I know many of you felt heartbroken when you could not make through GATE to IITs. It’s kind of a great chance missed and you don’t have a year time to prepare again. May be you are just not interested in higher education and find a descent job became hard for you because you are not from a great college and don’t have a work experience or maybe you just have not studied well during your engineering and everything looks impossible for you. If any of these is true for you then trust me you are reading one of the posts that can change your life.

Recently, I received an email from a long time follower of InI. He could not make it to IITs through GATE, felt devastated and then moved on with professional training at Center for Development of Advance Computing. After training he landed into a great job. And I am writing this after reading his warm mail and desire to help others like him. I along with InI community are thankful for the information.

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is the premier R&D organization of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT) for carrying out R&D in IT, Electronics and associated areas. The offer professional training in advanced technologies to engineering graduates and prepare them for industries.

C-DAC offers PG Diplomas in Post Graduate Diploma in Geoinformatics, Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing, Post Graduate Diploma in Wireless & Mobile Computing, Post Graduate Diploma in System Software Development, Post Graduate Diploma in System Software Development, Post Graduate Diploma in IT Infrastructure, Systems & Security, Post Graduate Diploma in Embedded Systems Design
, Post Graduate Diploma in VLSI Design, Post Graduate Diploma in Integrated VLSI & Embedded Systems Design, and Post Graduate Diploma in Integrated VLSI & Embedded Systems Design. The beauty of these diplomas is that all engineering branch students are eligible and minimum percentage is 55%. Fee for each course is Rs. 89000/- (Fee can vary check official website).

C-DAC is located in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida and Pune. The best thing is they offer a great 80% placement track record, which is not common in NITs. The course is for about 6 months ( 24-week full-time courses with 900 hours’ theory/lab/project. 8 hours per day theory + lab sessions on 6 days a week in most centres.). This extensive training will make student feel ready for job in their desired industry and make it easy for industry to skip new employee training and take them to work directly.

Admission to C-DAC is based on their admission test. Admissions are twice a year. First in March and Second time in September every year. The test is conducted in different centers all across India. Twice a year test gives an awesome opportunity for you to prepare well if you just missed the dates and save a lot of time.

If you are seriously looking for job and higher studies is not in your list I highly recommend you should try this. Later if you change mind can try going abroad for higher studies or try a sponsored M.Tech program. To know more about higher studies, opportunities and exams after engineering do refer to A guide for M.Tech Aspirants.

Wish you all a great luck ahead.