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What is G1, G2, G3 in CCMT and How would I know..?

We were working really hard on CCMT GATE cutoff calculator and college predictor, I saw a term called group and thought would skip it to save some space on my server. To decide to drop some column at InI I need to have a strong reason, because a little hard and smart work from our side can save millions of hours of student community and help them with the hidden information in these cutoffs and brochures. Therefore I decided to dive deeper into it.

When I read it carefully I realized that CCMT smartly classified the interdisciplinary courses into groups. Interdisciplinary course accommodate students from different backgrounds and they are classified into different groups to make sure you get proper ratio of students from different streams. One thing to keep in mind, no all groups have same number of seats. For example , if you are computer science student and its possible that you are eligible to apply in Biomedical, Civil, Electronics, and other departments.

As example
If your GATE is in Civil Engineering, you can apply in NIT Trichy, Mechanical Engineering for Industrial Safety Engineering – (IF) program. Also if you are GATE Computer Science you are eligible in Biomedical, Civil, ECE departments in different programs. They come as different groups.

Now the real question is
How would one know where all one is eligible?
The simple answer is follow the below steps
1. Go to InI GATE Cutoff and college predictor tool.
2. Enter your score or some score in given Score box.
3. Select your branch and Category and click the black button (someone once asked me where is the button lool ).
4. Once you get the table. Go to table header and click on Department. This will sort all entries based on department and you will get to know all the courses and departments you are eligible to apply.

You can try to play around with the data by sorting it on any of the headers just click on that and it will sort it on that. You can get the information such as min score max score for some course. Min or max score for some department in a particular institute.

Basically all you can do a lot with InI GATE cutoff and college predictor tool. We made it soo mobile friendly you will be amazed if you see it on mobile. All functionality is same except table is shown horizontally.

Another way is to go to CCMT 60 plus page brochure and read all tables there : ) I hope you will understand and remember something after going thought it for couple of times.

Hope this helps you all, specially the tool will definitely help all students looking for M.Tech admissions. We have three years data at your finger tips. Do share with friends to save their time and avoid confusions.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead : )

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