GATE 2012 Last Date Extended

I received a lot of comments complaining about the GATE official, which was not opening for quite a few days. Finally the notice came out. It’s because of heavy traffic due to last date. As you know we all do things in last minute, even if we are reminded.

Here is what IITD website says about the reason of extending GATE 2012 application date.

“Registration and application submitted before 12th September 2011 will not be considered.
The site will be shutdown on 21st October 2011 at 23:00 hrs.
To avoid transaction failures, Internet access through mobile phones should not be used for ONLINE application.
There is an unprecedented rush to apply for GATE 2012. In view of this, the last date for application has been extended as given below:
1. Last date for Submission of Online Application (website closure at 23:00 Hrs): 21st October 2011 (Friday).
2. Last date for the receipt of printed version of ONLINE Application at the respective zonal GATE Office: 28th October 2011 (Friday).
As of 12 noon on 14 October, more than 8,93,000 candidates have registered online. During 24 hours on 13 October alone, nearly 96,000 candidates have registered. Due to this rush, if you experience reduced access speeds to the application website, we request you to kindly bear with us and try.”

I am actually surprised to see how a webserver maintained by the leading technical institute in nation can not handle a 100,000 registration in a day. And we are talking this in the age of cloud computing, where we can add resources and remove them with no efforts. We are living in an age where concurrent programming is just a daily routine. I think IITs should seriously think about it. There is no harm in outsourcing these projects to professional companies that can do pretty well on the fly. Many universities in US and other countries do it. These companies will also help Univ understand and analyze applications.

Other thing can be to share the load among other organizing institutes, and distribute load among 8 different nodes.

Hope we leap ahead faster, we usually think we are but most of the time we wrong. Wish you all and IITs a greater luck ahead.


  1. Shahid

    GATE 2012 website is mentained by not blame IIT.

  2. Shahid

    GATE 2012 website is mentained by polaris

  3. Neelabh

    I need help, I did fill my form on time but did not take the print out of the pdf and now as the side is deactivated i am not able to login to take print out.. I paid fees and all but now how do i send the appiccation form??????


    @ ajay: same case happened with me. Now it had been 7 days . No refund. Pls help.
    Tell the procedure.i was using sbi net banking service..Please help.

    1. ajay

      u just email to [email protected] they will reply back to u within two working days .. with ur email u just mention ur gate application number and bank transaction statement . thats it…..


    I forgot to put the date and place while sending the application through post.I have put my signature and photo.will they reject my application?

  6. Sujay

    Plz suggest any good Gate CS book apart from GK Publications. It is full of errors n printing mistakes.

  7. danish

    Alhamdulillah zakir sir.. we are vry happy 🙂

  8. shoaib ahamed

    Best way is challan:)
    No risk…

  9. ramesh

    thanks for informing me… its realy helpful to all who ever is applying because some few they dont know about any information sometimes this most helpful for those people…

  10. ajay

    finally i got my money back. iitd gave me very good positive responses for emails

  11. praveen

    my name is praveen…..actually i forget to fill the declaration i.e place and date in the print out….am worrying dat my application will be there any alternative…every thng is filled except dat declaration …..

  12. Mohit

    Indians feel that IITs are the best, when we considered about the technical studies. But in reality, it is not more better than a garbage bin, when we talk on global level. It’s just IIT Kanpur that keep our status in front of world, other are useless.

    IIT can be considered best in the country as the creaming students are joining them else it was impossible for the institute to produce better students.

    Quality in IITs is just a joke of today & that is the reason, the server cannot even handle 1 lakh request in 24 hours. In general, no Government server in India can handle concurrent 5000 requests. You can take example, when your CBSE class 10th/12th results had flashed or any exam results that had been flashed.

    1. Zahid

      Recently I moved I n I to cloud to handle it :D. Pray for me next time planning to approach GATE organizing institute to take care of application process 🙂 Regarding IITs, they get the best students in the world and these are the institutes known for their students 🙂

    2. fermi

      What an absolute Idiot you are! What you know about Govt. IT Infrastructure? 5000 concurrent requests! most of Govt. Apps/websites have millions of users at a time, you Dumbshit!
      If you can’t make it to IIT, then why posting such a shit here…..moron

    3. Zahid

      That is harsh men. IITs are IITs and govt. sites are govt. sites. There is no connection between them. Who knows even GATE 2012 site managed by some private firm ???

  13. sunil

    sir wat would be the cut off score for ece this year such that too many r applying for gate………is iit r going to set a tough paper………?

  14. sunil

    wat would be the cut off for ece this year that too many pples r applying is iit gonna be set a tough paper

  15. ajay

    Thanks for such a good responses from all . I never expected this much responses.
    I have written an email to iitd gate office and i will contact my branch also on tomorrow

  16. Ammar

    @ajay : My friend had the same problem, then he wrote his concern to an official e-mail of IIT-Delhi “[email protected]”. They replied positively and will payback his payment. But meanwhile they told him to proceed with doing Payment again to complete GATE application form process. Hope this will help. 🙂

  17. Debasis

    Thanks for the update
    i forgot to mention the place and date in the office copy of gate application form. is there any problem. I have sent the required certificate attested with proper dates and also signed in the office copy affixed with my photograph. Please do reply.

  18. saprativ

    i also faced the same problem but don’t worry u will get back ur failed transaction amount within 6 working days

  19. Bhaskar

    Ajay you will get the First payment(Failed transaction) returned to your account after 3-4 working days..

    Dont worry ..If the money was not received by IIT D then where it will Go..Obviously it will return to your account ..



    Dear Ajay,
    Need not to be worry…Just call to SBI Toll Free Customer Care No. 1800112211 and tell them during online transaction that amount has been deducted from your account even that amount is not received by the Merchant. They will take a complain and within 3-5 days your balance will be credited in your account.
    May be it will automatically refunded in your account but better you will go systematically……

  21. Kunal B

    it gets refunded from SBI within a week. Call them its free.
    Dont ask such questions again.

    1. ajay

      thank u sir . I will follow the above suggestions

  22. Arun Kotha

    Hi Zahid,

    I agree with you. All Govt. websites in India are the same way. In fact IIT websites are much better than other Govt. websites. I pity our system.

    However, in my case this particular website was of great help in one way. I actually thought of applying GATE by net banking. So proceeded to the page corresponding to net banking. To my wonder there are all the banks except HDFC, in which I have an account. (A list of banks for net banking applicants could have been provided before). There is mentioned ‘you cannot change your payment method after selecting’. So I had to put the process to a pause and reach for all friends on phone, but unfortunately none of them had net banking in other banks except HDFC.

    After 1 hour I came back to my computer only to see the session timed out and I was logged out. Luckily when I logged in again, I found that I can change my payment method now by resuming the page from where I stopped it. This option has been of great help for me. I selected challan method. Otherwise I would have had to apply again and god knows if it would allow me to give the same details again in the second application.

  23. deepika

    ya i know how u comeout from problem my id [email protected]

  24. pandia

    Hi ajay,

    These kind of transaction failure are common and don’t worry dude, you money will be deposited back to your account.

  25. ajay

    I paid Rs- 1030 from sbi net-banking and completed successfully but it is not redirected to gate website . so i could not get that application form .then i retried then it asks to payment again . so i did again the same procedure and got my application form . but my problem is , is there any way to get my 1st attempt payment because i paid my amount two times for single application …..any of u facing the above problem can suggest me .thanks in advance

    1. vivek

      @Ajay same problem was with me that at first time money has been deducted but it is not redirected to gate website. then i called an iitd no.- 011-26591749.
      they said me proceed further again and money will be returned within 7 days, and they returned the money.

      call at that no. with having reference id of ur both transactions and application no. they will surely help u.
      best of luck

    2. Spartan .

      Ajay: You need to contact your bank manger to cancel on transaction. Just give an application to him he direct you to a bank procedure to get your money back for one application.

      Before that take a bank statement, and highlight the transaction you want to cancel.

    3. Munish Bhatia

      @Ajay: There is an option to fill up a form at your bank (SBI) and explain them about the issue. They should be able to help you out and revert your money back.

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