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Top Engineering Courses in India

It’s been eight years I left IIT and started working in one of the leading companies in the world. I learned a lot about importance of different engineering courses and see them used every day at my work place. This gave me great insight to put this forward. Long time back I wrote a post on Which is The Best Engineering Course, that more or less was my experience as a new employee and fresher out of college. This will be bit more deeper experience.

First of all, almost all engineering courses will lead to a great career, because use if you see around you, you will find that almost every skill in engineering is used. If we look into our daily life we easily figure out, the home we are living in is planned by civil engineers, the bikes, cars, buses, and trains are from Mechanical Engineers. The phones, TVs, computers and tablets we use are from Electronics and Computer engineers. All these devices run using electricity or power, there comes Electrical engineers and so on. This gives a clear message that everyone will have a job.

I also see sometimes mechanical engineers are hired in software for design and paid more than software engineers. Production engineers are paid more too, because they play a crucial role in manufacturing plant and simple strategies from them can benefit companies in millions. I am sharing all these with you to understand that it’s not branch of engineering that fetch you a great job. It is the skill that gives you what you have in life. So, go ahead with what you will like and try to be best in that.

Now I give you the list of what I think are top courses, for more details why I say they are top read blow paragraphs. To know more about these courses just click them and follow the links. Also refer to Engineering Course, their scope and future prospects.

Top Engineering Courses in India: My opinion

Computer Science and Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering

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I consider these engineering course are top with respect to jobs availability and diversity of jobs and number of specializations available for further studies. For example, CSE is top branch because of the number of companies in India. Now is becoming web startup hub, means more jobs for computer engineers. Electronics Engineers are need to mange communication infrastructure. With the boom and huge interest in alternate energy, engineering courses like Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical will see a great need of excellent human resource, for that you need a specialization. Civil engineer are already in great demand because India’s infrastructure for next couple of decades.

The more important thing to ask is why would someone will hire you. Is it just because you have a degree in engineering or you have been a topper in class? I think, I will not, if you don’t have sufficient skills to perform certain job it’s impossible to land in a job that pay you on the same time keep you motivated. Therefore whatever you choose to go for, give your best in it. Learn the desired skills and jump into the industry that help you grow faster and be successful.

I know many Computer engineers on the streets without jobs too, just doing engineering from computer science is not sufficient. One need to focus on the skill required by the industry. More important is to know the subjects and give your best to understand the concepts.

These are my personal views on top courses and someone else might have a different opinion on that. This is based on my personal studies and experience in industry.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Navdeep Kaur

    Thanks to provide B.tech courses information. This information is very helpful to choose best engineering course.

  2. Siddalinga Doddamani

    hi sir. interesting your suggestions. like others I loved it too. sir I am confused between the two cs and petroleum. I have completed diploma in fire and safety eng which one will be the best for me. presently I am living in Karnataka but for petroleum I have to move to bombay. guide me a way.

    thank you

  3. kshitij gangwar

    Sir, could you please help me with the prospects, the merits and demerits of mathematics and computing branch.
    Its a new branch and i am having doubts about the type of companies that hire such graduates. I am having air 5891 in jee 2015.
    This branch is less opted and may get me into IIT M or IIT KGP.

    1. Sk Sahil

      sir which stream is better ?
      at frist B SC after that B TECH or
      i can join in engg. line after 12th

  4. yasu

    sir … what is the best courses between mechanical and computer science engineering . i am interested in both of the streams but according to the placements what is the best one .. Sir can you please feel free to answer my question

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