M.Tech Admissions 2016

M.Tech Admissions 2016 in all IITs, NITs and other govt. institutes will be covered by InI as we are following them since 2009. As soon as the GATE exam is over the tension of admission starts. Most of the students start looking for colleges based on their performance and self-evaluation of GATE papers before official GATE results. It’s a heck of the competition on every single stage of M.Tech and you get more worried and puzzled if you dream higher. Do check GATE cutoffs for IITs and GATE cutoffs for NITs and IIITs to get an idea about score needed for admission into good colleges.

I am making this post as there are few notifications for M.Tech Admission in 2016 already out. Many of them best alternatives and are non GATE. By non GATE I don’t mean nonstandard, few of them are as good as IITs and IISc. Most of the central universities conduct their own test so we will try to cover all of them during 2016. Dont forget to join All About M.Tech Admissions facebook group for all M.Tech 2016 related discussions.

With the help of a common M.Tech admission calendar we covered all M.Tech admission comprehensively in previous years. This year we would support a community for M.Tech admissions too. Where you can discuss and talk about your GATE and M.Tech admission concerns.

With the help of many students we covered and willing to cover every single government and semi government college M.Tech Admissions in 2016. Do subscribe for updates in email and in facebook or google plus. We are not sure about covering private and deemed universities for M.Tech admission but giving it a thought. If many requests come from students for private college notification we would go ahead with that otherwise we will just skip it.

We will cover M.Tech Admission 2016 in following institutes.

IITs and IISc M.Tech Admission 2016
CCMT (NIT) M.Tech Admission 2016
M.Tech Admissions in Central Universities 2016
IIIT M.Tech Admissions 2016
Good Universities M.Tech admissions 2016 other than IITs and NITs
Alternative Exams To GATE in 2016 or Non GATE M.Tech Admissions 2016

We need every single visitors help to not miss a single notification. Last year was a great success in tracking the M.Tech admissions and we are positive that this year we will be much more accurate and prompt than any other year before. We strongly recommend you to bookmark this page and visit regularly until admissions are over.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead and hope to you see you back.


  1. S Kulkarni

    Eligibility criteria of various IITs ? % in BE ?

  2. Karan

    Hi Sir,
    My GATE 2016 score for ME paper is 493. Gate marks-43.65. I belong to SC category. my AIR is 12041. Will I get NIT trichy for Industrial engg & management or Industrial Safety in 1st ccmt round? Thanks in adv.

  3. Shreshtha

    I did not give CCMT 2016. I only gave GATE. Can I apply in NITs also?? If yes then how and when, because I can’t find any notifications regarding NIT admission.

  4. ashwini k

    my gate 2016 score is 397 in EC general, where i can do my Mtech?, can i get NIT?i

    1. Pratheep

      nit is possible

  5. jagal singh chouhan part time corus

  6. Karan Singhal

    If i leave my MTech course in between , then will i have to payback/return/refund back all the GATE MHRD stipend of 12400/- p.m. that i would have received in that duration ??? Am i bound to return it if i leave my Mtech ?

  7. Murtaza Piar

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.
    Sir, my gate 2016 (chemical) air rank is 644 and marks 531/1000.
    Can you please tell me what are my opportunities. Can I get to do mtech in any IIT.

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