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IIT Ranking 2015

IIT Ranking 2015 is the result of lot of hard work we put in collecting cutoff data for both for B.Tech (JoSAA Cutoffs) and M.Tech (All IIT GATE cutoffs). These two tools gave us an opportunity to at least rank IITs on the basis of the last rank or last score admitted to IITs.

Without a doubt all IITs are excellent but student always look for answers beyond just cutoffs and make a decision. Admissions to IITs it’s a complicated decisions sometimes. Like in case of B.Tech there are 4 yrs degrees and 5 year degrees. If someone have a chance to get into top IIT but with a 5 yrs degree should one go for it opt for a 4yr degree course? Similarly for M.Tech imagine a situation where someone is getting an unpopular specialization in top IITs on the same time having an offer in core specialization in low rank IIT what should be ones decision? All these kind of questions can answered based on the data available and taken advantage by the experience of last year students’ decision.

To rank IITs we first analyzed JoSAA data for highest student quality entered in any IIT in all the departments followed GATE cutoff data. The result was very clear based on core numbers and stats. But for new IITs I will be making another post by taking other factors such as faculty, courses offered and infrastructure and facilities available to students. I strongly consider that all old IITs have great infrastructure.

The ranking of IITs based on 2015 and 2014 data is as follows.

Rank Institute Established State
1 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay 1958 Maharashtra
2 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi 1963 Delhi
3 Indian Institute of Technology Madras 1959 Tamil Nadu
4 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 1959 Uttar Pradesh
5 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur 1951 West Bengal
6 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee 2001 Uttarakhand
7 Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati 1994 Assam
8 Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi 2012 Uttar Pradesh
9 Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad 2008 Telangana
10 Indian Institute of Technology Indore 2009 Madhya Pradesh
11 Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar 2008 Gujarat
12 Indian Institute of Technology Ropar 2008 Punjab
13 Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar 2008 Odisha
14 Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur 2008 Rajasthan
15 Indian Institute of Technology Mandi 2009 Himachal Pradesh
16 Indian Institute of Technology Patna 2008 Bihar
17 Indian School of Mines Dhanbad Pending to be IIT Jharkhand
18 Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati 2015 Andhra Pradesh
19 Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad 2015 Kerala

Only surprising thing here is ISM Dhanbad, an excellent well established institute but still low at ranking. I think it still not an IIT but for a long time admissions at ISM were made on the basis of JEE Advance and by IITs admission committee and GATE cutoffs for M.Tech admission are very high too. It’s a matter of time to be declared as a new IIT. That year its place will be around IIT BHU (May be better than IIT BHU).

I am going to come up with some analytical posts based on the data analysis and admissions tips and try to help you guys with decisions. To stay updated do subscribe to InI, like us on FB, and follow us on G Plus.

Wish you all great luck ahead : )


  1. Deekshith

    Hey I got MS CSE admission in NIT Trichy, but I am confused whether to join or not? Please help me out…

  2. R K Sanghi

    I am eagerly awaiting your reply.

  3. R K Sanghi

    Dear Mr Zahid,
    Found your inputs very informative. My son has appeared for jee Adv2016 and expects a rank of 4800 according to a rank predictor. As such he may be entitled to CS in ISM Dhanbad and Metallurgy in other iits.
    Kindly guide me whether we should take up whatever is offered or repeat jee in 2017 as my son insists . He is keen to do resonance from KOTA and repeat jee to get older iits CS branch. I have to take a decision urgently. Please advise.o

  4. Abhilash verma

    Sir my rank is air 907 and gate score is 500 which nit or IIT I can get?

    1. Abhilash verma

      My category is obc


    my son secured 1132 rank in gate 2016 in instrumentation engineering which IIT/NIT get seat for studying M Tech. reply may please be sent my email.

  6. Abhiram Kamsani

    ISM dhanbad has given IIT status.

  7. Vishnu

    I scored 72 marks in the 2016 gate mechanical paper (session 1 paper 1). What is the expected score and rank i would get? Please inform me as soon as possible.

  8. chahit

    Hey zahid,
    Not probably right place to ask this question. But wanted ur help desperately. I dropped my job for gate 2016 and couldn’t manage to crack it (19/65 attempted n correct)

    Though the normalisation will help as it was difficult session(s3 Ece 31 jan)
    I am unable to concentrate on prep for ESE coming ahead..kindly help me with some tips on how to regain confidence after the plan to crack gate backfires.

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