A Quick Comparison of DTU, NSIT, IIIT Delhi and IIIT Hyderabad

When I was looking into M.Tech admission group, one question particularly interested me and after couple of minutes someone pinged and asked the same question. The question was, what I would recommend among DTU, NSIT, IIITD and IIITH. I was surprised by such a debate and decided to spend some time digging this up. After huge work all night long on cutoff tools, finally I got a chance to do some research on these institutes. I present the outcome in the following paragraphs with my ranking of these institutes.

First let’s talk about learning, because placements are totally based on what you know and what you have learned during the program. Please keep this in mind that if you really want to make best out of your education you must look at the faculty page before you even think about placements. Because great teachers don’t just teach you they give an insight into your life that will help you to decide what kind of job you really want to be happy. I will write about what kind of job on must look to be happy in coming posts.

If we consider faculty, IIIT Hyderabad and IIIT Delhi dominate in these institutes. Many faculty have great academic and research background. Also many were part of great research groups abroad bringing an awesome international experience and education in home, which I consider as a blessing. This will help you to understand cutting edge technology and stand out in the job market. Another important thing is, if you get inspired by research during Master degree you can get a great guidance from faculty.

My personal recommendation on faculty is below based on preference (if I am student and free to move I would choose in the following order)

  1. IIIT Delhi
  2. IIIT Hyderabad
  3. NSIT Delhi
  4. DTU Delhi

Next comes the placement, if you look at the placement records and details of companies visited these institutes in last couple of years you will find that almost all top companies go there. As IIIT Hyderabad is consistent with their placements record I believe for time being they are best when it comes to placements among these institutes. But I clearly see that if IIITD is successful in retaining and recruiting faculty the way they have done it, they will easily be best among all these. For now my recommendation based on placement is as below.

  1. IIIT Hyderabad
  2. IIIT Delhi
  3. NSIT Delhi
  4. DTU Delhi

Infrastructure is another criteria and as I can see from the labs all the institutes are supposed to have great infrastructure. But as the research and labs comes with great faculty (otherwise even great infra is useless) I believe IIIT Hyderabad and IIIT Delhi will outshine other two.

Final word, if you are living around north India I strongly recommend you the following order.

  1. IIIT Delhi
  2. NSIT Delhi
  3. DTU Delhi

If you are from South India I recommend you IIIT Hyderabad, but I will definitely ask parents to give me a chance to go IIIT Delhi. If that works out well I will prefer for my self IIIT Delhi among all these for many reasons beyond just an immediate placements. My focus will be to learn a lot from the people already gone through diverse experiences and educational excellence.

I am working on many cutoff tools (including GATE cutoffs : )) these day and got busy with them, otherwise would have written more on different institutes and courses.

Please do share these tools with your juniors and friends. Subscribe and share it on Google plus and fb. Hope this help you and wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Prabhat Soni

    To the writer of this article and the viewers,
    This article is heavily biased in favour of IIIT Delhi
    You can search other sources like Quora, compare the placements, opening and closing ranks, etc and it is VERY CLEAR that
    Although facultiy and infrastructure are better in IIIT D (compared to NSIT and DTU), the placements and quality of students coming in is definitely lesser than DTU and NSIT

  2. Hitarth

    Iit Patna vs iiit Delhi?. Please compare for VLSI. Patna starting it’s course from 2017.

  3. aman

    Don’t join IIITD for MTECH, placement sucks although they show big companies on their website .As per now , most of the companies are open only for B.Techs ..

    1. Hitarth

      All seniors said good placement. Why are you saying that?.are you from iiit Delhi?

  4. Sc

    I think u should have included iiit allahabad in this comparison as well.
    The reason being , whenever iiits are compared on any basis , mainly these three intitutes are taken into consideration.
    Coming to infrastructure , iiit a has a far better infra and amenities than delhi or hyderabad.
    It is ranked 4th in placements.
    Although,I admit the fact that faculty of iiit d or h is better.
    I found a lot of things biased in this comparison made by you although majority of it is very useful.

    And yes , I m not from iiit allahabad.( I study in bhu )

  5. ramamurthi

    hi zahid,

    first off, your website is very useful and awesome for PG aspirants in india . secondly this ranking for mtech at iiits is also commendable. thanks for that.

    i’d like to ask you please give a comparison between IIIT bangalore and delhi , i have read in quora and other sources that when it comes to mtech in cse iiit bangalore is way ahead that iiit delhi (both in academics and placements) . but in iiit bangalore palcement stats i dont get to see google,microsoft and some other top notch companies that visit iiit delhi, visiting bangalore anymore. please show a comparison sir.

    thanks in advance.

  6. Vikas Shukla

    Hi Dinesh,
    You should definitely try for IIITD provided you should have good understanding of basics and problem solving ability. I am pursuing Mtech from IIITD in VLSI and my gate score was just 525. For more detail you should visit:- http://www.iiitd.ac.in

  7. Dinesh Kumar

    I got AIR of 4423 in Gate 2016 in ECE with Gate Score of 529. Can I get Admission in IIIT-H or IIIT-D for M.S. or M.Tech in VlSI? What is the difference between M.S. and M.Tech in IIITs? What is the minimum Gate Cut off for admission for Masters programme in VlSI in IIIT-H and IIIT-D? Do I need to apply for PGEE-2016 ?

    1. Zahid

      Check cutoff tools and calculators for all details.

  8. Anurag Singh

    IMHO you’re making a fuss about IIIT D yes the faculty they have recruited is good and are trying very hard to project themselves as a competition to already established biggies in Delhi T school circuit.
    Honestly iit vs iiit d? Or even iiit h vs iiit d?
    Yea they have been pushing hard to establish their college as a research centre but they have failed to prove that college as place holistic development . Their fests aren’t all that good and in fact biased many times. Their extra curricular activities and socities are weak. Every institute has its set of problems. Nsit has them too so does dtu. Yes iiit Delhi has impossible cooperation with students their administration is super cool. I went their for admission and within 3 visits they knew me personally by name. Can’t ever imagine this in Nsit. In Nsit you have to do everything yourself. But for the cost of being a autodidactic bears fruits as you get your options open.
    Iiit Delhi has tried hard to match in tech terms but lacks in non tech terms. This year Nsit had rank 1 and rank 3 all India general category in upsc exam. People clearing cat GMAT making their own start ups . you name it and we are there. Such an exposure people at iiit d lack. Maybe because college is new but hey does it matter man. You’re not going to blame that college was new so I could not make to upsc or iim or create a multi million computer vision start up.

  9. R Prabhakaran

    Details are biased and in favor of IIIT Delhi. That’s all I have to say.

    1. naveen

      IIIT D is far better than nsit or dtu at least for m.tech and PhD. For pg and PhD Iiitd can compete with top iits. This is one of the few research led institution in India. I think for cse and ec Iiitd can compare with iiith and top 5 iits only. I don’t know why student judge institute by just placement only. If you go to nsit or dtu or nits or few iits too for mtech then after completion of your degree you will find that your skills are almost same that you have gained after btech. Whereas after passing two years in an environment like Iiitd you will come out with lots of skills with international exposure. I know many Iiitd mtech students who did not get placed via campus placement especially ec but they get placed by there own effort in core industries with good package (above 9 lacs avg) and many of them intended toward to do PhD from Iiitd or foreign university.

    2. Yes Bhaiyya

      Of course!

  10. Rishab Banerjee

    Sir i dont know what is the basis of your conclusion but being a 4th year student (batch of 2012-2016) I can confidently say whatever you have stated hides the true story. Placement: IIIT-H slightly better than NSIT > DTU >>>>IIIT-D. Now many may contradict me saying IIIT-H is hell lot better than NSIT or NSIT=DTU but consider the following facts:
    IIIT-H slightly better than NSIT
    NSIT has 50% reservation for SC/ST/OBC/PH/Army, thus a batch of Computer Engineering of NSIT will have students with rank as low as AIR 6 (Mansi Sood, AIEEE girl topper) and as high as 200000+(ST) whereas IIIT-H has all general category students with closing rank of ~1500. A bonus point of IIIT-H is that few companies like Pocket Gems dont visit NSIT(but they pick atmost 1-2 students and there are very few such companies) and also the batch size of IIIT-H is samller than NSIT.
    Why NSIT>DTU? The companies that visit DTU and NSIT are almost the same but NSIT has 2 computer related branches COE(Computer Engineering) and IT whereas DTU has CSE,IT,Software Engineering,Mathematics and Computing, just imagine the ratio of job offerings:number of eligible students.

    I dont know about IIIT-H, DTU but I can tell you this NSIT’s faculty SUCKS. Even 4th years students are not taught by full time faculty members. They dont have a clue of what is going on in the industry or what is relevant for placements. The only thing of which they worry is “DA kitna badha”. In my 4 years I have found only 2 faculty members Khushil Saini and Shampa Chakravarty to be really good. Many might not believe this, but in my 3rd year I had a fellow batch mate writing all about MODI in a Computer Organisation Paper and the teacher didnt even notice it. Many of the exam papers will not be checked and marks will be awarded randomly. I remember in my 1st semester my maths teacher replacing the i of (a+ib) by a real value and arguing that “arrey i ek variable hi to hai to replace kardo” and in my 4th sem a teacher saying that “binary search ka upper bound O(lg n) nai hota”. I have heard a great deal about the faculty of IIIT-D from my friends. I cant confirm, but one of my friend says that a faculty of theirs had been recruited by Facebook. Many of the profs have done MS from US universities, some of them are foreigners. You will find plenty of professors interested in doing project work, this is completely alien to us NSITians and projects believe me matter a lot if you want to apply for foreign universities.
    Also the most important thing that hasent been said is the SYLLABUS. Please note that at NSIT there is no CSE, it is COE and COE and CSE are NOT the same.
    COE is same as Electrical and Computer Engineering offered in USA. In COE the focus is on hardware ie. ELECTRONICS. To make things more concrete let me tell you the syllabus of COE at NSIT. I have marked the software related subjects with *:
    SEM1: Physics,Chem,Maths1 ,Manufacturing,English,ED
    SEM2: Electrical,Mechanics,Material Physics,*C programming,Maths 2
    SEM3: Electronics 1,Signal and Systems,Machines(not computers but servomotors,AC machines,DC machines,Rotor,Stator etc pure electrical),Maths3,Electrical Measurements,Machine Drawing
    SEM4: *Data Structures,Electronics 2,Communication Engineering,Electromagnetism,Digital Electronics
    SEM5: *Computer Graphics, Computer Organisation(not software), *Discrete Maths, Linear Integrated Circuit,Industrial Management
    SEM6: *Operating System, *Database Management, Control Engineering,Microprocessor, Advanced Architecture(Electronics)
    I dont know about subjects of 7th and 8th sem. In IIIT-H, IIIT-D you will find many interesting subjects related to software. Also there are no electives in NSIT(officially there are but they arent taught).
    One good thing about NSIT/DTU is attendance and atmosphere: no tension of attendance and atmosphere is super chill. I know people who have attended 5-10 classes in the entire semester, yet were able to sit for their exams. MAny of the faculty members dont come to class, many teach for not 20-30 min in a 1 hr class.
    I wanted to write much more but then it will become a blog in itself. My choice would be IIIT-H>>>NSIT(dont select COE take IT)>DTU>>>IIIT-D
    PS: My rank in AIEEE was 1390( 276 marks), I had admissions from IIIT-H NSIT, DTU. I am writing this just to tell the readers that I am not against any college just because I didnt get admission to any particular college. Although I regret not taking admission to IIIT-H.

    1. admin

      Really appreciate your efforts on this. Great input. But after being through all levels of institutes and working in industry for last 8 yrs meeting students from all across the nation and world I feel and recommend you to choose a place with great faculty. Placement and funding will come in no time with great faculty. Either knock to IITs or choose to go to a place with great faculty. my choice for now will remain IIITH > IIITD >>> NSIT > DTU. If IIITD retain its faculty and recruit more polished brains can even perform better than IIITH in no time.

    2. Sumit Keswani

      @Rishab bannerjee I must say you have quite a good research. But let me tell you something. I do agree to you that current placement stats for NSIT and DTU is better than that of IIITD. But according to me, an institute should be judged just on the bases of its placements. What matters the most is your experience with your subjects – how deep is your insight into the subject. The role of college in the placement is just to make sure that a company visits the college for placement. Else everything is just on the capability of the student. So, at the end what belongs to you, is purely your knowledge and insight in your specialization/subject. Even after placement, its just your job experience that matters. No one is gonna ask you from which college/institute you are.
      Now for the studies, you gave a list of the subjects being taught in NSIT COE/IT. My friends have told me the course structure for COE and IT is over 90% same. I actually want you to have a look at the subjects being taught at IIITD:
      1 sem: *Intro to programming, *Digital Circuits, *System management, Comm skills, *Linear Algebra.
      2 sem: *Data structures and algorithms, *Computer Organization, *Prob and stats, (a humanity course of your choice) and *Intro to Engineering Design.
      3 sem: *Operating System, *Advance Programming, *Descrete Maths, a humanity course of choice and EVS.
      4 sem: *Computer Networking, *Algorithm Design and analysis, *Database systems, Tech Comm and *an optional course(a list of 4-5 core courses including Theory Of Computation, Number theory, Graph theory etc.)

      Till 4th semster, all the mandatory courses above are basic courses which are asked during placements and required for further higher level courses.

      From 5th semester you have a list of over 45 courses each with few pre-reqiustes you can choose from according to your interests. These courses are mostly specialization courses you can take. These courses are availabe to both BTech and MTech students.

      By now, you must have already observed the rich diversity and application based approach towards studies. Most of the courses have continuous evolution with projects and regular assignments and not just mid-sem and end-sem exams forcing student to regularly learn with the pace of the course.
      Most of the core courses which are taught in 3rd or even 4th year in other colleges(including IITs) are done by the 3rd or 4th semester at IIITD. Students there are not just given theoretical knowledge but applications are done throughout the semester. Many undergraduate students work with the professors in their research and development.
      If you enter into IIITD now, It is highly likely the placement till the time you graduate will be par with the placements of DTU and NSIT.
      So, as a whole, I feel that everything in the post is not a boasting about IIITD. But I must say the IIITH is a better choice than IIITD (be it in placement or competitive surrounding).
      Finally, for IT oriented course according to me, the order should be: IIITH > IIITD > DTU > NSIT.

      at last – sorry for any typo 😛

  11. Abhishek

    You are right Dr Zahid. You have done excellent work in understanding these institutes. I knew about IIIT D 2 year back and I was wondering why you are not recommending it in the intense that deserve.
    I am adding here one blog link from IIT Kanpur professor, that support your finding.

    1. admin

      Thanks Abhishek for sharing useful info.

  12. Gate Sanyasi

    I have asked one question to hundreds of people which includes students and faculties both for institue between Iiit h ,iiitd,nsit,dtu ,iiitb. Everyone said lyk this IiitH >iiitb>iiitd>dtu>nsit. But your view is completely differwnt on this issue. So I am confused that what to do??

  13. Shivi Patel

    Hello Sir, I’ve a little doubt regarding IIIT Allahabad, IIIT Delhi, DTU and NIT Calicut.
    As u left the IIIT Allahabad in above comparison… I’m not able to decide it’s position asking these. Please guide.

  14. Wajid

    how is Jamia milli islamia Mtech program in Electrical engg??

  15. Preeti

    What would be the scope of PhD from IIIT Delhi……Is it comparable to new IITs like IIT Mandi or IIT Jodhpur…..Though new IIT give me IIT tag but I am more inclined for IIIT delhi because of Location and its faculties profile….What is Your view?

    1. Nishant Sharma


      As an alumni of IIITD (Postgraduate), I will highly recommend IIITD for PhD. My almamater have global ties, highly qualified and student publishing quality research in top conferences (in respective areas). Don’t go to IIT just for stamp and I can assure you IIITD is itself a brand now. Only in 6 years, it on number 7 (DataQuest ranking) in technical institutes (in India including IITs). IIT Mandi don’t even stand a chance to get compared with IIITD. Apart from all this, culture is awesome. The curriculum is flexible and no red-tapism like IITs.

      Three years ago I chose IIITD for my masters (after reading this same blog) and it was the best decision ever. 🙂 For details regarding PhD program, head to iiitd.ac.in. Also, you can even mail PhD scholars of the respective departments for queries.

    2. Piyush

      I am almuni of IIIT Delhi. If you really want to pursue Phd the IIITD phd is quite awesome and far better than new IIT’s in all aspect ranging from contingency fund to international exposure to post docs to research labs. The environment is quite dynamic and awesome as the motto of college is based on research only.

  16. neha

    upto how much rank we can get DTU for EE?

  17. Gate Sanyasi

    Sir According to you nsit is better than dtu but at my rank I will not get admission in first round in dtu but i got admission in nsit. So i want to ask if Nsit is better than Dtu for mtech cs placements then why high rankers prefer dtu ???

    1. Zahid

      They both have descent placements and it depends on preference year to year. What I understand from the faculty profiles is that NSIT is better than DTU. And placements is just one thing as I mentioned in post and can hugely differ from year to year. You better try for IIITD otherwise anything you get is fine, you can get a placement.

  18. Rohit Singh

    Sir, where u want to put ISM Dhanbad, which is Iit now.

    1. Prithwiraj Sinha

      Well ISM DHANBAD is a great institute .. it’s better than all new IITs .. but yeah can’t be compared to any of those elite institutes in terms of Computer Science ..

  19. shubham bahre

    see the placement brochure(last 2nd page) of DTU in its website. It places itself within top 10 colleges in india on 3 differnet aspects. would u like to chnage ur opinion then?

    1. Zahid

      No Shubham,
      I still stand for IIITD for their excellent and unmatched faculty. Faculty is core of any institute, placements and other things just come along with that. I recommend you to go thought IIITD placement stats rather : )

  20. Priya

    What about IIIT bangalore ?

    1. Hemant kumar (Del tech).

      Iiit banglore is one of the best. but among these iiits hyderabad , allahabad ,delhi have more exposure in coe ,it and ece and have excellent job offers and research also . Your iiit allahabad such a premier and only the institute in our india. to get a master degree in human computer interaction and in cyberlaw and information security.

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