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NIT Trichy GATE 2012 Cut Off Scores

As we all know, NIT Trichy is one of the top NITs in India. It offers bachelor and master degrees in engineering degrees. NIT Trichy also offers a great placement and job opportunities for students perusing studies there. Admission for bachelor and master degrees in engineering degrees are conducted through a nationwide entrance exam. You(…)

NIT Warangal GATE 2012 Cut Off Scores

NIT Warangal is ranked top among all other NITs and is considered as equal standard to IITs. Bachelor and master degrees in Engineering degrees are offered in NITW through nationwide competitive exams. It also offers a great placement and job opportunities for students perusing studies there. You can refer to NIT Ranking for more details.(…)

GATE 2012 Cutoffs For NITs

This is the most desired information for every student appearing for GATE and looking for M.Tech admissions. I always looked for this information but always landed in wrong, unauthenticated and useless web pages. To get this information I specially watched M.Tech admissions in NITs. Please refer to CCMT and NIT GATE cutoff with possible M.Tech(…)

IIT Delhi GATE Cutoffs 2011

In This post I would like to present IIT Delhi GATE cutoff scores received from official sources during the year 2011. These are GATE cutoff scores for M.Tech regular non sponsored category in IITD. Thanks a million to Lorin for her very help in organizing this information along with other IIT cutoffs. Do drop thanks(…)

GATE Cutoffs 2011 For IIT Kharagpur

GATE cut offs for personal interviews at IIT Kharagpur are here. I check the IIT KGP M.Tech admissions brochure, it also have a table mentioning the cutoffs for the year 2011-2012. The cutoff details I received from IIT Kharagpur are differing a little with the table mentioned in Admission brochure. It gave a good reason(…)

IIT Madras GATE Cutoffs 2011

Here we have GATE cutoffs for IITM. Though the first list is released, there is a lot to come there and many of you may be still looking for an idea about GATE cutoff at IITM. This will definitely help you understand where your destiny is taking you. The table was huge and organizing data(…)