GATE 2013 Results Teaser

Since yesterday I received a lot comments and a lot of mails asking for help regarding GATE scores and admissions. You can definitely refer to M.Tech admissions 2013 for more on it.

The best thing I noticed is few of the student posted links of GATE 2013 results. I immediately visited to check them out but realized that it was not working any more.

I loved the teaser from IIT Bombay. I noticed that IITB made a teaser like many big companies tease their products. Don’t jump on it.

It was just A GATE 2013 RESULT TEASER πŸ˜‰

The official date for GATE 2013 results is 15th March.

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Good luck with everything just relax a bit. I know its hard specially at this time, we need to relax.


  1. srinivasa rao

    i got 32 marks in gate-2013..rank-17618…can i get seat in any universities???? or which type of colleges???

  2. Senti

    i got 25.33 marks and 11878 rank in cs what are the chances to get admission in NIT’s?

  3. Hari Babu

    I have got 401 in GATE 2013 Mechanical Paper. Do I have any chance to get NITs or some central universities ??

    Please guide me.

  4. shelly

    i got AIR 1513 in gate cs and score 576.which clg i should prefer…..

  5. Sunil

    i got 26 marks and 10788 rank in cs what are the chances to get admission in NIT’s?

  6. Sunny

    I got 203 rank, score 745, as based on score are there any chances to get into for IITs….

  7. GATE 2013 Result

    I’ll get 52 marks as per match with gate solution in gate 2013 exam. What will be my rank & when gate result published.

    1. ravish

      around 2000

  8. mohan

    god knows whether the results are true or not….coz one of my friend didnt write the
    exam but still he got a good score with a rank also…
    so what i think is its all fake…dont trust these results…
    lets wait and watch tomorrow……………
    all the best to all of you…………

    1. Poornima

      Oh! Ya… Wait… Only 15 hours to wait… πŸ™‚ Hope for the best!!! Good Luck friends!

    2. Kunal

      Is it true? What was the Rank & Marks he could see?

  9. vikas

    the result was true, some body has crack the site, because if site was fake then how would we get link f iit official on that fake site……

  10. suman

    Hi Sir..
    I belong to general category..
    got AIR 4227 with score of 468 in computer science..
    I know getting IIT or NIT is next to impossible.. but can you please suggest some good college to get in.. ! preferably in north India
    Thanks a lot !

  11. deepak

    when UOH form available for cse with valid gate core????


    SIR my gate 2013 mark is 21 and gate score is 250, my branch is EC and i have SC quota, did i make any chance of getting admission to any lower rank NITs like NIT silchar, Raipur etc,,,please do reply

  13. Saurabh

    Results were authentic.

  14. sai

    do u mean these results are wrong??

  15. Vikas

    We cannot really rely on this result.

  16. sridhar

    hey, is iiita really conducting screening nad lab test, interview for admission aftr shortlisting throw gate? or they are announcing just like that in the notification? please help me

  17. sridhar

    sir i got 7000 rank in gate 2013 and am belongs to general category. wil i get sit in nit or daiict r any iiit? please help me

  18. mohan

    what could be the AIR and score for 51 marks in ECE??

    1. Poornima

      According to the so-called teaser, it’ll be in the range 2000-3500

  19. mohan

    Can we really trust those results??

  20. sameer

    nd i hav applied for in Hyderabad central univ….may i get with
    i checked my GATE 2013 CSE result
    i hv got 29 marks
    no.of condidate appered -224160

  21. sameer


  22. sameer

    i checked my GATE 2013 CSE result
    i hv got 29 marks
    no.of condidate appered -224160

  23. DB

    Hello Zahid,

    I qualified the GATE 2013 exam & got the GATE Score of 314 for the year 2013-2014. But the problem is “whether this GATE Score is useful” ???

    As I am not interested to waste this year n interested to get into M.Tech (in Electronics) program, so kindly suggest me the good universities who would be considering such a low GATE Score.

    Waiting for your esteemed guidance…

    Also tell me one thing, that what is the cut-off GATE Score for getting shortlisted / applying to the PSUs ???

  24. ravi

    The reault is awesome this time 2 scores are given 1 valid till 2014 other till EC 55 marks means 1448 AIR 32 means 18000 rank can u feel d heat of competition Javed Bhai???
    D zeal to success in candidates

    1. Poornima

      True. The competition is really tough and it will continue to get tougher each time…

    2. Vikas

      what was the gate score for 55 marks in EC?

    3. Ritesh

      hey howz this possible, i saw my friend’s result he scored 56.33marks and 1523 AIR???

    4. Poornima

      54+ was having 1900+ rank

  25. KIRAN

    sir i scored 37 marks in gate 13 , what is my chance for or should i take drop and prepare for gate 2014 ???
    where can i get admission with 37 marks ??

  26. PRATIK

    i can send u the html page of my result that i have saved last night

  27. Nisarg

    Yes, I have also checked my results…

    Cut off for ECE, CSE, Mechanical are 25 marks… and 27 for civil… open. category…

    I think results were genuine coz it was showing name , photo, sign, address, score, air etc…
    there was also an option to change the address to get the scorecard…
    I think they were just checking or it just accidently happened and as soon as they gt to know abt it, they put the wbsite in offline mode… πŸ™‚

    1. Poornima

      Mostly an accident as U say πŸ™‚

  28. Neeraj

    So was that the original score published or not?
    Whether can we rely on it?
    What to do in case we have low gate score around 380(new formula). Plase help.

  29. sahil

    What do you mean by teaser, result was fake??

  30. yash

    it wasn’t a teaser man…website got opened…the page for login for downloading admit card was opened by some mistake and it showed gate score and marks and ranking with your photo and soon as they knew about the problem they closed the site…

    1. Poornima

      That’s it!

  31. Poornima

    πŸ˜€ If it was a teaser as U said, Y shud the IITians consider these poor candidates’ results as their product and tease us? Any way they made the wait tougher!!! πŸ˜€

  32. Tavseef

    Do you mean to say that the results it showed were not genuine?

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