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A Quick Comparison of BHU, ISM, IIT Hyderabad and IIT Indore

With BHU and ISM joining elite institute party, the obvious question shot at me was which one to choose. This popped up again because someone asked this same question at M.Tech admission facebook group. Then I decided to spend some time on these institutes.

The news of ISM being converted to IIT created a big confusion about its standing compared to recently converted IIT BHU and new ones.  And this is good time to address this question as we have good amount of data for both M.Tech and B.Tech cutoffs for at least three years. And also we did some work on IIT Ranking in 2015 based on JoSAA and GATE cutoffs that enable us with some important insights about the institutes. Combining all absolute information I have I will to present a comparison of BHU, ISM and new IITs based on Student quality, Faculty, placements and other important points to consider. Let’s begin.

Student Quality
Unlike west, in India engineering institutes are known for the student quality and luckily student don’t mine travelling across the nation if they find it worthwhile. Few years back its was hard to measure student quality but these with the availability of cutoffs for both B.Tech and M.Tech course for multiple years its way easier to see the difference in the students quality. For all B.Tech cutoffs refer to JoSAA cutoff tool and for GATE cutoffs for M.Tech visit IIT GATE Cutoffs.

When it comes B.Tech cutoffs BHU is slightly better than IITH in departments like Computer science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering departments.  ISM was not IIT during B.Tech counseling last year, I think that affected the cutoff at ISM thats why it stud last in absolute numbers.

When it comes to GATE cutoffs IITH is better than BHU in many courses IITH and IIT Indore are higher than BHU, IIT Ropar and ISM for different course. I think this trend will continue in future too because of different advantages IITH and IIT Indore have.

Finally I would say based on student’s absolute cutoff ranks for both B.Tech and M.Tech we place these institute in the following order IITH, IIT BHU, IITI, ISM.

Beyond a doubt all these are some of the top institutes in India and have great faculty. As BHU and ISM were universities before they were upgraded to IITs, their faculty recruitment procedures were not as riggus as IITs. Therefore both BHU and ISM have few faculty members with a PhD, whereas in any IITs it’s a big no no.

Another important thing I noticed is new IITs are able attract faculties with international exposure with great publications and research attitude. Also I see there is less of young blood at BHU and ISM with most of the profs already spent decades there. Also most of the faculty in BHU and ISM did their phds from the same institute, we as many faculty in new IITs have done their PhD in some other IIT. IITs have tougher criteria for PhD than other universities in India. I think in a great place is where young researchers with great international exposure are there along with experienced faculty members to lead them. This is big advantage of new IITs that they few faculty members from old IITs as mentors. Considering different departments like computer, Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical I would rank these institutes on faculty index as IITH, IITI, BHU, ISM.

Placement and other Infrastructure
Placements at all these institutes are great and with time they will only get better. If faculty and student quality improve further these institutes will see all top companies visiting them. For a long time BHU had a great reputation and good placements, ISM too is a great institute and had good placements. People always talk about placements at new IITs, I see till 2015 IITH and IITI have many big companies visiting them and with more experience every year trend will only solidify.

As we all know BHU and ISM are well established as they are almost a century old institutes. New IITs are underdevelopment but as now it’s been almost 8 yrs since they started much of the needed infrastructure needed to run courses have been developed. Location based Hyderabad is best place as almost all facilities are there, like International Airport, Railway Station, almost all top multinational companies are there. Overall ranking for placements and infra for now would be IIT BHU, ISM, IITH and IIT Indore.

Final Remark
Based on my assessment comparing various parameters I would say in coming days with news ready with their infrastructure and their faculty they will lead the way. I can even say IIT Hyderabad and IIT Indore would be ahead of IIT Roorkee, provided they attract more awesome faculty and placements. With infrastructure in development it’s going to be nice competition for attracting great minds from all across the nation.

Finally if I am a student and I have a call from all of them I would go with IIT Hyderabad, IIT BHU, IIT Indore and ISM Dhanbad.

Now you will through and obvious question at me, asking me to compare different courses in these institutes. For that I am developing a tool that takes all these parameters into consideration and help you make a decision.  Just give me a bit of time : )

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Wish you all a great luck ahead : )


  1. Hitesh

    Very useful information for the Gate Seekers

  2. Aleena Joseph

    Hi Zahid
    I feel that your assumptuions are right and is useful for students in engineering stream. I am BSc Physics graduate and seeking admission for MSc Physics in IIT’s, NIT’s and top universities. Can you pls rate these institutes for science education.

  3. Ramakant

    I think IIT-BHU is better than IIT-Hydrabad in terms of quality of students beacuse:
    1)B.Tech closing for all branches at IIT-BHU is some 200-300 rank ahead of IIT-Hydrabad despite of the fact that the intake in all branches of IIT-BHU is 100+ while it is 30-40 for IIT-Hydrabad.
    2) If we move from CSE(Top priority of both IIT-BHU and IIT-hydrabad among B.Techies) to metallurgy(Least priority of IIT-Hydrabad) we encounter 11 branches at IIT-BHU(around 700 students), while at IIT-hydrabad we encounter only 5 branches(150 students) but still the cutoff for metallurgy @ BHU IIT > IIT Hydrabad.
    But still , all the four institutes mentioned above have our top-0.30% of students studying so all the institutes are equally good in terms of quality of students. some chosen branch over IITs while other chose IITs over branch.

  4. rani begum

    Hi zahid very good morning.it is very us is preparing for jeeeful information for me.my child is preparing for JEE-2017 pls send me the required information.thank q

  5. Arya Mondal

    Hi Zahid…My Gate2016(EE) rank=2510 & Score=617..I want to know about MS(R) admisson…and tell me getting chances for this course…

  6. santosh

    much needed info. great pal, thanks

  7. Rohit singh

    Pls don’t recommend ISM for computer science to anyone.

    1. Arun

      Sir can y pls give me some information

    2. Vanshika

      But why? Bcz i was abt to give priority order as roism dhanbad cse>indore electrical , >mech indore >roorkee chemical >civil BHU

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