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GATE 2018 Organizing Institute – IIT Guwahati

GATE 2018 organizing institute is IIT Gowahati, if everything goes according to previous rules and new IITs are not given the responsibility of organizing GATE. May students look for this question as to know how the paper will be. Does it really matter who is organizing GATE 2018? to know read the complete article. Follow year wise list of GATE organizing institutes for all year wise list.

As I mentioned previously, GATE organizing institute do not directly correlate to the toughness of GATE paper that year. As GATE question paper is not prepared by the organizing institute. A Committee of professors will do it and totally depends of the question they receive and select. After GATE being made a computer based test and carried in different sets it become more clear that whoever organizes gate will affect the toughness of the paper.

The overall coordination and responsibility of conducting GATE exam will be responsibility of one of the 8 organizing institutes. GATE organizing Institute only has the responsibility of making a collection of questions or suggested questions from their counterparts (other IITs and IISc). Finally these collections are used to make GATE papers. So please don’t make it a point to worry and think this time paper will be tough or easy.

Trying to know for a curiosity is okay but the real essence is in what you do after knowing who is organizing. The best thing is to leave it aside and start preparing for GATE. Stay focused, whoever conducts it let them, and you need to crack it the best way possible. The significance of organizing institute is next to negligible. Prepare for the worst possible conditions. You have time, plan and use it the best possible way.

Hopefully when I make GATE 2018 Preparation guide I will add this info there. Meanwhile you can have a look at IIT GATE cutoffs, NITs and other institute GATE cutoffs and GATE 2018 Preparation Guide for more details.

Wish you all a great luck ahead.

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    Subject: Please Reply as soon as possible – career guidance Reg…
    hi bro, iam from B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering. iam interested to do phd but i didn’t have much knowledge in my core subject and also in research areas as iam directly from but i would like to do phd why because if i do phd i will become a professor in govt sector like NIT etc and also i feel it has less competition as compared with other govt jobs with graduate as eligibility. so suggest me some precautions regarding this. is it good to go ahead.

    1. i didn’t have much knowledge in my core subject and also in research areas as iam directly from, so actually a person like me suitable to do phd. or do the person must be very extraordinary in his subject.
    2. is the research topic issued by iit , or it is selected by us .
    3. do we really have to find anything new paper/project/thesis etc., which doesn’t exist on earth previously by working in labs hours together.
    4. what are the opportunities that i have after doing 5 years of phd
    5. do we have to definitely do phd for 5 years can’t we do it in only 2 years only, for this what we have to do…

    pls ans above doubts

    waiting for valuable reply

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