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Number of M.Tech seats in IIT BHU in 2016

Number of M.Tech seats in IIT BHU in 2016 is a part of an effort to collect total number of M.Tech seats in IITs. It is very useful information for student looking for M.Tech admissions. These figures change year to year based on number of new courses IITs offered. But mostly remain same or very close the number mentioned in the blow tables.

Below table gives you the information about number of seats in IIT BHU for M.Tech for various courses along with categories. This information combined with GATE cutoffs will give one a good idea about where they can get admission. To know previous years GATE cutoffs please follow the below link.

IIT GATE cutoffs since 2013

IIT GATE cutoff tool

To know you gate score based on different years GATE stats please follow the GATE score calculator.

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Number of M.Tech Seats in IIT BHU in 2016

Department Specialization OC OBC SC ST Total
Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology Chemical Engineering 25 12 7 3 47
Department of Ceramic Engineering Ceramic Engineering 10 5 3 1 19
Department of Civil Engineering 25 12 7 3 47
Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering 25 12 7 3 47
Systems Engineering 5 2 1 1 9
Department of Electronics Engineering Microware 10 3 3 1 17
Microelectronics 5 3 1 1 10
Communication and system 5 3 2 0 10
Digital Techniques and Instrumentation 5 3 1 1 10
Department of Mechanical Engineering 25 12 7 3 47
Machine Design
Thermal and Fluid Engineering
Production Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Management
Department of Metallurgical Engineering Metallurgical Engineering 25 12 7 3 47
School of Biochemical Engineering Biochemical Engineering 5 2 1 1 9
School of Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering 5 2 1 1 9
School of Materials Science and Technology Material Science and Technology 10 5 3 1 19

In coming posts we are looking forward to make similar posts related Number of IIT M.Tech seats in all other IITs and their cutoffs in 2016. For more updates on M.Tech admissions and other GATE related posts do subscribe to InI, like us on FB and follow us on Google Plus.

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  1. Abhiram Kamsani

    you forgot dept of mining

  2. abhiram

    please add Dept of Mining Engg, 30 seats,
    Rock Mechanics – 10
    Mine Planning – 10
    Mine Environment – 10

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