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        When it comes to preparing for GATE, knowing the organizing institute becomes important. Once you know the Organizing Institute, you can refer the previous papers set by this institute and plan you preparation accordingly.  I just went through previous years gate organizing institutes list and found out a pattern. According to me GATE 2013 will probably be conducted by IIT Bombay.

        This is how i analyzed.

        Following is the list of Organizing institutes from 1986 to 2012

        Year             Organizing Institute

        GATE 2012           IIT Delhi

        GATE 2011          IIT Madras

        GATE 2010         IIT Guwahati
        GATE 2009         IIT Roorkee
        GATE 2008         IISc Bangalore
        GATE 2007         IIT Kanpur
        GATE 2006         IIT Kharagpur
        GATE 2005         IIT Bombay
        GATE 2004         IIT Delhi
        GATE 2003         IIT Madras

        GATE 2002         IISc Banglore
        GATE 2001         IIT Kanpur
        GATE 2000        IIT Kharagpur
        GATE 1999         IIT Bombay
        GATE 1998         IIT Delhi
        GATE 1997         IIT Madras
        GATE 1996         IISc Banglore
        GATE 1995         IIT Kanpur
        GATE 1994         IIT Kharagpur
        GATE 1993         IIT Bombay
        GATE 1992         IIT Delhi
        GATE 1991         IIT Madras
        GATE 1990        IISc Banglore
        GATE 1989        IIT Kanpur
        GATE 1988        IIT Kharagpur
        GATE 1987        IIT Bombay
        GATE 1988        IIT Delhi
        GATE 1987        IIT Madras
        GATE 1986        IISc Banglore

        GATE 1986 was organized by IISc Bangalore. The next GATE by IISc was in 1990, which is after 6 years(after all IIT’s turn is completed). It meant that every IIT repeated itself after 6 yrs(IISc —>IIT MADRAS—>IIT DELHI —>IIT BOMBAY —>IIT KHARAGPUR —> IIT KANPUR—>IISc—>). This continued till  GATE 2008 which was again organized by IISc Bangalore. Two other IITs came into picture after 2008 and they were IIT Guwahati  and IIT Roorkee. Hence soon after IISc’s turn, instead of madras the organizing institute was  IIT Roorkee(2009) . In 2010 it was IIT Guwahati. Following the pattern, discussed above. IIT Madras was supposed to be the organizing institute of 2009 but with the 2 new IITs coming up it organized 2011(after IIT Guwahati). The pattern continued as earlier with IIT Delhi in 2012. Therefore it will now be IIT Bombay which will conduct GATE 2013.



      1. thanks buddy!! that would be really helpful..!! i know the how the pattern varies but was lazy enough to collect the data…you’ve done a great job collecting this data!!! Keep updating and thanks mate!!

      1. Yes IIT Bombay will conduct GATE 2013 unless something strange happens 😉

      1. @Sriram Kasyap: Thanks!! I would surely give update if any..

      1. Shyamala

        how about the paper toughness of IIT BOMBAY ? which subject the weightage will be more ?

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