Confusion: A Cancer Of Soul

I have been a victim of confused state of mind for last few days. It’s so weird that I cannot imagine. I already have my objectives very clear and still gone to that state. I was not able to do anything, even did not clean home for two weeks in a row, no great posts at inspire n ignite, no stats checking, didn’t even looked at the number of subscribers. This happened to me after a long time. Whatever worst conditions are there I used to at least check webstats at inspire n ignite. Wow that was worst, took a break and sat alone for some time to understand what wrong.

I am sure you might have been in the same state sometimes in your life. This confused state like a cancer of soul. First it makes one a procrastinator and then slowly makes one too lazy to be able to recover from it. And if it last for a long time you will find yourself trying to move with life instead of living a life you want. It degrade your performance and eat up your time and sometime make you so depressed that you start feeling as if your life is worthless, you cannot do anything and fail in whatever try you make.

There are always ups and downs in life. I am always not motivated and have same levels of energy. Being a human being it’s always there, and if someone claims that he or she is always high in spirits is a true liar. Yes, I can agree on everyone are different in how they deal with ups and downs in the spirit. I am not talking about someone shouting all the time as high spirited. Shouting and being loud all the time doesn’t mean someone is happy and up in sprit. I see most of the frustrated people shout and loud, but they are deep shallow inside.

The best way to keep oneself up in spirit is to be around enthusiast and high spirited friends. Lately I realized that living with confused people makes you confuse and living with depressed friends will make you depress unknowingly. Willing to know what other friends are doing is different from being a part of their confusions and problems. Be careful and drag yourself out of that loop.

The moment you feel your life sucks and you haven’t done anything productive for few days, pause for a second. Take your bike out and drive to the outskirts and sit alone for an hour. Find out what do you want and who is affecting you. Do set thing right for you and keep the crap out. Meet everyone as usual and listen to them but with one ear, don’t let it go into the head. Once you are set with you goals don’t let the confusion and frustrations effect you and your goals. Believe in yourself and keep moving, one the same time be realistic.

Let’s set the goals right and go back to work. Wish you all a great luck with that and call all of you for a great start of the life, away from confusions and frustrations. Let’s join for a life where we dream and work to realize them.



    presently am doing in instrumentation, but am not satisfied with my work in my present collage, so i have decided to attend GATE again, and we can get the good appotunities directly on the basis of GATE SCORE, so i have decided like that, but with the busy shedule of my 2nd year project, am unable to spend my time that much what i have planned previously, so please guide me how to plan my time….
    and your motivational articles are really inspiring the students not only to wards the GATE but towards their goals and dreams…..please continue this type of articles……

  2. Swarnkar Rajesh

    Hello Sir,
    Recently (just a week ago) i came to this website, its wonderful website for students like us!

    Not only i visit this site regularly but also i started believing in your posts regarding inspiration n ignition for someone like us who cannot get such valueable info without paying for it. Thank you soo much sir.

    When i read your story about admission in iit, i couldn’t slept two nights!
    Now i really want to feel like you felt, into an iit.

    But being a average student, it bothers me a lot,
    i ask myself how could i prepare subjects like English, and even sometimes Aptitudes for GATE!! (i feel they cannot be neglected)
    Also i visited some payed site like GateForum, the blah blah advs. are bothering me, like they had 100 toppers out of 103. ~_~.

    Can we do it, without taking such payed-mock test??
    Assure me please.

  3. bakeel khan

    Hi Sir, very nice n true post.. some times we feel the same. We worked the whole day, go out with frndz but at the end of the day.. we find nothing productive by that our confidence comes down.. whenever we face this problem just go on alone place sit there for some time and decide ur priorities bcoz frndz have their own life.. and you are the most important person for yourself and for ur life… so make schedule for all tasks and take some time for u also.. hav a great luck…

  4. Raza

    hello sir, im in confusion whether to go for further studies or continue with the job. right now im working in a vlsi company as verification engineer on 11 months contract.. and contract expires in couple of months. im confused to whether to find a new job or masters. can u help me take my decision..
    thank you

  5. Prakash

    Please………….. will you write one post about whether to join PSU or MTech?
    Please do it as early as possible as many students may be facing this problem!

  6. abhishek

    hello sir, u r site is a real help for every mtech from a not a great private engg. Colg pursuin b.e in 3rd year.i had given gate 2011 but secured very poor marks and i hope 2 give gate again next im doing my b.e from a not so coveted engg colg as i pointed out earlier nd till now i havnt done anyting in life for which i could feel proud of rathr make my parents feel proud derefore i ströngly feel dat i shoud do mtech from atleast a good Nit if not an iit.but sir my problem is dat im frm a not so strong financial background nd c annot afford coaching nd cannot wait for a year to crack gate since i have to support my family.plzz sugest me positive ways so dat i can crack gate next time around.

  7. siva kumar

    Really a true post, sir. “Willing to know what other friends are doing is different from being a part of their confusions and problems” amazing line sir.

  8. shoaib

    Thanks sir………..U r great Friend to all..

  9. Mahesh

    Hi Zahid,
    A great article and very much apt article for most of the students who have different plans.Lately I also had been under this same kind of state.My confusion was more about either to go for MS or Mtech.As I am working I was thinking that may be MS was a good option considering the time I will have for studying.
    But I was hearing from many of my friends that after MS there is no placement provided by many university.this is making me a bit hesitant.Can you just clarify this or give some link which would throw light on this issue.
    Thank you.

  10. Tuhin Roy

    Thank you sir for giving us such kind of information. I think this is very much common today. And you relief us. That is why your website is so popular as you are giving such kind of realistic information. Thanks a lot for that.

  11. Atul

    @ramesh, dear ramesh, don’t get disappointed by the situations you are facing. Keep in mind that, tougher problems make you more stable and hence more successful. They help you to have a clear vision of life. The only condition is that, you must have patience to face them. Take them as opportunity to identify the “YOU” within yourself.

  12. ajeet

    every sentence is correct

  13. Lorin Ahmed

    Happens with me frequently….hahaaha

  14. Rhythm

    Sir…this is the only helpful website I’ve been able to find to guide thru d whole gate experience..Thanku so much!!!

  15. srinivas

    hello friends help me out from this situation.I’m very much confused whether to choose my mtech(MECHANICAL) course from new IIT hyderbad R else from old NIT’s. Hlp me out.
    send ur suggestions to this mail id [email protected]

  16. Abdullah

    Yaa, this happens to lots of people now a days….but this never happened to me ever…because my parents, friends and my Internet connection keep me alive all the time….i mean to say that i am always doing some thing or that thing…i never remain empty minded anytime of a day….i keep my mind busy all the time….the environment/surrounding in which u live effects and modify your soul accordingly….

    Ignite ur Brain

  17. goutam

    thanks so much dear… unfortunately I m in the same condition as u describe.. Cant take admission in good university . I m 2011 passout.. N also searching 4 job.. Really dont know What to do….. I will try to follow your way.

  18. Vishal Sayaji Shiralkar

    Zahid sir has always been posting inspiring thoughts this is one of the things that keeps us sticking to our aspirations.

    Thank You sir.

    Sir I request you to please pray for me to your Allah, because ultimately God is the one who actually is provider and maintainer of everything and everyone.

  19. tarun mehrotra

    zahid bhai,isi ka naam zindagi hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Priyanka Raichand

    Nice article sir!Thanks for sharing it.
    Thats very true…in fact i am going through the same mental situations…if you have clear vision of your goals still sometimes confusion and frustration comes in this material world! bur what matters is how every-time u stand after falling u every time comes out of such situations of life.
    I am not getting admission in any good colleges for m tech.I have already spent one year for Gate after b tech..pls guide me.

  21. Amitesh

    Gr8 sir…..
    its true that sometimes our life moves out the track or way we want it, but sitting alone sometimes helps us to find what is going wrong and how to overcome it.

  22. Ritu Srivastava

    Thanks.Its was well written n very true

  23. sharon

    your posts are really very good.. they inspire me to work hard.
    of late i was very upset, down, i was feeling like a loser that i couldn’t make it to any of the iits this year. i was confused if it will be a right decision to waste a year or should i join a job. over all i was in a very bad state of mind.
    but today after reading your posts, i am inspired yet again.. now i know i can do it.. and i will do it.
    thanku sir. pls continue with your blog. you are doing a great job.:)

  24. sumeet

    Hi Zahid,
    I have been regularly visiting your site since its launch. its has proved the best guide for gate preparation.
    I’ve cleared gate 11 ME with 41 marks. ME paper has been a lot easier this time. those who would have covered more portion of syllabus without getting into much deep detail would have fetched more marks. The funda of selective preparation didn’t work this time. Nevertheless i’ve achieved a decent score, but my rank is 5508. I am currently doing a job though not so well. I am thinking of attempting it again. My targets are not below good NITs. I’ve been suggested by many people that even doing from a reputed institute doesn’t help in getting a good job because there are a few opportunities for them. Instead companies prefer to hire bachelors for those same positions. I would prefer to ask someone who have been through these phases. You seem to have experienced on these job matters. What do you suggest?

  25. Srivathsa

    Sir,u r doing a grt job. Plz enlighten me about AICTE recognition and NBA accreditation of m tech cource in colleges.IS NBA accreditation mandatory for every coure?(in MIT MANIPAL M TECH(MECH) COURCES R not accreditated ).can i consider it as a main criteria during seat selection.? Plz post an article on the major considerations to be taken while choosing a college/cource.

  26. samvaran

    hmm yes sir u r right in always
    what ever may happen we hav to go on
    in our life
    some days wil be confusing some wil b intrestng
    we should nt expect every daY 2 be a
    marvelous one

  27. ramesh

    very good article but i dont have a bike,no friends even that(confused friends) all settled in jobs and got high spirits but that dont look bothering for a percentage oriented environment we have .u know what hurts an engineering student is when one uneducated relative measures ur level on the basis of percentage u get.yes i have a confusion,maybe they r right!

  28. Prashant

    Respected sir.i’m not getting admission in any good colleges for m tech.i’m thinking of preparing for gate for one more time.i have already lost one year for gate after b tech.pls tell me what are the opportunites after mtech if i do it from iit or good nit

  29. Atul

    I feel that, confusion arises when we are not clear about something. It may be because of conflicts or even our expectations. As you said, self knowledge plays a very important role in resolving confusion.
    Thanks for the post.

  30. om

    zahid sir , your website is very hit & it is getting even more popular day by day . Keep helping us.Thank you very much sir.

  31. Bikram Ballav

    The caption should be “After a log days a Confused person came back into life ” …. 😀

  32. thanx zahid u have amazing experience of life ...

    gr8 work

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