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Your Future is Created By What You Do Today

When I returned to work after a week vacation I saw a note written on my desk with a small Thanks Giving gift with a written note inside that says “Your future is created by what you do today let’s innovate today”. We are focused on innovation and trying new technology for daily life at work place so the message is clear for us to innovate today for tomorrow’s products.

I was thinking about the sentence. It is much true for anything in life that matters to us and want to keep close to our hearts. The matters can be your dream to go to IITs, your desire to land in a great job, to reach to world’s best university or any other thing in future you need to work hard each day and that will has to start from today not tomorrow.

The most important point is to start today and now whatever you are serious about. The competition has gone multifold higher with many looking for opportunities and those turned to be scare. Trust me there is no boom for anything except the talent and experts. If you want to be expert or have a great knowledge of knowhow of anything you usually need to spend a good amount of time. Malcolm Gladwell in his book ‘Outliers’ concluded based on data and case studies that any expert in the field would have spent ten thousand hours (10,000) hours of deliberate practice. That being said you need to be at the urgency of pursuing your dreams. If you are serious about it you will be at urgency of practicing and doing it as much as you can.

Delay means procrastination and the results of that are always substandard, unsatisfied and bad. Also it means you are not serious about the task or you really don’t love them at all. In all these cases it will be hard to crack anything big. You can achieve substantial results but it’s impossible to excel without giving an ample effort. Achieving till seventy percent is an easy task but after that every percent need the same amount of effort. Delay and procrastination have no space in this competitive world and if you often find yourself unenergetic to take on something you need to think again about its importance to you. If your desire is genuine I am sure you will find some strong motivation for it.

If you really like something you will already have a schedule for it. If you have a strong desire but quite don’t know if you like it you need to make a schedule for it in your daily routine and make it a part of daily life. With this your will give yourself a chance to give something ample time to understand if you like it or not. If you don’t know if you like something or not and if it’s most probably the thing you will do or have to do in future better you start giving it a place in your daily schedule to have practiced it enough to gain some expertise in it. Everything counts in this right from learning a sport to programming language, from music to mathematics, from riding horses to joining IITs.

Whatever you want to achieve make a habit of doing it today and every day. Even if its a festive time, marriage season, college parties time or any touring time, you need to do it and as much as you can. If it’s preparing for GATE do it all the time, have a book always with you wherever you go, have notes or questions all the time so that you can solve. You don’t need to feel embrace if some of the friends make comments on it. All these are temporary and a winner always have lots of fathers as they say. Once you are in IITs your life will have a different set of people around and different challenges you will never look back to them so at the point you dont need to value their opinion especially for your preparations.

I hope you will take your time seriously and work sincerely towards your goals. This is a part of GATE motivation you read similar posts at GATE Motivation to keep you burning for your goals.

Wish you all great luck ahead.


  1. Karan

    thank you sir

  2. Sameer

    motivating as always …thumbs up

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