GATE Cutoff

GATE Cutoff for IIT Delhi

As you would have already gone through the GATE top marks and GATE minimum marks posts. In this post I would like to share the information about minimum GATE score needed to get into IIT Delhi.

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I already mentioned in in my post, how much GATE score need for get into IITs, that score doesn’t give a good idea, because both the score and percentile are relative terms. The good idea would come from AIR (All India Rank). This is just to give you an idea about how much score would take you IITs, you can have a look at GATE cutoffs last year.

The following data is taken from IIT Delhi website during M.Tech 2010 admissions.

Department General OBC SC/ST/PH
Department Applied Mechanics 550 495 200
Applied Research in Electronics [CARE] 674 611 436 / 310 / 310
Centre for Atmospheric Sciences 400 360 200
Department of Chemical Engineering 509 483 350
Department of Chemistry 400 360 250
Department of Civil Engineering 342 308 248 / 268 / 260
Department of Computer Science and Engineering 700 630 560
Department of Electrical Engineering 690 650 450
Department of Mechanical Engineering 650 595 475 / 300 / 300
Department of Physics 440 395 295
Department of Textile Technology 400 360 266

I strongly suggest you to target highest marks in GATE so that you get off this loop of cutoffs. I will be making IITD course wise list to give an idea about direct admission and course wise cutoffs. For cutoffs of other IITs do visit GATE Cutoff for IITs 2010.

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Do not hesitate to drop a comment, in case you have some questions or suggestions or some information to share thousands of students all over the nation.

Wish you all a very very good luck ahead.

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    my gate score is 530 civil eng (gen) wer can i get admission please help me in this regard


    sir i would like to request to show in gate marks pattern either than cutoff score will be better if u follow up this



  4. Chandan

    gate is conducted for 100 marks. then what is the meaning of 650 is the cut off marks for mechanical engg in iit delhi. Please help.
    thank you.

  5. santosh

    hello zahid sir,
    i need a favour from u sir….i got 54 mark in gate 2011 in EC my score is 644.i belong to obc.i want to know that can i get any iit?

  6. Vikas Grover


    I have got 245 rank in Gate 2011 CS stram. My score is 806.
    I want to get admission into IIT Delhi. Can you please help me regarding which courses to apply for and how to prepare for the interview/written test.

    Thanks, Vikas

  7. mahesh

    sir ,i get air 223 in Ec streem ….may i hav chance to get in to iit madras

  8. pin2

    Sir i can obtain marks from 45 to 50 in Computer Science.
    and i have also an OBC quota.So would u plz suggest me whether i can
    get IIT or NIT .


    hello ;
    thank u and your team for detail knowledge on gate score and knowledge for admission in iits cutof.i would like to know detail about admission in research centre like ISRO,VIKRAM SARABHAI RESEARCH CENTRE.pls give detail about this.thank u agan.

  10. Subhasis

    Here u r mentioned that Cutoff for IIT Delhi for Department of Electrical Engineering is 690. Side by side, in the post “Department Wise GATE 2010 Cutoff For IIT Delhi” u have pointed out that different courses in Electrical Dept ranges somewhere between 710 with Integrated Electronics & Circuits reaching upto 825.
    Can you please explain this discrepency? I am in two minds about which one to consider as IITD electrical Dept benchmark.

  11. yogesh


  12. subhash

    hi jahid anna… iam very happy that for wat ever the information that u r providibg on the gate… as u have posted for all the remaining branches like ece,mech,cse… plz do also provide the subject wise marks estimation, preparation guide and study material for CHEMICAL BRANCH ALSO…. HOPING FOR A REPLY VERY SOON ….. THANKS ANNA..

  13. vishu

    yoh hv nt replied fr my last two post

  14. hanu

    will our btech marks add to gate score

  15. Sourav Sarkar

    Dear Sir, I would like to know whether at least with this score,no further written examination is required or not? Are these scores cut off for direct admission?

  16. morugusrujan

    sir., can u please mention the cutoff score for civil engg (structures) in IIT BOMBAY. please sir, am very much intrested in iitb. please help..!

  17. Bharat

    Hi Zahid,

    You have covered every corner of Mtech education in India,but you have never touched upon the part time Mtech programmes offered by the IIT’s.

    Please discuss the pros and cons of the programme.

  18. rangesh

    It would be nice if u update us the gate marks instead of score?? since it would helps us to know in what range we have to score out of 100…

  19. sathya

    Is there a chance to get into IITs without interview and written test? I mean, just based on the GATE score??? If so, can u elobarate on that? Thanks in advance:)

  20. srujankumar

    sir, what is the cutoff for civil engg (structures) in iit bombay?, cuz am intrested in iitb. please tell me sir.,
    thank you sir.

  21. dipankar dutta

    sir can you pleaze help me out in finding IIT guwahati cut-off mark and percentage..i will be highly obliged..

  22. Bharat

    Hi Zahid,

    You have gone into great depths of M Tech, with this site.I would like to congratulate you on that great accomplishment.

    But you have never ever taken up the topic of part time MTech that IIT’s offer and the pros and cons of the programme.

    Please discuss the above mentioned topic as it is an option many of us who are working would like to pursue,without losing out on our income.

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