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Number of M.Tech Seats in IIT Madras in 2016

Number of M.Tech seats in IIT Madras in 2016 is a part of an effort to collect total number of M.Tech seats in IITs. It is very useful information for student looking for M.Tech admissions. These figures change year to year based on number of new courses IITs offered. For all previous and late IIT Madras course and category wise GATE cutoffs do visit IIT Madras M.Tech cutoffs. But mostly remain same or very close the number mentioned in the blow tables.

Below table gives you the information about number of seats in IIT Madras for M.Tech for various courses along with categories. Where HTTA is Half Time Teaching Assistancship and Non-HTTA non Half Time Teaching Asstancship where there is no scholarship. This information combined with GATE cutoffs will give one a good idea about where they can get admission. To know previous years GATE cutoffs please follow the below link.

IIT GATE cutoffs since 2013

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To know you gate score based on different years GATE stats please follow the GATE score calculator.

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Number of M.Tech Seats in IIT Madras in 2016

DepartmentsProgramme CodeEligible Discipline CodesHTTANon-HTTAForeign Nationals
Aerospace EngineeringAE1AE302
Aerospace EngineeringME620
Aerospace EngineeringAU , CE, CH, EN, MF, MM, NA, PR210
Aerospace EngineeringCS, EC , EE, IN , ZE, ZS100
Engineering Mechanics (Fluid Mechanics/Solid Mechanics)AM1AE, AU, CE, CH, ME, MM, NA, ZE1020
Biomedical EngineeringAM2BM210
Biomedical EngineeringIN200
Biomedical EngineeringAE, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, ME, MM, ZE200
Catalysis TechnologyCA1CH, ZE302
Catalysis TechnologyCY,ZS300
Building Technology and Construction ManagementCE1CE421
Building Technology and Construction ManagementAR200
Building Technology and Construction ManagementZE100
Environmental EngineeringCE2CE431
Environmental EngineeringAG , BT, CH, EV, ME, ZE200
Geotechnical EngineeringCE3CE611
Geotechnical EngineeringZE100
Hydraulic and Water Resources EngineeringCE4CE331
Hydraulic and Water Resources EngineeringAG200
Hydraulic and Water Resources EngineeringEV, ME, ZE100
Structural EngineeringCE5CE611
Structural EngineeringAR,ZE200
Chemical EngineeringCH1BI, CH , EV, ZE, ZS2752
Clinical EngineeringCL1All Disciplines of Qualifying Degree1600
Computer Science and EngineeringCS1All Disciplines of Qualifying Degree5400
Communication and Signal ProcessingEE1EC, EE, EP, IN, ZE1701
Power Systems and Power ElectronicsEE2EC, EE, EN, EP, IN, ZE1101
Microelectronics and VLSI DesignEE3EC, EE, EP, IN, ZE1401
Control and InstrumentationEE4IN701
Control and InstrumentationB M, EC, EE, EP, ZE400
Microelectronics and PhotonicsEE5PH, EP352
Microelectronics and PhotonicsEC, EE, IN, ZE700
Industrial Mathematics an d Scientific ComputingMA1MA630
Industrial Mathematics an d Scientific ComputingPH202
Industrial Mathematics an d Scientific ComputingAE, C E, C H, CS, EC , EE, ME, MM, NA200
Thermal EngineeringME1ME3431
Thermal EngineeringAE AU, CH, EN, MR, PE, ZE, ZS210
DesignAE, AU, ZE, ZS210
Manufacturing EngineeringME3AE , AU, CS, EC, EE, IE, IN, MF, M L, NA, PI, PR, ZE211
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMM1BT, CH, CR, CY, ME, MF, MS, NT, PH, PR, ZE, ZS510
Ocean EngineeringOE1AE, CE, ME, MR, NA, ZE1410
Ocean TechnologyOE2AE, CE, ME, MR, NA, ZE1000
Petroleum EngineeringPE1ME300
Petroleum EngineeringGG300
Petroleum EngineeringCH300
Petroleum EngineeringPE300
Functional Materials and NanotechnologyPH1PH611
Functional Materials and NanotechnologyEP, NT300
Functional Materials and NanotechnologyCY, EE, MM, MS, ZE201

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