Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are Nation’s premier technical universities and getting admission to anyone of them is pride for many student and dream of their parents. Usually IITs advertise their admission notices immediately after GATE results are announced and students may miss them because of confusions or lack of information. To avoid any such mistake I decided to post all admission notifications from IITs on a single common place to help students.

In this post I would like to post all IIT M.Tech admissions in one table with official link so that it will be helpful for students to get all information in one single place. This table will be updated as soon as the notification is released.

IIT M.Tech Admissions 2013

Name of Institute Closing Date Fee (Rs.) Official Link
IISc Bangalore 22.03.2013 600/- IISc Bangalore M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Bombay 02.04.2013 300/- IIT Bombay M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Delhi 17.04.2013 IIT Delhi M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Guwahati 23.04.2013 Nill IIT Guwahati M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Kanpur 08.04.2013 400/- IIT Kanpur M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Kharagpur 15.04.2013 500/- IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Madras 01.04.2013 200/- IIT Madras M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Roorkee 18.04.2013 400/- IIT Roorkee M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Bhubaneshwar 23.04.2013 300/- IIT Bhubaneshwar M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Gandhinagar 05.04.2013 Nill IIT Gandhinagar M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Hyderabad 12.04.2013 200/- IIT Hyderabad M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Indore 31.03.2013 Nill IIT Indore M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Mandi 08.05.2013 NIL IIT Mandi M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Patna 15.04.2013 300/- IIT Patna M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Jodhpur 07.04.2013 300/- IIT Jodhpur M.Tech Admissions 2013M
IIT Rupnagar IIT Rupnagar M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT Varanasi (BHU) 14.05.2013 500/- IIT Varanasi M.Tech Admissions 2013

You can also refer to GATE cutoffs for IITs and GATE cutoffs for NITs, but remember this changes year to year and I argued a lot in favor of GATE AIR instead of scores and other metrics. But with change in GATE formula I think from 2013 GATE score can be a great metric too.

I request you to update us with GATE notifications so that whole student community can benefit with the information you shared. If you want to share information or ask something do use M.Tech Admissions 2013 forums. There are many like you and people ready to help. For other notifications refer to M.Tech Admissions 2013.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead