Wireless Network Devices and digital convergence

The wireless network digital electronic device includes a television signal receiver, a decoder, a processor, and a wireless network signal transceiver. The television signal receiver receives the television broadcasting signals, the decoder decodes the signals, and the processor encodes the decoded signals into wireless network signals. Subsequently, the wireless network signals are transmitted to the display device using the wireless network signal transceiver.

The proliferation of mobile computing devices including laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and wearable computers has created a demand for wireless personal area networks (PANs). PANs allow proximal devices to share information and resources. The mobile nature of these devices places unique requirements on PANs, such as low power consumption, frequent make-and-break connections, resource discovery and utilization, and international regulations.

Communication demands compatibility, which is challenging in a heterogeneous marketplace. Yet by establishing and implementing compatible systems, manufacturers can offer more powerful and useful devices to their customers. Since these are, after all, digital devices living in a programmed digital world, compatibility and interoperation are possible.

The future of digital era exists in a digital convergence where every device interacts with other devises to make decisions and help human being in their daily life. A TV will interact with Phone and watch to display programs related to human interest and mod. A refrigerator will inform the about the milk when an owner is passing by a super market, and many more examples can be realized in near future. A great research is being carried out in this area and it can be realized with the presence of may conferences and research papers coming everyday.
For details please refer the following recources:

Books: Digital convergence: the information revolution by John A. Vince, Rae A. Earnshaw
Web resources: Digital convergence: a whole new way of life
Digital convergence
Power Point File (PPT): Digital Convergence: Challenges and Opportunities

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