Glimpse Of InI Meets In Hyderabad

It was a nice trip to Hyderabad and meeting some of the people associated with InI physically was a great choice for me. I met around 10 people at my place for about one and half hour and met quite a lot of students at a great engineering college, as there were too many people mail me were from that college. In this post I will try to sum up the meets and share few questions they asked and my view as I shared with them.

This was a long due post but trust me international news kept me away and busy reading and more reading all night long. I know you would say what is the use like many others, but I read it to know what is going around how the unarmed patient struggle could topple the most brutal dictators on the face of this plant. Yes I was busy with happening in Egypt. Okie let me get to main topic. The following is the conversation we have and few of these questions were asked to me and I felt important to share with you all.

As the people I met were diverse the questions too. Few of them were already doing M.Tech few took chance to reappear for GATE even though they had an admission into one of south NITs. One of them was M.Tech from NIT and looking for PhD and one was trying to get B.Tech admission. Second day I met students came with parents.

What is an advice for someone doing M.Tech first year?
Dont repeat mistakes of B.Tech and do learn subjects with full passion, be master of them. Do look for a summer internship in some good place, can be a good university outside India.

Were to opt for PhD? In India or abroad?
If I know what I know now while making a decision for PhD. I would try a good professor rather than a university. If a professor doing good work in India it’s a blessing I grab the opportunity and join his lab. Otherwise I won’t hesitate to go to a place I get a better guide. I mean someone understand the subjects and have years experience improving the field.

What would I do if I know all and in engineering third year?
I would concentrate on high score in final exam (focus on improving my percentage). And catch a teacher doing research so that I can get a flavor of it. Try to get an internship at research institute for summer or holidays. Plan and schedule meeting with leading university professors to do some research work, if my teachers are incapable or not inclined towards research.

Try to contribute to some research and do some publication by the end of engineering. Start preparing for GATE or GRE so that I can land in a much better university and people than I am now.

M.Tech in IITs or MS abroad?
I answered this question in detail in this post M.Tech in IIT or MS in US??? just repeated the same thing.

What language and future of computing is?
This is another common question is being asked by many. I feel parallel computing using CUDA or OpenCL is great ( I am working in it). Also look for cloud computing platforms. Whatever it is, be great in at least one programming language.

Another two pieces of advice I gave to students.
Focus on Health and keep Good Friends around. I will be writing on these two topics in detail once I get time. I also made a small presentation by title “Challenge The Best” (which was also my talk in a private university). I will share those too with different posts soon.

At the end I ask you to pray for Egypt to get rid of injustice and oppressors and also for Indian Rupee : D Stay focus and keep working hard towards your goals.

Wish you all a great and wish me great luck for my exams too : )


  1. Ujjwal Blogger

    It is good to see someone really helping students, good blog.

    Keep going @Zahid

  2. mohit rohilla

    hi Zahid .
    i want to know the best correspondence material for instrumentation.
    my friends are saying that made easy is the best. how far is it true?
    they are giving only 9 books in correspondence material.
    What about ace correspondence?

  3. Kapil

    It’s been always breath of fresh air whenever I hear your voice. 🙂
    Wishing best wishes always for InI and all the prospect students.

  4. Madhuri

    All The Best for ur exams

  5. Thyag Raj

    Good luck Zahid. May God give you all the strength.

  6. Saptarshi Pyne

    From historical upheavals to education and from there to economics. Everything flows like tributaries into a great river of thought. Zahid Sir is becoming as good an educator as a doer. Awaiting the ‘challenge’. Thank you for the much awaited post.

  7. bakeel

    was waiting from a long for this post.. thanks for keeping us motivated and focused, a great luck ahead. 🙂

  8. Rahul Kulkarni

    On September 2 2013 other than opening of GATE 2014 online applications , you can also check and apply for TIFR GS-2014

    All the best ! 🙂

  9. Rahul Kulkarni

    On September 2 2013 other than opening of GATE 2014 online applications , you can also check and apply for TIFR GS-2014

  10. Prasenjit

    Waiting for those two posts 🙂
    and what exams you are appearing for? gud luck in advance

  11. Paresh Mathur

    What are the plans for a G+ hangout?


    A much awaited post. Thanks for sharing the qn.s posed along with your answers.
    Okay! Good Luck, Sir 😀

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