Diwali Season A Good Time To Start Anything Good

Do you believe in good times? I mean a time we call it muhrat, a good time where you want to start something more important to you, like marriage, investments, or school or something. If you believe in it or not this is an awesome time to start preparing and focusing on GATE. For who believe in muhrats, its definitely a great time as its Diwali and for those who don’t believe in all these it again an awesome time because you got hell lot of holidays in a row.

I believe every time is good time to start something good. I am only worried about passing time, we are left with only around four months, can you imagine that. I feel as if I recently posted about GATE preparation and five months. Time has passed so quickly, we completed GATE application forms got an extension in last date. Time passes by super fast and you can not catch up with it if you delay. We are living in a nation of over a billion people and there are hell lot of GATE applicants over a 1.1 million registered members. If we dont leave our comfort zones we will be vanished in the huge crowd. If you want to do something we need to get up and show some dedication and honesty to the job we assigned for ourselves.

I would like to recomend on three things to focus on for GATE preparation right from Diwali. Make a resolution that you will follow it till you crack GATE.

Stop Planing Start Studying

This is the first and foremost thing i would like to recommend you today. Planning is good but planing too long and planning again and again is worst. It makes you desirous but without any results. So leave your beds, sofa and grab your books and start preparing for GATE. You can not reach destination without walking towards it. You need to start preparing there is no other go.

Sit In Longer Stretches

Another important thing for preparing for any exam is giving it a right try. Specially when it comes to studies there is no alternative for long stretches of preparation. You should learn to sit longer with books. Without sitting in longer stretches you neither get concentration nor understand what are you doing. You will read a para and your mind start sailing somewhere.

Most of the students have issues with this and can not sit longer with books. Start with just sitting for longer time. Don’t leave your place even if you are not studying. I don’t mean sit in front of TV or computer. I mean sit in front of the book and in a situation that either you are studying or not just sitting in front of book without any access to any entrainment. The will help you concentrate for longer time and eventually train your mind that there is no go to skip working.

Make A Daily Consistent Unbreakable Schedule

This is one of the most important thing for beating the best in life. Make sure you are spending right amount of time on whatever you desire and love. Without consistency its all worthless and you end up starting again and again and finally give up. Imagine if you are studying hard eight hours on weekend and then rest of week your are not touching book, when you see the book next weekend you will have to revise what you studied and finally end up wasting half of your time in revising. Its a good idea to give everyday an hour instead of giving eight hours at once on weekend and not touching book for whole week.

With this Diwali I would like to wish a great light in your life, a light of being truthful to ourselves and our goals and be honest to them. Give them time every single day and evaluate, knowing weaknesses before the GATE would definitely give us time to repair it and reduce the damages to our future. Its holiday season and a good time to start preparing for GATE.

I would recommend you to have a look at GATE 2012 preparation guide and be a part of I n I community for any other detail about GATE from community members.
I wish all the readers to have a great source of light in their lives with the festival of light, Wish you a enlighting Diwali.


  1. sonu

    sir,I m very depressed by my decisions..but I want to suceed in GATE2015 wid gud rank..Some of my freinds go for coaching .Presently I m in 7th sem.(ME) an average student. IS IT RIGHT FOR ME TO GO FOR THE GATE COACHING IN OUR AREA WHICH DEMANDS Rs 20,000+ AND SOME OF THE TOPICS ALSO FINISHED..SIR PLzzz HELP me .. whether I go for that coaching Institute OR SELF prepare for exam…

  2. Nikita Purohit

    Happy Diwali sir….
    Thank you very much for inspiring me always.

  3. Ankitkumar Chheda

    Hello sir, your blog is always being inspirational to me. 🙂 But I had this doubt during me academic years.
    I used to try to seat for long hours in library, sometimes studying, sometimes wandering. And most of the time SLEEPING. My stamina for long hours comes to an end after 1:15 hours. Then I need to take break for 5 to 10 min to refresh myself. But during academics, I used to sleep while studying. Is there anyways to avoid sleep during preparatory stage? And I am sure this question somewhere bothers everyone during exam preparation. 🙂 Waiting for suggestions for you and other fellow

  4. sadhana


  5. Krishna

    thanks a lot sir…thanks for everything u shared with us…..

  6. Shivani

    thanku n same 2 u sir……….. Thank you for ur valuable guidance sir…

  7. senthil

    how can i join ur community pls any one hepl me…

  8. Annapurna

    Thanks a lot for inspiring us for GATE….

  9. ksp

    Thanks alot for inspiring us to ignite ourself!!!!! Happy Diwali!!!!

  10. Ravi Patil

    Thanks alot for the Diwali wishes n Wish you the same.. I heartily thank for the inspirational mail for the initiation of studies for GATE 2012.. I will surely n constructively work for the exam sir..

  11. Santosh K P

    A very Happy,Prosperous and Productive Diwali to all.
    All the Best 🙂

  12. vamsi

    Stop Planing Start Studying:

    2nd line – I(It) make u desirous.. I think you meant It makes u ….

    Sit In Longer Stretches:

    2nd para, 4th line- sitting infront of book with(without) any access…I think u meant without any access

    Make A Daily Consistent Unbreakable Schedule:

    Give them time ever(every) single day

    I thought you are in a hurry while writing this post.

    I meant no disrespect, I just wanted your message to reach exactly what you meant.

    And if I was wrong please forgive me.

    1. Zahid

      Thank you soo much Vamsi. You are right, I was in total fix. No time but the message was important. I am really thankful for the correction. Dont feel hesitant just drop me a comment if I miss something somewhere. I correct all that now 🙂 Thanks a million again.

  13. Alpita

    I n I inspires me a lot. It gives me the right direction to work in. Keep up the good work. Wish you a happy and prosperous Diwali!

  14. nitesh

    thanx , sir 4 sharing such an important things,
    bt u know ur every sentence is massive and perplexing ,directing towards one thing only(gate) ur doing really a nobel cause work 4 students like me preparing 4 gate every time i got to read ur blog for revitalized. it’s really an inspirenignite!!!!!!!
    god bless u/\

  15. Sahana

    Wishing you and all the readers a very Happy Diwali 🙂 Every time I read your post, I get inspired and its so apt that you named the site:”Inspire and Ignite”. I truly appreciate your dedication and commitment to help students even with the tight schedule you have. I wonder how you put yourself in else’s shoes and read exactly what goes on in a student’s mind. You are doing a Great Job! I pray may God fulfil all your dreams and give you more opportunity to serve people.

  16. Raghu

    this is gr8
    thank you

  17. charu

    what will happen if my gate application form reached at the respective zonal office late will they accept it

  18. HArsh Raj Mandloi

    happy diwali …and happy new year sir …thnx a lot for pre diwali gift “I n I”community

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