This is one of the most sought information during M.Tech admissions and GATE preparations. I started collecting this information just to figure out what could be a reasonable rank that could be called good enough to knock the doors of IITs. This post was not possible without the help of Oumayma, who is dedicatedly helping me since the beginning of blog. Do thank her for her efforts for you all.

After completing this analysis, we would like to collect the information related to M.Tech seats in NITs. Finally looking forward to give a clear idea about colleges that can be attempted for certain scores, GATE AIRs and marks scored.

Lets me share how we collected this information, as IITs and NITs are very reluctant, or don’t bother to share this valuable information. Even if you see their admission brochures you don’t find this information. Even most of the forums dont answered this kind of questions either. As you all know, in India usually site do copy and paste work instead of genuinely helping students. Due to all these we decided to work on it and tried our best to present as accurate as possible list of M.Tech seats in IITs.

We collected this information form different ways, such as placement brochures, by visiting every department’s website and counting the number of students in each course. Thought we are not sure of 100 percent accuracy of the number of seats but can tell for sure that this is pretty close to the actual number of seats.

Number of M.Tech seats in IIT Bombay
Number of M.Tech seats in IIT Delhi
Number of M.Tech seats in IIT Gowhati
Number of M.Tech seats in IIT Kanpur
Number of M.Tech seats in IIT Kharagpur
Number of M.Tech seats in IIT Madras
Number of M.Tech seats in IIT Roorkee

I hope during M.Tech admissions 2011 this information get updated and also we get a chance to analyze M.Tech admissions in new IITs and their number of seats. I will post every IIT seats with some interval as I am looking into M.Tech Admission notifications now but believe me if Oumy supports you get them all in few days. If she is busy some of you can help me with this, as there are lots of tables to be made and presented properly.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have, I recommend you to read the earlier comments before you post a new one. Also if you feel some information is wrong or need to be updated, drop a comment or give an email to zahid @

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Lets try our best to make to M.Tech 2011 and work hard to realize our dreams.