at least a good state university like DTU, DIAT, jadavpur etc
    Second, please provide (if possible) a comprehensive list of upper cut off rank for top universities

  33. Payal Sharma

    LNMIIT college, Jaipur
    It released its pg admissions ad…

    Programs Offered

    Master of Technology (M. Tech.)

    -Computer Science and Engineering
    -Electronics and Communication Engineering
    -Communication and Computer Engineering

    Master of Science (M.S.)

    -Communication and Computer Engineering

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

    -Computer Science
    -Electronics and communication

    Eligibility criteria

    -The Applicant for M . tech. and M.S. must have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or master’s degree in science with marks/CPI not below 65% or 6.5 CPI (on the a 10 point scale)
    -The applicant of Ph.D should preferably have a master’s degree in engineering or a master’s degree in relavent subject with Mark/CPI not below 65 percent marks/ 6.5 CPi (on a 10 point scale).

    April 05 – May 15: Issue of Application forms (online).
    May 15:Deadline for submission of completed application forms online/ offline (by post) along with a demand draft of Rs. 250/- (two hundred fifty only) in favor of The LNM Institute of Information Technology payable at Jaipur. The application, duly filled in, should be sent to:

    PG Admissions- 2011
    The LNM Institute of Information Technology
    Rupa-Ki-Nangal, Post-Sumel, Via-Jamdoli
    Jaipur, Rajasthan-302031

    Selection Process

    -Based on the applications candidates will be shortlisted and called for a written test and/or interview

    Documents Required: ( to be presented at the time of admission for verification)

    -X, XII, UG, and PG mark-sheets and certificates
    -Date-of-birth certificate
    -Two photographs
    -GATE score card (If qualified GATE)

    Financial Assistance

    a. Institute Assistance ship ~ Rs. 7000/-
    b. LNM Scholars Scholarship ~ Rs. 13,000/- – 18,000/- (for more details vosit http://www.lnmiit.ac.in/Scholars.aspx)
    c. Sponsored project fellowship

  34. Sandeep

    Thanx zahid nice post and attitude i also liked the comments of all these especially and what MOHIT told happened in reality(perhaps in DCE)

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