IIT Madras GATE Cutoffs 2011

Here we have GATE cutoffs for IITM. Though the first list is released, there is a lot to come there and many of you may be still looking for an idea about GATE cutoff at IITM. This will definitely help you understand where your destiny is taking you.

The table was huge and organizing data was very tedious task. Thanks to Lorin again for helping us in organizing the information. Inspire n Ignite ( I n I ) runs on your support and help. As a single admin it’s difficult to imagine kind of energy it takes to maintain and run it. I get enormous help from great passionate youngsters. I and I n I remain thankful to every single individual who encourage us in any form. Our only aim is to provide right, useful, and authenticated information to the really genuine students.

Answering individual queries is impossible and to avoid regrets we started a community where you can help each other. In case of doubts and question drop down there and help and get help from others. The good thing is you will find nice friends there, who can be your next classmates.

Please For code please refer to the table followed by cutoff score table. I made a mess up with tables while making them department wise to make it more readable. I Spent all night over them without any good results. To avoid any delays just posting it as received from IITM and Lorin. May be during this or next weekend would post a more readable table.

IITM GATE cutoff 2011

Course Disc ST Max ST Min SC Max SC Min OB Max OB Min GN Max GN Min
AE1Y AE 0643 0643 0513 0512 0686 0623 0789 0694
AE1Y ME             0697 0697
AM1Y AU     0464 0464        
AM1Y CE             0751 0751
AM1Y ME 0330 0330 0441 0441 0603 0578 0787 0674
AM2Y CS             0758 0758
AM2Y EC         0698 0698 0761 0761
CA1Y CH     0348 0348 0421 0421 0471 0471
CA1Y CY         0392 0392 0608 0608
CA1Y ZE             0522 0522
CE1Y AR         0497 0497    
CE1Y CE 0349 0349 0421 0363 0590 0590 0653 0590
CE2Y BT     0363 0363        
CE2Y CE         0528 0497 0622 0570
CE3Y CE         0586 0546 0711 0590
CE4Y CE 0282 0282 0376 0376 0546 0546 0639 0550
CE5Y CE     0564 0461 0702 0635 0755 0720
CE6Y CE 0483 0483 0385 0385 0586 0564 0688 0617
CH1Y CH 0348 0322 0480 0467 0522 0504 0659 0535
CS1Y CS 0546 0510 0640 0546 0786 0737 0867 0818
CS1Y IT 0784 0784 0611 0558     0843 0835
EE1Y EC 0534 0534 0589 0562 0808 0776 0952 0878
EE1Y ZE         0773 0773    
EE2Y EE 0449 0449 0764 0656 0730 0710 0858 0779
EE3Y EC 0612 0612 0671 0593 0800 0769 1000 0901
EE4Y EC         0749 0730 0855 0855
EE4Y EE 0508 0508 0638 0638     0856 0856
EE4Y IN             0941 0841
EE5Y EC 0406 0406 0554 0546 0718 0710 0870 0792
MA1Y CS 0453 0453     0729 0729    
MA1Y EC     0530 530     0796 0796
MA1Y MA     0284 0284 0423 0423 0470 0437
MA1Y PH         0347 0347 0561 0561
ME1Y ME 0390 0337 0592 0475 0684 0606 0799 0684
ME2Y AE             0745 0745
ME2Y ME 0354 0344 0574 0507 0698 0671 0762 0723
ME3Y ME 0344 0344 0472 0439 0581 0567 0752 0656
ME3Y PR             0748 0748
MM1Y ME             0606 0599
MM1Y MM 0198 0198 0262 0195     0470 0288
NE1Y CH     0356 0356 0433 0416    
NE1Y ME 0496 0496     0567 0567 0638 0638
NE1Y MM             0519 0432
NE1Y PH     0341 0341     0564 0510
NE1Y ZE             0615 0615
NE1Y ZS             0528 0528
OE1Y CE         0521 0521    
OE1Y ME         0518 0503 0627 0532
OE1Y NA             0647 0647
OE2Y AE         0399 0399    
OE2Y CE         0381 0349 0456 0416
OE2Y ME     0395 0395     0486 0411
PE1Y CE             0577 0577
PE1Y CH     0365 0365 0522 0492 0586 0586
PE1Y ME     0421 0421     0631 0631
PE1Y PE             0352 0308
PH1Y EC     0527 0527     0886 0886
PH1Y PH         0351 0351 0561 0460
PH1Y ZS     0323 0323 0394 0394 0468 0469
AE1N AE             0692 0680
AE1N PR             0666 0666
AM1N ME             0635 0631
AM2N EC             0765 0765
CE1N CE             0572 0572
CE2N CE             0554 0554
CE3N CE             0550 0541
CE4N CE             0521 0521
CE5N CE             0706 0626
CE6N CE             0555 0555
CH1N CH             0501 0458
MH1N MA             0428 0423
ME1N ME             0722 0661
ME2N ME             0713 0666
ME3N ME             0649 0641
OE1N CE             0497 0497
PH1N PH             0421 0421

IITM GATE cutoff 2011 Decipline code and number of seats.

No. Department/Degree/Streams Discipline Code Code (for choices) No. of seats
1. Aerospace Engineering Department – M.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineering AE1 AE1Y 12
AE1N 3
2. Applied Mechanics Department – M.Tech. in Applied Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics/Solid Mechanics AM1 AM1Y 10
AM1N 2
Biomedical Engineering AM2 AM2Y 6
AM2N 1
3. Chemical Engineering Department – M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering CH1 CH1Y 27
CH1N 5
4. Civil Engineering Department – M.Tech. in Civil Engineering
Building Technology and Construction Management CE1 CE1Y 7
CE1N 1
Environmental Engineering CE2 CE2Y 6
CE2N 1
Geotechnical Engineering CE3 CE3Y 7
CE3N 1
Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering CE4 CE4Y 6
CE4N 1
Structural Engineering CE5 CE5Y 13
CE5N 3
Transportation Engineering CE6 CE6Y 8
CE6N 1
5. Computer Science and Engineering Department – M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering CS1 CS1Y 54
6. Electrical Engineering Department – M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering
Communication Systems EE1 EE1Y 17
Power Systems and Power Electronics EE2 EE2Y 11
Micro Electronics and VLSI Design EE3 EE3Y 14
Control and Instrumentation EE4 EE4Y 11
Photonics EE5 EE5Y 10
7. Mathematics Department – M.Tech in Industrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing
Industrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing MA1 MA1Y 10
MA1N 3
8. Mechanical Engineering Department – M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
Thermal Engineering ME1 ME1Y 36
ME1N 4
Design ME2 ME2Y 20
ME2N 4
MAnufaturing Engineering ME3 ME3Y 18
ME3N 3
9. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department – M.Tech in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering MM1 MM1Y 20
MM1N 4
10. Ocean Engineering Department – M.Tech. in Ocean Engineering
Ocean Engineering OE1 OE1Y 14
OE1N 1
Ocean Technology and Management* OE2 OE2Y 8
11. Physics Department – M.Tech. in Solid State Technology
Solid State Technology PH1 PH1Y 11
PH1N 1
12. M.Tech. in Catalysis Technology (Co-ordinating Dept. – Chemical Engg.) CA-1 CA1Y 6
13. M.Tech. in Nuclear Engineering (Co-ordinating Dept. – Metallurgical and Materials Engg.) NE-1 NE1Y 12
14. M.Tech. in Petroleum Engineering (Co-ordinating Dept. – Ocean Engg.) PE-1 PE1Y 12
N 39

Y – With Half-Time Teaching Assistantship(HTTA)

N – Without Half-Time Teaching Assistantship(N-HTTA)

* – Assistantship sponsored by NOIT

I hope this will help many students. We are coming up with GATE cutoffs for other IITs soon. Don’t forget to subscribe for more updates, like I n I on facebook to get updates right in real time. Have question visit I n I community forum.

Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. rahul iyer

    can anyone please tell me gate marks to be scored out of hundred for general category to get into iit madras for M.Tech in construction management (civil)

  2. lijo jose

    Hello πŸ™‚
    Can i know, gate marks to be scored out of hundred to get into iit madras for M.Tech in ECE ??

  3. vishwanath

    What about the cut off rank for MS program in Biomedical Engineering in IITM?
    And what level is the interview procedure?

    Thanks in advance


    ptu mtech 2012 admission on the basis of gate qualified
    kindly refer this links
    8000/month scholarship is given to gate qualified

  5. Vamsi

    In aerospace dept there are 8 seats in all for mechanical
    The table is not clear in this aspect.

  6. Aman Sehgal

    Ranking of engineering institutes by Indian Academy of Science
    ( The rest of rankings by magazines are bullshit !!!)
    1.IISc, Bangalore
    2.IIT Kanpur
    3.IIT Bombay
    4.IIT Kharagpur
    5.IIT Delhi
    6.Jadavpur University
    7.IIT Madras
    8.IIT Roorkee
    9.Anna University
    10.IIT Guwahati
    11.Cochin University of Science and Technology
    12.BITS, Pilani
    13.Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
    14.IT BHU, Varanasi
    15.Bengal Engineering and Science University, Howrah (Now,IIEST-S)
    16.College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai
    17.Harcourt Butler Institute of Technology, Kanpur
    18.Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad
    19.Maulana Azad NIT, Bhopal
    23.Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sangrur
    24.PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
    25.NIT, Jamshedpur
    26.Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala
    27.Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi
    28.Delhi College of Engineering, New Delhi(Now,Delhi Technological University)
    29.BITS, Mesra
    30.S.J. College of Engineering, Mysore

    1. subhajit

      6.Jadavpur University
      7.IIT Madras
      8.IIT Roorkee
      9.Anna University
      10.IIT Guwahati
      11.Cochin University of Science and Technology
      12.BITS, Pilani
      13.Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
      14.IT BHU, Varanasi

      the rnking is totally bullshittttt
      especially the upper portion,,,

    2. biniya

      CUSAT abov IT BHU and BITs LOL Can’t imagine that πŸ™‚


    the cut off gives infos frm 1st to last list.

  8. Pallavi

    pls Update this cutoff…
    as list 2 has been declared…

  9. subhasis sarkar

    i belong to mechanical
    engg dept.

  10. subhasis sarkar

    i secured 28 marks and 319 score in gate 2012 ….felling little bit of insecurity getting admission can u suggest me as per the present senario….any kin of help will be useful.

    Subhasis sarkar

  11. subhajit

    going frm eee to aero,,i think no direct admsn ,there will be a test,u will have to go through(only at iitb)
    at iitkgp its direct through interview

  12. Aishwaryhaa.Y

    Actually i completed my B.E(EEE) in a college in coimbatore i would like to do in aerospace engineering Is it okay to do .I would like to study in any of the iits.but i havent got avalid score in gate 2012.WILL I BE ABLE TO DO IN THE NEXT YEARPLS REPLY ME

    1. subhajit

      u may try,,even i am planing to do it,,i am curently in 4th yr,ME,,I PERFORMED BADLY THIS YR IN GATE ,got call from only iitg,iitr,iitkgp(i applied only at 7 iits,,)
      if i dont get iitkgp,(i dont wanna go roorke or iitg),i will drop 1yr to get iitb , iitk or madrs,
      if u get iit nest yr,,there will be no prob,,,,going frm eee to aero is posibl,,my frnd got aero in iitb this yr,,he is frm EEE

  13. Aniket Narvankar

    Sir,i have done BE in Computer Science.Sir,i want to ask you sir will i be eligible for in microelectronics and vlsi design. with BE in computer and gate paper is CS. Please reply..if yes which IITs allow this…please reply…

  14. subramanian

    Can u tell me about the admission procedures in iit roorkee for civil engg.

  15. Raghav

    helo Zahid sir , i need suggestion .

    my score was in 2011 is 331 and this time i have not cleared the cut off marks . now i want to do mtech with my gate score . so which college will bw good ??

  16. kumar sourav

    cutoff score for 2011 ccmt was 319 and for 2012 it is 312

  17. subhajit


  18. SIVA

    sir, pls post last yearcutoff mark for CCMT 2011.this is very useful to us.

  19. srikara

    Hello sir ,
    i have got AIR 44 do i have a chance of getting structural engineering in IIT MADRAS

  20. shivam dixit

    sir my score is 605 and rank is 1686 marks 54.33 in mechanical engineering
    plz tell me can i get any iit
    plz tell me what is the top marks in ME in 2012

  21. bharti

    my score is 489 in cs nd rank is 4692. which clg can i get into…
    plz do sugst ..

  22. Sriram Kasyap

    Sir Please make sure that Forum link is available in the home page. Its a little difficult to search for the link!
    Could you also make links login and logout if possible?

  23. warrior

    Thank you zahid sir.. till today i was in a state of mind that i cud easily crack GATE with little effort and cud get into those IITs easily.After looking at the above stats it clear that i’ve to pull up my socks and understood that rank below 500 is no way useful to get into IITs.Thank you very much for your effort working with those excel sheets and get all things posted here. Please help us by getting cut offs of other IITs as well, i’m always availble to help you incase i know in what way and how i could…!!

  24. Neha

    Hi Zahid,
    First of all Thanks for all the useful information you Provide us.
    Could you please tell me how is COLLEGE OF ENGG PUNE and DIAT?
    Is it better than low level NITs?

  25. kumar sourav

    awaiting bombay and kharagpur cutoffs… πŸ˜€

  26. Arnab

    I think for ee5y ie the photonics branch the gen min is 792 not 732

    1. Zahid

      Thanks Arnab. I verified and modified it. Thank you soo much for correction..

  27. Chandra Sekhar

    I got direct admits for both Kanpur and Chennai, which one is better???

    1. Zahid

      If I am in your place. I would go to Kanpur : )

    2. Gate Cse

      hello Chandra , i want to ask u a question , How you compare 2 IITs means what is u r parameter to compare ?
      Both of them are good in their OWN areas and yes u want to do M Tech so u need specialization so u choose IITs according to u r AREA OF INTEREST if u have , not others OPINION !!!!!
      I don’t expect from Zahid Sir so much casual response at least when u understand the query πŸ™‚

    3. Chandra Sekhar

      I also finalized on it but I’m wary of its placement record. I’m a mechanical guy, can you shed some light on that?

    4. biki

      check u r department site and Faculty web page for their research and placement is same for all IIT s so no need to worry ,u can also mail the students for further knowledge .

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