IIT M.Tech Admissions 2013

Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are Nation’s premier technical universities and getting admission to anyone of them is pride for many student and dream of their parents. Usually IITs advertise their admission notices immediately after GATE results are announced and students may miss them because of confusions or lack of information. To avoid any such mistake I decided to post all admission notifications from IITs on a single common place to help students.

In this post I would like to post all IIT M.Tech admissions in one table with official link so that it will be helpful for students to get all information in one single place. This table will be updated as soon as the notification is released.

IIT M.Tech Admissions 2013

Name of Institute Closing Date Fee (Rs.) Official Link
IISc Bangalore 22.03.2013 600/- IISc Bangalore M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Bombay 02.04.2013 300/- IIT Bombay M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Delhi 17.04.2013 IIT Delhi M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Guwahati 23.04.2013 Nill IIT Guwahati M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Kanpur 08.04.2013 400/- IIT Kanpur M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Kharagpur 15.04.2013 500/- IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Madras 01.04.2013 200/- IIT Madras M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Roorkee 18.04.2013 400/- IIT Roorkee M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Bhubaneshwar 23.04.2013 300/- IIT Bhubaneshwar M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Gandhinagar 05.04.2013 Nill IIT Gandhinagar M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Hyderabad 12.04.2013 200/- IIT Hyderabad M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Indore 31.03.2013 Nill IIT Indore M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Mandi 08.05.2013 NIL IIT Mandi M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Patna 15.04.2013 300/- IIT Patna M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Jodhpur 07.04.2013 300/- IIT Jodhpur M.Tech Admissions 2013M
IIT Rupnagar IIT Rupnagar M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Varanasi (BHU) 14.05.2013 500/- IIT Varanasi M.Tech Admissions 2013

You can also refer to GATE cutoffs for IITs and GATE cutoffs for NITs, but remember this changes year to year and I argued a lot in favor of GATE AIR instead of scores and other metrics. But with change in GATE formula I think from 2013 GATE score can be a great metric too.

I request you to update us with GATE notifications so that whole student community can benefit with the information you shared. If you want to share information or ask something do use M.Tech Admissions 2013 forums. There are many like you and people ready to help. For other notifications refer to M.Tech Admissions 2013.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead


  1. shikha

    sir,, u said that a tag of iit matters ,, what would u like to suggest regarding the branch geoinformatics and natural resources ,, i have given gate 2014 with a score of 560 and rank 2571 ,,and have got an interview for that branch form iit bombay

  2. pankaj

    my GATE score is 585 in EC. where can I apply for nanotech?

  3. Ankur

    Respected sir ,
    i got AIR-1116, G.Score : 658 , Gen Category

    Is there any possibility that i may find a place in IITs ( or M.S) with this score , even in any of the new IIts ?

    Kindly Help .


  4. Monika Sahai

    Hello .. i hv got admission in IITG ,IITH and NITw fr vlsi..
    i m cnfusd btween NITw and IITG.. as Guwahati as IIT tag.. whreas i found course of NITw far far btr dan IITG’s.
    Can nebdy throw more light on plcmnts of both..n gv sugestns.

  5. raghu

    sir till now i have not applied any iit and i have qualified gate with score 252 in cse and i am ST category candidate is there any opportunities to take admission to m tech or any govt jobs plz inform as past as possible….reply to my id([email protected])

  6. Gaaurav

    My Gate Rank is 524(ME-OPEN),can i get NIT Warangai or trichy core branch.Upto what round i shall wait. I what get into teaching line.

  7. Ravinder Patel

    MY gate score is 548 CS AIR 1966 year 2013 OBC NC.

    Can I get admission in IIT Mandi…?

  8. Justin

    What is the Gate last rank in mechanical engineering branch for the aero space admission for mtech in aero space in 2012 ????

  9. Hariom Tiwari

    i got 241 rank(gen) in cs.can i get iit kgp?this time iit kgp is not conducting any interview for cs.and sir which iit is better for cs iitr or iitg…

  10. amitraj

    my all india rank in ece gate2013 is 34555 and score is 274 in obc non creamy layer should i apply for NIT concelling .

  11. amitraj

    my all india rank in ece gate2013 is 34555 in obc non creamy layer should i apply for NIT concelling .

  12. Madhan

    Hey all,

    My 2013 score is 552 and rank is 1874(CSE), category OBC. what are my chances in NIT. someone plz reply..

  13. mohan

    hi,my gate 2013 score is 554 and rank is 2893(ECE general)..where should i apply??
    plz guide…m helpless

  14. rahul

    Hey all,
    My gate score is 449 (CSE), am an Open(General) category student.. any NIT where I can get admission???? and nearly which nit??

  15. Peyush

    I’ve scored gate score of 632, rank 1060 in ece, open category. Please tell me if there is a chance in iit madras, iit bhu, for full time mtech program?

  16. Madhan

    This site is also same as every other GATE related forum on the internet.
    u find only questions not answers. 🙁

    1. Abhay

      What do you expect dude… A lot of articles have already been written, and it is not possible for the site moderator to answer all ‘exactly the same questions’ n times. Atleast post your question first, if not the moderator, we the readers would definitely give our best to help.

  17. Mandar

    Hey all,
    My gate score is 501 (CSE), am an Open(General) category student.. any NIT where I can get admission????

    1. Sandeep

      Yup, There are more chances u getting into NITs, Just fill the form and check for ur preferences.

  18. E.Bhagya shri

    EIE branch, Is there any payment seats in this branch???????????????????

  19. kayalvizhi

    gate score:381
    gate mark:36.67

    i have been called for interview to geoinformatics(gnr) in iit bombay and infrastructure and design management(id)in iit kharagpur….ll i get geotech or structure in nit…

    1. Aarthiraja

      Dear Kayal,

      U hav possibilities to get into IITs if u do ur interview well ….

      Sure Shot u ll get Geotech or Structures in Good NITs……….

      All The Best 😉

  20. isgan

    mtech material science in iit kanpur or in iit kharagpur.. which one is better? pls answer …

  21. chandu

    i want to have VLSI specializtion which IIT will i get????

  22. Himanshu

    I missed the date of applying. Is there any chance of applying after date?? I want to apply in IIT Delhi and Roorkee!!

  23. Niharika

    IIT jodhpur cut off for interview(CS) is 625

    1. Arun

      They have mentioned 2 different cut-offs 625 (Engineering), 330(Science).

      Whats the difference???

    2. Abhay

      Is this the same niharaka who got selected for IIT-Jodhpur ICT branch?

  24. apoorv

    gate rank 284,
    looking for admission in mtech chemical deptt, IIT delhi!!
    what r the chances?

  25. sandhya

    plzz reply

  26. sandhya

    my score is402 air is 8049 and cse branch and m belongs to sc category any chance to got best nits,,??

    1. deven

      ya u will get nit. just fill ccmt(central counselling for m tech) NIT counselling form.
      u will definately get nit.

    2. Abhay

      I know this would not pass your moderation test.. still, maybe it is just the frustration talking..
      Why is this that sc students even at a rank of 8k are sure shot to get the best nits, the ones at 4k, the best iits..
      but Genetal Category NO NO NO… you have a rank of 500 in General, it is almost a crime…. the iits won’t even look at you, maybe if given a chance would kick you in the butt.. Why is this that even at this level of study, people don’t realize the equality among themselves, why do they support this racist approach and kill the idiotic General Class Students..

      A general category idiot

  27. Niharika

    IIT Hyderabad hasn’t provided any notification related to shortlisting of candidates…any idea when are they going to declare?

    1. Madhu

      M.Tech admission website is also down.

  28. Sonu Navgotri

    score 433
    AIR 6077
    cat OBC
    branch ME
    chances for NITs?

  29. aanchal mathur

    iit indore entrance test date is between 16th april to 15th may but there is no notification regarding the paper until now,are they going to take it ?

  30. Rahul Jain

    Branch – ECE
    AIR – 369
    Score – 693
    marks – 64.67
    Cat – Gen

    please inform, whether i got call from IIT Delhi, and other top IITs,
    is there any chance for my admission in IIT kanpur, mumbai(RA), and kharagur for VLSI

  31. gokul

    My gate score is 547 and AIR is 1876. what are my chances for mtech in NITs

  32. sumt

    sir i have got 21.67 number in gate 2013(s.c caste) and my air is 39590.
    branch is e.c.e.can i get admisson in any nit college..

  33. vishwas

    Y is it that IIT s play with the students .We apply every where extra fees for that ,trvelling expenses for that ,even then we dont get a fair chance to attend the interviews ,
    IISC MS research JUN 3-7
    IITB RA JUN 6-8
    IIT R JUN 6-8
    IIT G expected to clash .

    Y this unfair thing done to students ,cant this be changed.ALL IIMS make sure that they dont clash with any other clg ,and maintain atleast of 3 days gap between them.
    Y is this not followed ?
    Who can help students in this scenario now .end of day we r loosin money ,adding more stress.pressure on us .

    Expecting a reply in earnest

  34. Nagesh

    I have got gate rank 2572(general) with gate score of 517 in ee. I have 2 year electrical work experiance will i able to get call from iit bombay for Mtech RA category

  35. isgan

    Defense Institute of Advanced Technology,Pune
    M.Tech / Ph.D Admissions 2013
    Last Date : 05-05-2013

    M.Tech admission is offered in the following disciplines:

    1.Aerospace Engineering (Guided Missiles)
    2.Computer Science & Engineering (Cyber Security
    3.Radars & Communication
    4.Mechanical Engineering (Armament / Combat Vehicles
    5.Materials Science & Technology
    6.Lasers & Electro-optics
    7.Modeling and Simulation
    8.Chemical Science & Technology
    9.PG Diploma in Bio Science & Technology

  36. Bhaskar

    Branch: civil
    Rank: 3314
    Status: getting eligibility to participate in written tests and interview in some IIT’s.. Do i have a better chance of converting it into SEAT????

  37. sam

    my rank is 670 score 640…gate 2013 EE… where can i get admission…? pls do reply m confused since most of the admission test dates of colleges are clashing

  38. mallika

    iit patna last date for applying is on 15th april

  39. mallika

    iit patna is also out please update it

  40. Ravindra Singh

    IIT BHU admission notification is out, please update it asap.

    Thank you

  41. rohini

    i got 36 marks with 3961 AIR in civil engg stream .pls tell me can i get into iits/nit colleges?

    1. rohini

      i got 36 marks with 3961 AIR in civil engg stream .pls tell me can i get into iits/nit colleges? obc catregory

    2. Srikant

      Less chance for NITs…..Go for good Sate govt. & Pvt. universities….

  42. chandu

    i want to have VLSI specializtion which IIT will i get????

  43. surya

    IIT Mandi MS notification is out.. Please update it Zahid…

  44. chandu

    i want to have VLSI specializtion which IIT will i get????

    1. brij

      what r ur marks

  45. snigdha

    chances of direct admission into IITs..

    1. Neha Sharma


    2. Gangasagar

      @Neha: How “Yes” ? I am curious 🙂

  46. Gangasagar

    IIT Hyderbad has extented their form filling date.
    It’s now 15th april 2013

  47. rama krishna

    my AIR in 2013 gate is 3131 having a score of 547 (obc) . how about my chances of getting in new iits?


      what is your branch. it depends on branch…………..

  48. Nilesh

    Where to apply for Mtech…
    i had GATE 2013 score 449 with rank 8536 in EC….
    pls enlist top Mtech college, where i shall apply..

    Pls help…(againin sponsership candidate)

    1. Srikant

      U can apply Some of the State Govt. Universities & all Pvt. Universities.

  49. Ashok

    sir i got AIR 6000 OBC -NC ,
    Can I get admission in M. Tech. of IIT delhi , Hyderabad, Roorkee n others .

    reply soon

  50. aruna

    AIR :6237
    score :177
    marks :29
    hi,sir/madam can u pls suggest me sme good clges where i might get the seat.
    thank u

  51. chandu

    i want to have VLSI specializtion which IIT will i get????

  52. niknish

    How to apply abroad for masters like in US, UK, Australia.. as u have written in a post.. Is there an exam for that too.. or just apply on their institute sites? And which colleges are better in these countries for masters in computer science.. please anyone tell me all details.

  53. raj

    hi sir,
    gate paper:electronics & communication
    gate score:612 rank:1441
    Is there any chance to get any iit especially new iits?
    Which nit can i get ?? please suggest me sir..

  54. dilip

    my gate 2013 score is 436(EC OBC MALE) Rank 9600 is there any chances for getting a seat in good branch in any of the universities or any Niits
    thanks in advance
    avaaiting for reply

  55. Puneet

    Sub – CS
    ranks – 8861
    Category – Orthopadically handicapped

    Can I get admission in M. Tech. of IIT Guwahati, Hyderabad, Roorkee. Can I get admission in NITs. Where should I apply ?

  56. mohan

    when IIT mandi starts its admissions??

  57. mohan

    hello everyone,
    i got 554 gate 2013 score in ECE(gen)..what are my chances for IITs n NITs??
    plz help…I am very much confused….

  58. Mritunjay


    Do I have chances to get admission in IITs (including new ones) or NITs?

  59. gaurav mehta

    zahid sir,
    my gate 2013 ece gate score 652, AIR 755 is there any chances of getting admission in iit hyderabad in communication systems & signal processing in mtech.
    what about the 3rd round and spot admission in iits is it possible.

  60. Bhavesh choyal

    I got 3312 rank in GATE appeared as a INSTRUMENTATION ENgg candidant but at present pursuing BE in EC brnch so there is any chance to get NIT. and please also tell about M-TECH course for me.

  61. Bhavesh choyal

    I got 3312 rank in GATE appeared as a INSTRUMENTATION ENGG candidant…..but pursuing BE in EC streame.
    So can i get M-tech admission in course relevant to Both EC nd IN.
    Or only in EC or IN

  62. mohan

    hey can anyone tell me that if we are applying for IIt hyd,after filling the online application n all do we need to send the hardcopy also to them?

    1. santhosh kumar

      no need to send hardcopy just upload challan copy

    2. isgan

      we dont need to send the hard copy…just keep it with you for your reference.

    3. dilip

      it’s not required to send the printed copy to iith but u shoud preseve it for future references

  63. rahul maheshwari

    my gate rank in EC is 1956 and score 588 .
    can i get any iit??

    1. gaurav mehta

      rahul u can get mtech/ ms admission in new iits

  64. Priyanka

    i have got AIR 4613 in CE and i am from OBC. can you suggest me a few colleges where i might get a seat?

    1. gaurav mehta

      u can try for nits and state universities

  65. rakesh

    i got 2785 rank in e.c. . my category is o.b.c.(nc) any chance of getting iit?

  66. rohit kumar

    i got 25.33 marks in gate and 11869 rank in gate computer science department.which institute should i apply for i get nit patna on this rank or any delhi university college for help me

  67. Jose Mathew

    I got 1164 rank (594 score)in gate 2013 eee exam;
    Any chance of me getting into any old iits or IT-BHU or IIt Hyderabad???

    1. Srikant

      Yes, Chances in IT Bhu, all NIts……

  68. ramanjaneyulu

    sir/madam, i got 1313 (AIR) in chemical engg. branch. can i get seat of any specification, in any iits ?? please give reply…

  69. kowsalya

    Is there any special criteria followed in Iit Delhi for AMIE students in Mtech admission??
    if yes means plz tell Me the procedure I have to follow.

  70. NABEEL

    i got 4991 rank in eee will i get any iits or nits

  71. md salman

    sir/madam i get 2383 rank (mechanical), can any chances to get iit??

    1. mohd abrar

      iit roorkee me Material science, and AHEC try karo

  72. Gangasagar

    IIT kanpur application website has some problems. Has anybody encountered that ? I am not able apply though I am trying it from very high speed networks.

    1. isgan

      i have applied at iit kanpur,i didnt find any problem while applying. but while submitted ,two files generated.
      different reference number, but same content. iam wondering which one i should sent.

  73. Swaraj

    I got CE 1379(AIR)
    Is any chance to get seat in IIT’s like Bombay, Delhi & Madras in Structures r Transportation Engg.
    plz give reply

  74. dhaval parmar

    sir i am ec student

    gate marks: 31.67
    gate score: 358
    air: 18117
    sir i have any chances in new iits or nits??….or in which central university ihave chance and i should apply…
    and sir.. while filling iit indores form though i fill whole form..they that u have to fillthose blanks..even though i fill..they still show this.what i can do sir..plz tell me urgently…becauze last date is 31st march

  75. isgan

    hi, what about doing phd after btech? is it good enough or should i take mtech ?

    1. Gangasagar

      Well you have to have mtech or ms before doing PhD as it’s prerequisite. Most colleges have combined programme for MTech/PhD

  76. ganish

    i have applied for mtech in iit kharagpur, completed application and clicked freeze option. but i cannot download my application. in status option, it shows frozen, when i click on print option, some htm file is downloaded…. what should i do? anyone pls help …

  77. rahulpk

    ec ..gate score 402,,,SC category …any hope???

    1. Srikant

      Ya hope for NIt.


    GATE SCORE 627
    RANK 872
    STREAM CSE(2013).

    Should i apply for IIITs and central universities or will i be able to get seat in IITS/NITS… which other colleges i should prefer??

    1. Srikant

      Apply all IITs. U have Chances There.

    2. Gangasagar

      And try to focus more on MS by research or RA. You have chances for getting test/interview calls

  79. aditya vasisth

    MY GATE RANK IS 2487 AND MY GATE SCORE IS 568 DO I HAVE CHANCE IN NEW IITS like gandhinagar, hyderabad,bhu,jodhpur,patna ,indore etc OR OLD NITS LIKE TRICHY, WARANGAL, etc
    plz reply

  80. Rohit

    Mechanical Engineering
    Gate AIR= 5519
    Gate Score = 443
    CGPA = 8.3
    do i have a chance in iit delhi …….

    1. Srikant

      No chance in IIT & NIT.

    2. Gangasagar

      Only if you are an IITian, on the basis of CGPA.

  81. amit singh

    sir ,
    i didnt find in whom favour i hv to make DD for IIT ROORKEE. plz try to rply

    1. Gangasagar

      I think you should go for challan. It’s easy and avoids troubles.

  82. amit singh

    sir ,
    i didnt find in whom favour i hv to make DD for IIT DELHI. plz try to rply

    1. ganish

      just complete the steps of application…dont worry..i think challan is provided at the end of application

  83. Amique

    Are this colleges arranged as per their ranks??

    1. Gangasagar

      Nope. They are random with all old IIT’s first and then followed by new IIT’s.

  84. Vipul



    Last date for iit hyderabad is 12 April not 12 March…!!!

    1. Zahid

      Thank youu. Updated .

  85. Ankit

    I hav scrd 265 in gate n my air is 9856

    civil engg.

    n i belongs to ST category

    which clg shud u prefr me n can i get admission in iit in transportation brnch?????


      EE RANK 10037 gate score 360
      which college should i apply ?








  87. rajbt

    hi there,

    Subject: Biotechnology
    AIR :1162
    GATE Score: 340
    Category: General

    Any chance to get IITs?

    1. Srikant

      Less Chance. But best chance in NITs.


    Dear sir,
    IIT Delhi ka information Brochure,important dates,guidelines for filling the application form kuch bhi download nahi ho raha hai sir…………
    Registration karne pe sirf online application show karta hai………..
    Kya Karnu,Application form fill up ker dun ya kuch time ke liye wait karnu………………..

    1. Amique

      Unblock the popup blocker…..u’ll be able to open every thing

  89. Ekendra Nath Das

    Dear Sir,

    I am a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering and have scored 43.67 marks in GATE-2013(ECE).My All India Rank is 6442 and GATE Scores are 480 (2013-2014) and 569(2014-2015).

    Please guide me which colleges are best to apply for M.Tech with respect to my rank and please mention the name of those colleges.(if NITs name of those NITs)

    With Regards,

    Ekendra Nath Das

  90. Niharika

    IIT Guwahati not having any notification related to Application forms ?? Finding since 15th march

    1. vivek

      iit guwahati notification will be released on 25 march,2013

  91. skth

    where is IIT BHU in the list

  92. kowsalya

    AIR – 70
    Gate score – 380
    Gate marks -37.33
    subject – Textile
    can I get seat in Iit delhi?

    1. Srikant

      100% Chance. Must Apply.

  93. gan

    thankyou verymuch for your efforts…
    pls letus use gmail or yahho to comment on forums will be a great help…

  94. isgan


  95. gan

    thankyou verymuch for your efforts..
    but what about those dont have a facebook account? pls letus use gmail account or yahoo….and make use of forums

  96. Gangasagar

    IIT jodhpur online applications are open

  97. Gangasagar

    IIT hyderabad notification is out.

  98. Sourav

    Gate RanK :17618 (AIR)
    branch EC Engg.
    Marks 32/100
    Do i have a chance to got in NIT,S or other
    good institution for M.Tech ELECTRONICS Engg.
    structural only .If yes then which college i
    apply plz. help.

    TEL me the last dates of admissions and counselings…

  99. K.Syamini

    AIR RANK:16652
    Branch: CSE
    Reservation: OBC category
    Please suggest me some colleges that I could get in.
    Thank you.

  100. M.Sujitha

    AIR RANK:7024
    Please aid me with some suggestions,Colleges that i have chance to get in.Hope I can get valuable information from you.
    Thank you.

  101. shiwani jain

    Gate RanK :2483 (AIR)
    branch EEE Engg.
    Marks 50.33/100
    Do i have a chance to got in NIT,S or other
    good institution for M.Tech ELECTRICAL Engg.
    structural only .If yes then which college i
    apply plz. help.

    TEL me the last dates of admissions and counselings…

  102. anjali

    sir i m student of 4th year i got 27 marks in gate and my category is SC ,i want to ask when will the nit counsling will start and sir plz tell me which iit n nit i can get ,plz mail me the answer

    1. Gangasagar

      NIT form filling starts late in april or in the month of may. Keep following Zahid’s post on NIT applications.

  103. priyanka

    My gate score 581
    Branch := cse
    1.5 yrs exp in Infosys
    where shall i apply
    Im not applying to any iit. Can i get into any of the top 4 nits. what are my chances for NITIE and IIIT B
    Please reply

    1. Gangasagar

      NITIE has given cutoffs of last year. It’s 666 for open. However it mayu vary. NIT’s also have cutoffs much higher than your score, but as paper was tough this year, you may expect an admission in NITs.

  104. Harish chand

    my GATE rank is: 1836
    GATE score: 556
    Branch: Mechnical engg.
    category: SC
    please tell me if i can get iit-d in design engg.

  105. nilesh subhash sakhare

    i got 42 marks in PI paper , AIR-116 and gate score-447,catagory-OBC-NC,Can i get any one IIT college?

  106. Himanshu Batra

    Gate RanK :1489(AIR)
    branch civil Engg.
    Marks 46.00/100
    Do i have a chance to got in NIT,S or other good institution for M.Tech civil Engg. structural only .If yes then which college i apply plz. help.

  107. Tirthankar Chakraborty

    And 99.7 percentile

  108. Tirthankar Chakraborty

    My gate rank: 195
    My score: 658
    Marks: 61.33
    Branch: Civil engineering
    Can I get direct admission in any of the old IITs? I would prefer to get structure.
    Which IIT is best for structure?

  109. kapil

    category -sc
    can i get iit or nit for
    Please send me at [email protected]

  110. prasanna

    i got gate 2013 rank 8536
    40marks and 449 score
    which colleges can i got admission(i am general categeory)

  111. Vivek

    Zahid sir, I request you to update this list consistently.
    IIT Roorkee has opened its online interface Fees for general 400+40 bank charges
    (SBI Chalan) Last date 18th April.

    1. Gangasagar

      I think zahid is bit busy or unable to update for sometime. We can still keep each other updated with posts and comments.

    2. Zahid

      I am most answering in ini forums. Here it too much to handle.

  112. krishna

    gate rank:1295
    gate score:56.67&581
    electrical engineering

    can i get iit for

  113. krishna

    gate rank:1295
    gate score:56.67&581

    can i get iit for

  114. Nishith Oze

    Please reply to me for sure.. waiting for your response. Only after talking to you I can go ahead with applying and all.

  115. Nishith Oze

    Sir, I seriously need your advice on where to apply according to my rank (whether in all IITs and NIITs with both MSc and MTech or in some of them), how to apply into IITs and NIITs, which IITs n NIITs are better, what course is better either MSc or MTech or whether I will get into PSUs ? Time is going by and I am totally confused, dont know what to do. Please Sir contact me through mail at “[email protected]

    1. Vivek

      Mention your rank, score and discipline.

    2. Nishith Oze

      927 rank.. 623 score.. CSE branch

  116. Ricktam Kundu

    I am B Tech in IT.

    I appeared GATE 2013 in EC Discipline and obtained 534
    am I eligible to apply M Tech in IT and ECE or Both ??.

  117. isgan

    IIT Patna AND IIIT Allahabad notification out,…pls update…

  118. niranjan

    IIT Bombay releases is notification for admission.
    my rank is:5946
    my score is:424
    please tell me can I eligible for it.I confused with some information in broacher like TA,TAP,etc

    1. Gangasagar

      TA= teacher’s Assistant, roughly 2 year’s mtech.

      You can still apply for Reaserach Assistant Mtech.

    2. ganish

      cut off marks for mtech admission for each branch in iit bombay is provided on online application portal. pls refer that..

  119. Neha

    443 rank n 406 score in BT based on old formula which will be considered this time.general.any chance into IITs?

  120. Akash

    any iit

  121. honey garg

    gate rank:-6539
    do i have a chance to got admission in NIT’s or any other good institution . if yes then which.
    thank you

  122. Abhay

    Edit: I forgot to mention.
    Branch : Computer Science
    Category: General

    1. Gangasagar

      Yes you have many chances but you may have to go through hard way of test and interviews. However you can expect direct admissions in NITs.

  123. Abhay

    Gate Rank 553
    Score: 665
    Do I have a chance in any of the IITs??

  124. Gangasagar


    IIT B and D’s forms are out. Please update the page.

  125. kuldeep kumar singh

    i belongs to sceduled caste and got 8040 rank in gate, marks 41.33 and gate score 456 in electronics and comm gate 2013 🙁
    can i get any nit,,,,,,,,,
    from 2 years i am preparing only to do,,,, but unfortunately not got satisfactory gate score …….
    pls suggest 🙁
    i’ll b thankfull to u

  126. isgan

    hi ..

    iit gandhinagar notification out…………
    Last date for submitting applications – 05 April 2013
    .There is NO application fee.
    .You NEED NOT send the hard-copyof the application form

  127. yaswanth

    i got a gate rank of 4991 eee gate score of 444….where can i get my seat

  128. Aaru

    IIT Madras M.Tech Notifications are out.

  129. ajishek

    i got 400 & 485 score in eee is there any chance to take admission in any reputed inst. for with scholarship…..cate–obc
    plz rply me

  130. jina

    my gate score: 348
    wat colleges i can get for mtech?
    and for ms in iit how to apply?

  131. mohan

    I watched your video sir…It was too good…loved it a lot sir…and thank u very much for all ur help…

  132. Poornima

    IIT B …

  133. sk

    Great job.
    Thank u very much.

  134. narayan y k

    i m applying for the admission in 2013 in ECE using 2012 gate score( air:1127 and score 651). wat is the criteria tats iits follows to differentiate the same gate score of two different years. please reply me. This i searched a lot but not getting solution

    1. mohan

      there are two scores given one calculated based on old formula(valid for this year)and other one is calculated using new formula(vald for next year)..
      so dont worry

  135. subbareddy

    Sir last year my gate score was 502 in cs (Gen)…..can i get Mtech / MS(research) through sponsorship in iits

  136. vvvv


    Can u give an analysis on how this new way of calculating gate score will affect the final gate score.Will it increase or decrease the score?

  137. Aaditya


    Thanks for the effort
    It would be great if you could put up some details regarding cutoffs for different institutes for 2012.

  138. Aniruddha Kulkarni

    BHU is IIT now, so please include it in this list.

  139. jithin

    great thanks


    thank you for valuable information

  141. vaibhav

    how many seats are available for mtech in mechanical in iit indore?

  142. subin

    what about IIT BHU?

  143. isgan

    wow, brother… you are doing a wonderful job… god bless you…

  144. cmk

    Hi Zahid ,

    The IIIT Allahabad(Indian Institute of Information Technology Established by Indian Government) and other IIITs(Indian Institute of Information Technology ) will not come under the League of private IIITs (International Institute of Information Technology) Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. The name is obviously Deceiving. Please be careful while applying for these IIITs.

    1. muga

      Thanks a lot cmk.. i was also deceived till now.. thank ucfor the info 🙂

    2. Gangasagar

      But I still have doubts about placements in Govt iiit colleges.

  145. chaitanya

    greatly helps our student community. thanks for the back ground work.


    Zahid ,

    Bro, IIT INDORE NOTIFICATION OUT … LAST DATE OF ONLINE APPLICATION IS MARCH 31st. Last date of offline application is APRIL 9th.


      application fee is nil.. 🙂

  147. kaustav

    so from this year all 15 IITs are offering MTech??

  148. Vageesha JM

    Tahnks brother.. i expect same from you for GATE 2014.. because am writing GATE 2014..
    Whole students of India are greatfull to you, in between your working schedule your taking this work as ur own to help us.. really feel proud about you..

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