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KCET Cutoffs and Closing Ranks 2014

It’s been a long weekend without any proper rest to crunch all big KCET cutoff pdf files into machine eatable data : D at the end I enjoyed making it happen with hope that students dont have to spend their too much time into digging the pdf and come up confusing. InI made a tool where you find KCET 2014 cutoff or closing ranking in different colleges affiliated to VTU.

There are multiple ways the KCET cutoff tool can be used. First you need to enter your rank and category and your desired branch of engineering. If you don’t know what is your desired engineering branch have a look at Top engineering courses in India. Follow the below link for KCET cutoff 2014 and college predictor.

KCET Cutoff, Closing Ranks and College Predictor

Once you are done with that it will show you a table, this table is truly amazing. It can answer all your questions, like

Which college in Bangalore you can get admission?

After entering your rank, desired branch of engineering and submitting button a table appear. You can increase number of entries to 15,25, and 50.

The click on Region in table header. I will sort collages based on Region and you can find all colleges in Bangalore for your rank and desired branch. You can sort table on any column to extract useful information for you.

Hope this will help you all. Do share it with others on FB and GPlus. We can save millions of hours of effort searching for cutoff all across Karnataka and India.

Wish you all a great luck ahead.

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