When I was looking into M.Tech admission group, one question particularly interested me and after couple of minutes someone pinged and asked the same question. The question was, what I would recommend among DTU, NSIT, IIITD and IIITH. I was surprised by such a debate and decided to spend some time digging this up. After huge work all night long on cutoff tools, finally I got a chance to do some research on these institutes. I present the outcome in the following paragraphs with my ranking of these institutes.

First let’s talk about learning, because placements are totally based on what you know and what you have learned during the program. Please keep this in mind that if you really want to make best out of your education you must look at the faculty page before you even think about placements. Because great teachers don’t just teach you they give an insight into your life that will help you to decide what kind of job you really want to be happy. I will write about what kind of job on must look to be happy in coming posts.

If we consider faculty, IIIT Hyderabad and IIIT Delhi dominate in these institutes. Many faculty have great academic and research background. Also many were part of great research groups abroad bringing an awesome international experience and education in home, which I consider as a blessing. This will help you to understand cutting edge technology and stand out in the job market. Another important thing is, if you get inspired by research during Master degree you can get a great guidance from faculty.

My personal recommendation on faculty is below based on preference (if I am student and free to move I would choose in the following order)

  1. IIIT Delhi
  2. IIIT Hyderabad
  3. NSIT Delhi
  4. DTU Delhi

Next comes the placement, if you look at the placement records and details of companies visited these institutes in last couple of years you will find that almost all top companies go there. As IIIT Hyderabad is consistent with their placements record I believe for time being they are best when it comes to placements among these institutes. But I clearly see that if IIITD is successful in retaining and recruiting faculty the way they have done it, they will easily be best among all these. For now my recommendation based on placement is as below.

  1. IIIT Hyderabad
  2. IIIT Delhi
  3. NSIT Delhi
  4. DTU Delhi

Infrastructure is another criteria and as I can see from the labs all the institutes are supposed to have great infrastructure. But as the research and labs comes with great faculty (otherwise even great infra is useless) I believe IIIT Hyderabad and IIIT Delhi will outshine other two.

Final word, if you are living around north India I strongly recommend you the following order.

  1. IIIT Delhi
  2. NSIT Delhi
  3. DTU Delhi

If you are from South India I recommend you IIIT Hyderabad, but I will definitely ask parents to give me a chance to go IIIT Delhi. If that works out well I will prefer for my self IIIT Delhi among all these for many reasons beyond just an immediate placements. My focus will be to learn a lot from the people already gone through diverse experiences and educational excellence.

I am working on many cutoff tools (including GATE cutoffs : )) these day and got busy with them, otherwise would have written more on different institutes and courses.

Please do share these tools with your juniors and friends. Subscribe and share it on Google plus and fb. Hope this help you and wish you all a great luck ahead.