Doing PhD and how to make best out of it, is still an unexplored topic on blogosphire. Doing phd in india is almost never discussed anywhere except one or two pages by some IIT professors. Here I take the initiative to write everything about PhD, especially in engineering domain. I am highly positive that you will find all the articles very helpful, useful and motivating.

Before I start diving into a series of posts I would like to say few things about me. If you read the about me page on that blog you will find that I did my PhD from IIT Roorkee. I was student at Electronics and Computer Engineering Dept. Just to keep it brief, I finished PhD in 2yr 11 months’ time, and was awarded IBM Best PhD Student award in 2006. I was also a recipient of National Doctoral Fellowship. I am not a professor or lecturer. I work for one best and leading companies in consumer electronics.

Here is a famous myth about phd students.

If you are here let me tell you at least in my case the above statement is completely wrong. I consider my PhD time as one of the blessed times of my life, where I did everything, right from computer science studies to religious studies, Handling B.Tech labs to Contesting elections, organizing conferences to organizing tours. I did almost everything that is possible for studious guy to a back bencher. But best part is I managed to get out even before my seniors did.
In coming days I would write about PhD under the following heads.

PhD Admission Guide
Dos and Don’ts Of PhD
Post PhD Guide

I will be writing posts randomly under these topics based on the mindset I have. I already made some 45 topics to make it a complete guide for someone looking for PhD as a next coolest stuff to do. If you are just looking for a degree called PhD, you will not enjoy reading it. On the same time, if you are looking for a punch that makes your journey a lovely challenge that you cherish rest of your life, then you will definitely enjoy every bit of it.

If you have some questions or suggestions, please don’t forget to drop a comment, so that I can answer your queries through a post. If the comment is very specific question then I would answer it in comments too. Also please make use of I n I question answers for more interactive discussion from other PhD students.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.