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What is the difference between BE and B.Tech or ME and M.Tech

Another common question among engineering students and usually a question of an argument between friends is what is the difference between B.Tech and BE, which is better or has a better scope. Similarly for M.Tech too, what is the difference between M.Tech and ME. I searched for it and found many forums are filled with non-satisfying replies. I will present the most reasonable and valid difference between these two.

First please note that there is no difference between these degrees in terms of value and scope. BE and B.Tech have similar scope and future and at the same time, ME and M.Tech have the same scope future.

Before digging deeper into the question lets get full forms of these terms correctly. ME full form is “Master of Engineering”, M.Tech full form is “Master of Technology”. Similarly, BE full form is “Bachelor of Engineering” and B.Tech stands for “Bachelor of Technology”.

Now let’s dig the question little deep. If BE and B.Tech or ME and M.Tech have the same value and scope why the names are different.

Right after the independence of India, we have two types of universities, one that offers degrees in many fields like Sciences, Arts, Education, and Engineering too, and the second set of universities (were named as institutes) offer only degrees in engineering. Universities that offer other degrees along with engineering named their engineering degree as BE (Bachelor of Engineering) and Institute constituted for only Engineering studies named their degree as B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology).

Now as AICTE approves courses most of the courses are the same and identical for BE and B.Tech. The universities those offering BE when started new courses named them to B.Tech too.

No degree, BE, or B.Tech and ME or M.Tech is superior other others in terms of theory or experiment. BE and B.Tech or ME and M.Tech are the same. Both of them are the same and have similar scope and future. If there is some notification for BE, B.Tech’s are also eligible to apply and vise versa.


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  2. manikandan .p

    hi am manikandan sir I complete my 12th studies I am confused with what a course take in college I scored 688 marks in 12th in pcm 111,95,72 help me sir

  3. Engr Zaroon

    But for Pakistan things are quite different , BS /BE/BSc are same engineering programs but B.Tech is not recognized by PEC Pakistan Engineering Council , in B.TECH there is mpre focus on field work and pract application unlike BE/BS where theory is major focus

  4. Raghav

    Thankyou sir for let my confusion ge t over about be and btech

    Once again thanks

  5. Jeegna Patel

    If I completed My Graduation by B.E. and i go for masters by M.tech .
    is it possible?

  6. Axay

    Is bsc electronics not equal to BE

  7. Nikita lalwani

    I am in btech 1 year can i switch to BE 2nd year next year

  8. Tushar

    Thank u sir, fr gvng us this information. Actually i was in confuse that there is difference in BE & Btech ….And nt same scope on both……Thank u

  9. Aditya Regmi

    Is fee structure also same ?

  10. Jignesh Machhi

    Tq sir for giving precious information about BE/B.tec
    I was totally confused between them

    Tq Sir.

  11. AKHIL KM

    is bsc electronics is known as BE OR NOT

    1. Zahid

      BSc is not BE.

  12. sreelekshmi

    is ITC a BE course? someone plz reply

  13. Akhila

    thank you sir

  14. sravani

    If b.e , b.tech are the same then why b.e is 3 yrs and b.tech is 4 yrs

  15. Abhishek

    Good info….

  16. shubham pathak

    thank sir ……

  17. Neelu

    Hello sir,I HV completed my diploma in cs&e I’m confused WD be and b tech… can u plzz suggest me with what i should go???? Plzzz reply soon

  18. zohan khan

    M in diploma final year. .can u plz tell me what should I do after thiz. ..I wana teaching line future. ….B.E OR B.TECH

  19. Sanket

    Thank you sir!

  20. Kidar Nath Bansal

    Is there any system in place to check the status of complaints made to NBA against institutions which after getting NBA drastically reduced standards against the rules

  21. Marvin Minhaz

    Thanks Man, You helped me a lot!

  22. satuam tiwari

    Thank you


    Thanks for clarify the difference b/t BE and B.TECH


    BITES PILLANI is one of the top most institude for doing B TEC .

  25. vivek chauhan

    Thanks for clarify the difference b/t BE and B.TECH

  26. Adarsh Kumar

    Thanks for this
    Before I read I have a little confusion

  27. kunal gaikwad

    i am a student of diploma in printing technology
    i am confused or little bit feared of my future
    thts why
    i decieded to search difference between b.e and b.tech on net

    because nobody has right opinion on any of this
    only i want an conclusion that as compare as b.e. and b.tech which has more scope or has great future
    pls tell me sir

  28. asha kumari

    which is better between B.Tech and BE.

    1. Kunal

      Whats u choose??BE or Btech???
      Plz suggest Me best one.


    THANKS A LOT…….!!!!!!!!

  30. malik rehan

    Thanks sir I completely satisfied wid this answer thank you very much…I thought this is so complicated but you have made so easy thank you once again

  31. malik rehan

    Thanks sir I completely satisfied wid this answer thank you very much

  32. raja

    good advice

  33. Jyoti Gill

    Hello sir, Please tell the difference between M.Tech in CSE and M.tech in Software Systems and which is better between the two ?

  34. Jyoti Gill

    Hello sir, Please tell the difference between M.Tech in CSE and M.tech in Software Systems and which is better?

  35. P.S.Lakshmisree

    it is very useful

  36. sampatti

    hi.. i am sampatti , completed puc 2nd science in pcmb. i am very much interest in technical courses . i want to do B.TECH from (ksou) open university, Is it good for my future? i cant do b tech regular , because i am having family responsibility, please clear my doubt.

  37. sampatti

    hi.. i am sampatti , completed puc 2nd science in pcmb. i am very much interest in technical courses . i want to do B.TECH from (ksou) open university, Is it good for my future? i cant do b tech regular , because i am having family responsibility, please clear my doubt.


    If both are same, then why lot of difference between fee structure.

  39. om prakash patel

    Be is best course

  40. Vinit

    sir ,i am doing B.E from R.G.P.V .Does it valueable for my future??

  41. Taheera shah

    23) Taheera Shah
    Oct 22,2013 @ 11pm
    sir,I have been completed Diploma Three years Course in Information Technology.now which course best B.E. or B.Tech Or other any …
    plz reply

  42. Hussney mubarak

    sir, in jamia millia university,the courses offered as both B.tech(morning) & B.E(evening) in all stream so what is difference b/w them please reply

  43. robin francis

    sir is marine engg good?

  44. Priya

    Thank u.. Now its clear ..

  45. Soujanya

    good morning sir,
    Sir i didnt score well in GATE 2013. But i got 358 rank in pgecet. Now in some universities they are awarding M.E and some are awarding M.Tech which one is more valuable for teaching field?

  46. prashant mali

    thanks sir for a satisfactory answer ..!!

  47. suraj

    thanks but if btech is skill oriented then it is more demanding than b.e



  49. prashant

    what is diffrence between the UGC and AICTE?

  50. gaurav

    if one company wants a b.e. student then a b.tech student can apply for the same job?

  51. chandanakavi

    And I wants to details that

  52. chandanakavi

    I am comlited diploma in mec what I am stady to banifit my life BE or B TECK Plz tell sir

  53. jayadip

    230 below rank

  54. jayadip

    1000 below rank

  55. jayadip

    yes, m.e is best.i don’t know rank be. i am not qulif. ok



  57. srimannarayana

    any one plz respond me?

    1. Leon

      come to my house or send yours..

  58. srimannarayana

    sir….i’ve one doubt..to join in i IIT’s for m.tech..in electricsl engineering how much rank better to ger?

  59. awadh

    Me is the best.

  60. pandit shinde

    Be and b.Tec which degree have scope more in civil engineering.

  61. navin

    Sir i also have doubt that is there any courses relating helicopters? If there pls give information

  62. Johnvesli

    Dear sir
    Really its fyn…keep on moving n help those guyz like us who’s in confusion…

  63. miss jamila

    is the scope of BE is much as compared to BS

    1. deep kumar mishra

      the only difference is that in be and bs their full forms are different
      be- bachelor of engineering
      bs-bchelor of science
      but the good news is that they both are bachelors

    2. Alankrit AMan

      look.in india its be which is treated g8 coz it gives ur knowledge and nobody cares 4 experience(4 freshers)…………but abroad btech is more valuable coz it gives u chance to use that knowledge on ground

  64. nilesh anand

    thanx! I love your information.

  65. Saify

    Thanx for this info,was really confused…

  66. manoj khanna

    after 10 diploma in cs n than b.tech is elligible for t civil services??????

  67. Himanshu Raj Sir

    Dear Sir,
    i m from jharkhand. Now i m present in indore. my college is oriental university. i wanna say something about is my university is aproved by ugc or aicte? plz sir responce me.

  68. ramkrushna

    I am appearing 12th Science with Electronic , what would be the best steam (BE or B tech) after 12th.

  69. Zeeshan

    Sir i agree with you thanks for the information.


    i wante to go in “astro physics- a branch of physical science”. and i am going to appear in jee main this year… what should i do……

  71. kapesh

    What is best be or b tech

  72. vivek kumar

    Thank u for this important difference b/w B.E & B.TECH.

  73. raja singh

    thanks for the informetion…..

  74. mallinath akkalkot

    thank u sir, if possible please eloberate the company profiles in detail(for B.E freshers),who will recruit through offcampus.

  75. sakshi gupta

    you solved my big confusion..
    as dis is a common confusion among engg. students
    thanks 4 da explaination….:)

  76. Djprassu

    Thanks for the detail.;-):-(

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    Useful info

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    tanx buddy!! 4 dis valuable information….

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  80. raut atul

    thanks………..this is the most confusing question for engg. students……u solve it nicely…thanx again..

  81. jay patel

    If any one have any daught like any states top collages or it’s AICTE approve or not or any kind of technical informatio than you can call me on 8431120726 this number…jay patel

  82. jay patel

    now i’m on last year of diploma and i am confuse about my next career b’coz my some friends are tell me that B.E is better and some are tell me for B.TECH so i’m confuse about that…plz tell of that which one is better and more valuable…

    1. jay patel

      and i’m in mechanical engineering…

  83. punkck

    thankx for the information ! 🙂

  84. sai kumar

    now i am studying diplamo in electrical and electrical engineering

    after this what is the best?

    b.e (or) b.tech

    i want to know whis is the best

  85. bomge tasar

    thanks sir! that’s what i ws confused wid!

  86. rishi

    thanx for the valuable information…..:)

  87. abhishek tiwari

    dear sir i am confused bcoz in rewa m.p. gec dont offer b.tech but manit bhopal has offered b.tech and b.e. both then what is difference between them and their syllabus and their scopes

  88. M.ramya

    what is high degree b.tech or b.e sir

    1. M.ramya

      which has a better job oppurnuties b.tech or b.e


    thanks for you giving the better answer

  90. Ravi Theja

    Thank you for the info!

  91. shresth

    thanks 4 the valueable info

  92. amol gholap

    thank you sir for this imformation

  93. Santosh Kumar

    Dea Sir,

    I m little bid confuse b’coz in uttaranchal Kumaon engg college only for enginnering education but he offered BE degree & G.Bpant university for agriculture,home science,fishiery,engineering but he offered B tech degree. plz clear.

  94. lipsa

    thank u so much..aj tak doubt tha

  95. Sayan

    Thank u i did not knew dis….! thnx a lot

  96. Himanshu pandey

    not good as i thought
    there is some diff. in them

  97. Ankit

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  98. renu

    if b.e nd b.tech are both same then y does DCE offers both d courses in same field..???


    information science and information technology degrees are same or different

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  101. Burahnuddin Yusuf Laila

    which are the best engineering college in chennai to study mechanical engineering. college with good lab and faculty.

  102. tejaswini


  103. gaurav

    not satisfied. why universities differentiate it

  104. Aabid

    Actually, there is a bit of difference in the syllabus of B.E and B.TECH. B.TECH is more associated with practical work and that is not the case with B.E.

  105. vikram

    Dear Thanxs for the good reply. vikram

  106. Ashish

    B-TECH & B.E both are regular courses

  107. ashish

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  109. Tarun Patel

    ME is required in industry at promotion time and what is the impotent of ME in industry.

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  114. deep

    sir,i have completed my diploma in engineering in cs branch,while there is this lateral entry scheme..is it possible to change my course from cs to b.tech in mechatronics or any other branch???

  115. Rushi

    Thanks a lot.

  116. satvinder

    thank you sir for clearing one major doubt…..but one more question…Can we pursue M.Tech after B.E?

  117. anthonyfanai

    Thanxs for the anser.. I am really appreciated.. but sir I’ve completed my B.E degree course from Dr.Ambadkar Institute Of Technology Bangalore… Here the degree their offer is still B.E inspite of the college name is Dr. Ambedkar institute of technology…????

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    Thank u very much for clearing this doubt my uncle tell that B.tech is less value than B.E i am shocked. thank for clearing this

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    thank you very much sir, it is a beautiful explanation for engineering students .
    i will checked out,what is the fees structure of both cources.then i get the admission .


    Tell me clearly about BE and B TECH.

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    what a knowledge,
    i don”t know who submit these knowledges

    but he is very nice, thanks
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    what is difference b/w m.tech and b.tech at iit

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    my sir ER. PANKAJ AGARWAL had gave this info earlier,,,but thanx for telling it most of the student confused what is the diffence between BE AND B.TECH.beacause be is a diploma and b.tech is a digree,,,,

  139. vijayaragavan

    will u please tell me which is the good course in engg. im in confusion.i cant decide myself. pls tel me what course i have 2 take my mark 1030 and my cutoff 163.25.

  140. Ravikrishna

    sir, i was very cofused for which is better btech or be!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if btech is better i will be do btech in hyderabad at st.marry college of engineering, jntu universty……….
    if be is better i will be do be in solapur at orchid college of engineering, solapur university…….
    please sir send me ur suggestion……………….

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    hearty thanks to you to cleared the major doubt

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    I heard that BE is more based on theory and BTECH are more practical based what’s your opinion sir?


    thanx a lot……….

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    we are very thankfull 2 you…..

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    hai sir thank u for ur explenation, this is nice information

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    B Tech is said to be more skill and practical oriented study of Engineering and BE is knowledge and Theory based??Does that make BE less valuable??

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  160. Gouri Pathak

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    But still may i know the fee structures of both the courses..?
    i read the above comments in which they r telling that B.Tech is pratical oriented…so..clear my this doubt even…?
    Please reply…if u know..!


    12TH PCM

    MOB. NO. 9826499179


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    can we do m.tech after b e ?

  164. Amit

    can i do m.tech. after doing b.e.? i have heard that after b.e. we can only do m.e. not m.tech. ?????????

  165. jishnu

    sir i have completed mu diploma in electronics so can i do part time job for tht whihc colleage is the best one

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    thank u sir …..for clearing my confusion.but sir if BE and B TECH are same why there are only limited colleages for BE.plz reply

  172. Anchal Khare

    I am not satisfied with your answer i know many clg where they are providing many degrees and they are giving btech as i know in btech program practical units is more and internship duration is more than 6 months but in be it’s 2 months but in be(honours- which is given by bits pilani is offering 6 months internship)

    As per standard all iit, bits pilani, and top clolleges are giving btech no iit is giving be and they are offering others streams degrees also

  173. ABC

    what is OU and JNTU?

  174. abhi

    thank you so very much for clarifying the difference between the two in such simple terms. i thought it to be a very complicated one!!

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  177. Pushpendrda Singhal

    I have done my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, and after that now I wants my education is continue, But I am facing some family problems, and presently I am working in Automobile industry.

    So, Sir/Mam, now I wants B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. So please you tell/wright me which top better three(3) university across india for Correspondence/Part time.

    Sir/Mam, please help me.

  178. santosh

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    1. Abhishek

      hello abhinav i also have to join air foce acadamy so please give me some tips and information about airforce

  181. Supratik Roy

    But sir, i heard that B.Tech is much more practical oriented than B.E. Is it true??

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    sir all are told if we get master degree in m tech the only way is teaching is it true sir and of-course im not interested in teaching im interested in company especially in automobile line give me idea please

  191. laharish

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    Thanks a lot… I was pretty confused about the difference between the two… Now thanks to you, i know about it and i can share it with my friends…

  193. swetha

    hell sir,
    i hav completed my BE(cse), currently i m in teaching field. i want to do higher studies through correspondance or part time which is helpful for my profession. which course do u suggest me

  194. Nirupam

    Gr8 answare

  195. Sajay Patil

    Alwase B TECH & M TECH are better than the B.E. & M.E.
    Whenever B TECH & B.E. Students going for interviews
    First preferance is given to B TECH Students

  196. praveen

    when we do M.Tech course duration is 2years and M.E course is 3years what is difference ? sir…… i’m in lecturer job so which one is suitable for me ………..

  197. showkat

    thank u sir i was a bit confused before

  198. Jeffin johnson

    Thank u very much sir, so many students problem cleared you .
    I want a problem is what i choose b teach or B E finally i suggest one ! Thank you

  199. B.Kuli

    Thank you SIR,
    i have been udergoin situation where i see my friends arguing among themselves abt superiority n inferiority of B.E/B.TECH. Bt reading ur post i got that such diffrnce doesnt even if exist they r nt carreer oriented problems. When courses r reviewed under same council i.e AICTE ,courses wont go wrong for sure. If any of this wud hv lagged behind AICTE won’t be a silent observer.
    Myself a B.E, Mechanical student was abit messed up about my degree course.. Bt now i m sure itz all about being yourself and being best in what we do.

  200. kamal rijwan

    i understand the ans of the qns and yes its very understable and true.

  201. suganya

    thank u sir, u have given a very clear difference btween ME & MTECH . actually i was bit confused abt dis issue.

  202. nirmala ranawat

    what difference does it makes in job when you are a m. tech and when you have done ms.
    which one is better.

  203. SURESH


  204. Ankit Sharma

    Well, thanks for clearing my doubt, But what I had heard is BE- B.Tech and ME – M.Tech are same but B.Tech and M.Tech students are given more priority in Job, Study etc

    1. vikas

      No sir,
      it is rarely happen
      but most of the time ME student are interested in research work so they are preferred lecturer ship for maintain continuity in there research work
      Mostly M. Tech student prefer job in industrial sector .due to this people change there thinking

  205. vikas jain

    Can u tell me about the role of ECE Engg. in mechatronics and how one can pursue M tech in mechatronics. and the role of it in Agriculture.

  206. ashish bali

    thx buddy you make me clear about the difference between btech and be … i am satisfied with your answer

  207. keshab kumar

    Its really a great answer.

    1. Mohd Razaa

      Would you tell me ? Actually I wanna do ME(master of engeneer) what all qualification needs for it .and which college would be great.

  208. shubhita jain

    which course is better after engineering- mba or m.tech? i have heard that after doin m.tech, a person earns equal as to what just an engineer earns.then what is the advantage of doing a m.tech? does doin m.tech just leads to a teaching job? i mean i dont want to do teaching, i want to work in a company. please tell which is more fruitful? i dont want to do mba

    1. Zahid

      Shubhita: please refer to M.Tech or MBA for greater insight into these courses. Also remember that it also depends a lot from where you are doing these course. M.Tech from some private college is far far better than an MBA from private college. On the same time an MBA from IIM is more lucrative than an M.Tech from IIT.

  209. Nandan. S

    Thank you so much… Most of the students don’t know this difference and even me too… Thanx for sharing such an information. Some of my students asked me this doubt and from now onwards i can share this..:)

  210. priyamrit

    hello sir,
    Mtech in petroleum from ISM or machine design from IITG,which one to choose?please reply its really important.

    1. Aniket Dugar

      Can You please guide me which course to opt petroleum or mining engg? And are these courses a better option in future?

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